Colorful houses of Reykjavik Iceland

Start Planning! Philly to Iceland (PHL – KEF) on Icelandair Coming Soon

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Icelandair announced last week that it will start service from Philadelphia to Reykjavik (PHL – KEF)  in the summer of 2017. From May 30, 2017 through September 20, 2017, they will fly four times a week between Philadelphia and Reykjavik.  That’s big news for Philadelphia International Airport to gain another direct international flight (last year […]

South Coast Iceland selfie couple in shadow

The South Coast of Iceland – Glaciers, Waterfalls and Black Sand Beaches

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The fog was all I could see from the mini bus as we left Reykjavik headed toward the South Coast of Iceland.  It was so thick I was reminded of my Wild Wicklow tour in Dublin last year where I was in awe of the driver navigating the road that we could barely see. It […]

Glacier Lake Iceland

Photos of Iceland – Awesome Iceland Landscapes to Inspire Wanderlust

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Living and working in the city, my daily landscape consists of skyscrapers (my office is on the 38th floor), concrete and lots of traffic on the commute.  When I travel, I feel that I can breathe and relax in the landscapes of mountains, coastlines and greenery. I can savor the wonder of nature through waterfalls, […]

Reykjavik Street Art

Reykjavik Walking Tour with Iceland Blogger Audur

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I don’t always do things in the right order and Reykjavik would be no different.  While many would choose to orient themselves with a city tour either by bus or walking when they first arrive, I would do the walking tour of Reykjavik on my last day in the city with I ♥ Reykjavik.  I didn’t […]

Hotel Borg Reykjavik Iceland boutique

Review: Hotel Borg Reykjavik – Historic Style, Modern Luxury, Great Location

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When I start researching a hotel, I use a variety of sources – TripAdvisor, blogs, magazine and newspaper reviews, etc.  Key factors for me are luxury, location/convenience, points (if applicable) and price. For Reykjavik, I was torn as I was booking three weeks out and there wasn’t much left to choose from that fit my […]

Bergsson Mathus Breakfast Reykjavik

Bergsson Mathus – Affordable Breakfast in Reykjavik By Candlelight

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Handing my key over to the front desk, I was in search of an affordable breakfast in Reykjavik.  Not wanting to do the hotel continental breakfast buffet for $25 (no ala-carte), I wanted to find a local cafe to enjoy a quiet breakfast before my day of adventure.  The front desk told me of a […]

The Northern Lights Iceland Reykjavik

Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

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All of the weather apps, no matter how much I wished it otherwise, showed rain and clouds for my four day weekend in Reykjavik so I resigned myself that I probably wasn’t going to see the Northern Lights in Iceland on this trip. The Aurora forecast for Iceland was showing the activity in the 2-3 […]

British Museum gold coins

Weekend in Iceland Without Cash – Iceland’s cashless society

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The airport ATM accepted my card, password and request for cash but then spit out the paper saying it couldn’t give me cash!  I initially thought at 6:30 a.m. maybe the machine was empty so I tried the other machine, same result – no cash.  Not worrying too much, I planned to find an ATM […]

Iceland Geyser Park

The Golden Circle Tour of Iceland – A Day of Adventure Fueled by Cookies

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The Land Rover felt like it was auditioning for a commercial as we drove downhill to the “old road” along the Golden Circle.  We made it to the bottom over many a bumpy road filled with rocks and dirt only to wash it off through the small stream.  I hadn’t planned on having this type […]

The Grill Market Dining Room

Grill Market Reykjavik Review, Farm to Table with a Pinch of Volcano Salt

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It’s no secret that my happy place is red meat, red wine and chocolate cake or that I love great design.  So imagine my surprise to find a new happy place in Reykjavik on my first night in the city.  Having done a bit of research prior to the trip and consulting with the hotel […]