Purple Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens Amsterdam

Tulips in Holland: A Visit to Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam

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I bought a bouquet of tulips at Whole Foods (yes, impulse purchase but they just screamed happy) to celebrate spring which has made a few appearances this winter and is so close to returning. While it may not feel like spring right now here in the East (with the snow on the ground in winter’s last punch), my bouquet reminds me of the tulips in Amsterdam and of my visit to the Keukenhof Garden both of which makes me smile.

A field of tulips at Keukenhof Gardens Amsterdam
A field of tulips at Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam


Prior to a business trip to London, I visited Amsterdam for a quick weekend intent on seeing the world famous tulips.  I knew I was cutting it close though as it was early May and near the end of the prime viewing.  As I was tight on time and didn’t want to navigate public transit to the gardens, I had the concierge put me on a morning group bus tour.  This tour had a quick commentary on the way to the gardens and a short tour in the gardens with a guide before I was allowed to roam on my own – just the right blend of tour and freedom. There is a garden tour bus from the airport if you have a stopover or want to go direct (its about half hour away).

Tulips Keukenhof Gardens Amsterdam
Simply relaxing at Keukenhof Garden Amsterdam

Tulips (and more) at Keukenhof

The Keukenhof garden are impressive, even if you don’t like gardens or flowers, I think you will find yourself appreciative of the artistry, the colors, the relaxation you feel here as you wander about.

Tulips Amsterdam Garden Keukenhof
A path of flowers and tulips flowing into the mosaic wall of the city at Keukenhof Garden Amsterdam

Walking around, you see flowers growing in and around the green carpet of grasses – you see sculptures that add depth and dimension to the presentation and you see the quiet hidden spaces you can sit and meditate.

This photo won me $250 in a Twitter contest – I used that Expedia voucher on my African Safari trip!

Tulips Amsterdam Keukenhof Gardens
Flowers, art, water – what else do you need? At Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam



Keukenhof gardens Amsterdam tulips
Keukenhof garden in Amsterdam – quite stunning even at the end of tulip season

Water, Windmills and Clogs at Keukenhof Garden

You see swans on the water, you see people walking on water (a nice illusion for photos with carefully placed stepping stones), everyone just seems calm and relaxed -such a nice feeling.

Walking on water at Keukenhof Amsterdam tulips
Walking on water at Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam

The windmill allows you to climb up to viewing platform and the big clogs let you see if you can really fill those shoes!  The best part was watching all the kids (and adults) jump into the shoes for the funny photos.

Windmill at Keukenhof
The Windmill at Keukenhof Garden
 Keukenhof Gardens Amsterdam
Finally shoes that are TOO big for my big feet at Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam

Color and More Color at Keukenhof Garden

The views keep changing as you wander and you continue to appreciate the artistry on showcase here – the planning, the planting, the displays – a lot of work to give the guests a memorable experience each visit

Flowers Amsterdam Keukenhof Gardens
The many varieties of flowers to see in the gardens at Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam


Stunning purple tulips at Keukenhof Amsterdam
Stunning dark purple tulips at Keukenhof



Walking through the gardens at Keukenhof Garden
Walking through the side garden on a gorgeous day


A visual palette of color and variety at Keukenhof Garden
A visual palette of color and variety of tulips

Final Thoughts of Keukenhof Garden

Not sure about you, but I like places that allow me to relax and breathe in happy.  The time spent in the garden was a nice change of pace from the city.  I loved the colors, loved the designs, loved the art – it was one living art print in many pieces throughout the space.  It was hard not to photo every color, every flower, every view because you almost couldn’t imagine that these pretty things exist for such a fleeting time. So if you get a chance to see the tulips at Keukenhof Garden have fun, enjoy, take a bunch of photos but also make sure to take time to smell the roses tulips!


Note: For those local readers, the Philadelphia Flower Show is currently showcasing “Holland” through March 19th so you can surround yourself in thousands of tulips.  It’s definite inspiration to fuel your wanderlust and plan a trip to see the tulips in Holland for yourself at Keukenhof in Amsterdam.

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