Hairy Coo Fiona, Scottish Highland Cow

Three Days in Edinburgh – Scottish Castles, a Hairy Coo and Lush Landscapes

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For my Memorial Day trip this year, I decided a quick three days in Edinburgh would be a perfect diversion from my normal London visit.  I would still go to London for two nights before flying home to see friend. With such a short visit to Edinburgh, you’d think I would have done advanced prep […]

Elephant South Africa Safari

The 27 day African Safari Itinerary – Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa

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My African Safari was almost a month long encompassing South Africa (Johannesburg, Capetown and the Garden Route), Botswana (Okavango Delta and Chobe Safari Park) and Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls).  The incredible “bucket list” worthy trip using points inspired me to start this blog to share my experience.  While I originally posted the below a while back […]

Island of Gozo Hondoq Beach

Escaping Reality and Life: The Three Month Travel Sabbatical in Europe

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When I lost my job of 10+ years, I did what most rational (not really) people would do – I ran away to Europe on my EPIC Adventure (travel sabbatical). See I didn’t quit my job to travel the world, my job quit me so I thought “why not travel”.  Having had a job (or […]

PhilaTravelGirl Amsterdam

Solo Travel Tips – 7 Steps to Begin Your Solo Adventures

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My friend Amanda, recently traveled to London on her first solo trip.  This wasn’t a business trip or a school trip, this was last-minute due to a ridiculous coach award ticket on USAir direct to London she found for 30k points (normally 50k).  Exploring London is so easy to do as a solo traveler that I […]

Floating glaciers in lake in Iceland

Weekend in Iceland Itinerary – Four Days Solo in Reykjavik

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“Are you crazy”?  that seemed to be the question of the day when I told friends and family that I was going to Reykjavik for a long weekend in Iceland (4 days) in November.  I explained that the flight from Newark to Reykjavik (Iceland) was about the same to the West Coast of the U.S., […]

Washington State from the air

The 19k mile itinerary – London, Philly, Paris, London, Portland, Seattle in 6 weeks

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When I was asked for my room number in Seattle, I had no idea, I looked in my purse for the room key and pulled out key cards from Portland, London, Paris and Philly (an indication that I need to clean out my purse!).  I was at the end of my six weeks of travel […]

Changing of the Guard

5 Days in London, the Leisurely Tween Itinerary

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Over the past ten years, I’ve visited London generally once a year for work or for a stopover on an award ticket during vacation.  I’ve become comfortable with the city and have my favorites so when my niece asked “can we go to London too?”, I said “yes”.  I said “yes” because we were already […]

Eiffel Tower Paris

The Five day Paris Itinerary with a Tween

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Planning for five days in Paris with my eleven year old niece, Aubrey, was a bit challenging.  While I’ve been to Paris many times over the past twenty years, most recently last November, I needed to view it through new eyes and become a tourist.  Becoming a tourist, to me, meant that I would revisit […]

Sailing in Hobart, Tasmania on water with blue skies and puffy clouds

Two Months – Three trips, 16 flights, 43,000 miles and I’m exhausted

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I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself, my body was craving chocolate at 9 a.m., so  there I was eating pretzel M&Ms with my breakfast. My body had no clue what time zone it was in and how long we were staying here as for almost two months, I was on a […]

Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Solving my Award Ticket to Australia puzzle

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I successfully booked an award air ticket last week to Australia but it was literally exhausting (just thinking about it is making me tired).  I spent at least ten hours (or more) trying to figure out the various parts of the puzzle to put together the journey.  If you are a Homeland fan, I was […]