Anacapri chair lift

Flying through the Clouds on the Anacapri Chair Lift

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As a child, I would stay on the swings as long as I could.  While my sister and friends had moved onto the monkey bars and other playground equipment, I stayed on the swings enjoying each attempt to go higher and fly. As a teen, my swings were upgraded at the carnival, when I found […]

It's so blue at the Blue Grotto Capri

It’s So Blue at the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) in Capri

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Blue is a popular color.  With so many shades of blue, it might be maddening to decipher the many hues when trying to put an outfit together but on a tour of the Blue Grotto (aka Grotta Azzurra) in Capri, Italy, there is no confusion, it’s just a magic blue. A blue you’ve never seen […]

Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri view Marina Piccola

Capri: Hotel Weber Ambassador Review – It’s All About the Views

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The Hotel Weber Ambassador in Capri – it has a weird name, an amazing location, the décor is dated and the first impression not great but the views quickly put me in a trance and the service was good. Location The location is a quiet side of Capri, a few minutes from the town center, […]

Fraglioni Rocks Capri

Seduced by the View in Capri of the Faraglioni Rocks

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Twenty years ago, I had a day tour of Capri on my Italian Bus Tour with the Senior Citizens. I remember waiting for the funicular to ride to the top of the town and skipping my tour of the streets lined with shops to go to the Faraglioni Rocks. That was the picture I wanted […]