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A New Tradition – The Memorial Day Trip to Europe

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When my father passed suddenly a few years ago, his service was the day after Memorial Day.  What was a lovely holiday to start the summer, a holiday to remember those who served in the U.S. Armed forces, was now a holiday full of sadness, deep sadness that I wasn’t able to shake off with […]

Waking Up Covered in Bug Bites Was Not My Idea of a Five Star Resort Vacation

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I had a normal Saturday at the hotel and never left the resort property. My morning started off with breakfast followed by time on the beach, lunch at the pool bar, time in my room relaxing reading a book on the comfy chair and then a spa massage before dinner at the restaurant. I happily […]

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10 Solo Travel Tips & Destination Ideas to Plan Your Vacation

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Not everyone will have a baptism by fire to solo travel like I did.  I was abandoned in Paris by my (former) friend at Valentine’s Day and chose to explore the city on my own until my flight home.  This was in the time before the internet and smart phones. My passion for independent travel […]

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A Champagne Toast to Celebrate My Solo Traveler Anniversary

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Every year, when I was in college, Valentine’s Day was a day professors dreaded.  They knew the chances of teaching an uninterrupted class was nil as there would be at least one (many more) knocks on the classroom door during class.  But they had to open the door and let the music in.  It was […]

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4th Annual Travel Review: A Rebuilding Year with the London Hat Trick

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Another year over…a new one yet begun. So for this year’s blog summary & travel review (it’s four years now!), I look back at the year that was 2016.  If you are a sports fan, then you’ll understand that 2016 for me was a rebuilding year.  I was decimated in 2015 with the sudden job […]

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10 Awesome Made in Britain Food, Fashion and Fun Gifts at the Spirit of Christmas

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Last November on a visit to London, I attended the Taste of London and happily discovered so many great food and drink vendors in the U.K., that this year, I decided to check out The Spirit of Christmas fair in association with House & Garden, held the first week of November at the Olympia London […]

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Travel Truths Are Closer Than They Appear

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We all know the saying “Objects are Closer than they Appear” well a recent conversation with a friend made me think about Travel Truths. My friend just returned from the West Coast, a trip that seemed fabulous by her Facebook photos.  I asked her about the trip and she said “it was horrible”….I looked at […]

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Solo Travel – Dating the World With My Passport

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“Where is Your Husband?” is a question I’ve been asked so many times over the years as I’ve traveled solo that I wrote a post about questions to stop asking solo travelers.  At first, I laughed it off and said “my parents would love to know that too so let me know when you find […]

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Waking Up to A New World – My “Brexit” Sadness

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I went to bed Thursday night knowing that the London (and U.K.) that I’ve grown to love over thirty years would not be the same when I woke up the next morning once the results of the E.U. referendum (aka Brexit) were revealed. I had spent the day texting my U.K. friend and he was […]

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10 Travel Roommate Questions I Need To Ask and Disclose

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You think you know your friends and family well?  Try traveling with them to learn more than you ever needed to know (I really should have them complete the travel roommate questions).  Who would have guessed my country mouse friend was a cruise ship liquor smuggler?  I found out when I said “I didn’t know […]