My London

London has always been a special place for me – it was my first international trip during college Thanksgiving break with my roommate, Christine.  We had such adventures exploring the city and surrounding areas (Windsor, Stonehenge, Bath, Stratford-on-Avon) on an airline package tour that had us staying at the White House hotel (no lie) touring everyday.  We celebrated Thanksgiving dinner at The Long Island Iced Tea Bar – no turkey that day but lots of the namesake drinks at the time.

Classic London
Classic London


A lot has changed since my first visit to London – namely, I worked for a British firm for over ten years and was lucky to visit the city often each year.  Funny, it always sounds so glamorous to say but for many years, I was in/out of the city with very little time to explore.   Now, with the air miles I earn, I schedule a layover in the city on the way home from holiday (once/twice a year) so that I can properly enjoy the city without work commitments.  Life on/off an expense account, the infiltration of British words into my daily life and always having pounds in my purse (which are not helpful when you need a quarter for the meter) make life quite interesting.

With the many trips to the city, I am often asked what I would suggest for a trip to the city – affordable lodging, use of points, sightseeing, etc.  I’ve found this to be quite bespoke with each person given their budgets, etc.

I am working on my suggestions and will be posting soon – so as my colleagues in the UK say each week “watch this space”. For now, the quick highlights – for more in depth, click on the London tabs –

Charlotte Street Hotel, London

The Rosewood London

The Great Northern Hotel at King’s Cross

The Sofitel St. James

5 Days London the Leisurely Tween Edition

The Harry Potter Studio Tour

The London Eye

The British Museum

London for Less: The Z Soho Hotel

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