Travel Planning

Have I inspired you to travel somewhere?  Hopefully, yes!  Do you want to stay where I’ve stayed or do what I’ve done?  Or do you have your own adventure in mind?  Either way, I can now help you realize your travel dreams with my new travel booking & planning service called Arden Road Travel. It has it’s own website!

When I traveled to Easter Island & Africa in 2012, I had no idea that my life would change.  The countries and experiences were so amazing that I wanted to share my photos and stories with others outside of my family & friends.  PhilaTravelGirl – Flying By the Seat of My Points is the result of my sharing and it has opened so many doors and led me to amazing travelers around the world, many of whom are now great friends.

Sharing my love and passion for travel naturally evolved into travel planning for friends, family and readers over the past few years.  I decided to explore this travel planning and join the Virtuoso Network to have access to unbelievable amenities, travel products (did you know you can rent an island?  I can book that for you!) and expert knowledge.

My plan is to help curate your dream trips around the world so you too can experience the culture and generate fantastic memories (and maybe some great Instagram worthy photos!).

So you can either contact me directly via PhilaTravelGirl or Arden Road Travel now.  Let’s have a chat and see what part of the world you want to fall in love with next.