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The miles and points game isn’t for everyone – a dream deferred?

I was on a twitter chat recently and the question of dream trips surfaced (as it always does).  For me, my answer is usually Antartica as it is uber-expensive even for a couple and twice as much for me as a solo traveler with the single supplement.  Generally if a trip costs more than the … Continue reading »

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Sunrise and Sunset Photos from Africa and Easter Island

Every Monday on Twitter, there is a #TravelPics chat at 3pm EST. With a different theme each week, it is a great opportunity to share travel photos.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, this chat is worth many millions. The artistry and talent exhibited is amazing – the photos are stunning. Just … Continue reading »

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Flying to Lima and leaving Easter Island behind

Leaving Easter Island, I was ready to continue my South American adventure which started in Santiago and would end in Lima. While waiting for the plane to arrive, there was a light rain and that quickly it stopped just as the plane landed.  As everyone deplaned, they had that initial sense of wonder i had … Continue reading »

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Meeting Jess and Justin on Easter Island

Over the years traveling solo, I’ve met many people who have adopted me either due to my witty personality (haha!) or because they feel bad I am alone.  It’s great to meet new travelers to explore with no matter what the reason – I’ve stopped caring about the “why” At the airport, after meeting up with … Continue reading »

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The Magic of the Moai of Easter Island

  Paul, our guide, visited Easter Island in the 60’s as a teenager assisting the archeological team at the time.  He is a wealth of knowledge of the island and the moai with the perspective of a visitor, an archeologist and now a resident.  He stopped one tour guide to correct her in Spanish, he said, … Continue reading »

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The Cave with two windows on Easter Island

If you ask any of my friends “would Sue climb and crawl into a dark hole in the ground to explore a cave”, most (if not all) would say no way, no how.  I would tend to agree in most cases – dirt, bugs, yuck.  Easter Island changed that for me.  I was joined by … Continue reading »

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Orongo, site of the Birdman competition -Easter Island

  All societies have their competitions for power – Easter Island tribes were no different. The friendly competition involved climbing down the cliffs, swimming through the water to the island, and if still alive, waiting.  Waiting to procure (steal) the first egg from the bird’s nest and then bring the egg back to the top of the village which meant swimming back to … Continue reading »

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Easter Island Hotel Review: Tekarera Inn

Finding the right hotel/inn/B&B to stay at for Easter Island was no easy task.  There was the ultra high luxury – Hotel Explora outside of town (really, really far away) and then everywhere else in town.  Now I tend to think of myself as deserving of the ultra high luxury hotel (and who isn’t, really?) until I compared the 4 … Continue reading »

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