Purple Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens Amsterdam

Tulips in Holland: A Visit to Keukenhof Garden in Amsterdam

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I bought a bouquet of tulips at Whole Foods (yes, impulse purchase but they just screamed happy) to celebrate spring which has made a few appearances this winter and is so close to returning. While it may not feel like spring right now here in the East (with the snow on the ground in winter’s last […]

Visiting the High Line NYC

Visiting The High Line in NYC: Discover Art, Nature and Architecture

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It seemed natural for a Sunday morning to go for a walk in New York City.  But rather than head to Central Park, I thought that visiting the High Line would be perfect for Mom.  It was one thing she hadn’t done on all the prior trips (one day bus tours).  So while I would […]

Sky Garden London View inside

Sky Garden London Review: Free Skyline Views and a Rooftop Bar

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Londoners are quite funny as they name the new buildings in the city based on their shapes – there’s the Gherkin, Cheese Grater, Shard and the Walkie Talkie.  I’m not sure of the proper names of the buildings or even their addresses but everyone seems to know what you are talking about if you say […]

Hitchin Lavender farm England blue sky day

Picture Perfect – The Hitchin Lavender Fields of England

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A funny thing happens when your train leaves London, you get to see open green spaces and the countryside.  After years of navigating the historic streets of London and walking along the Thames multiple times, I’ve rarely had a chance to leave the city other than my first visit eons ago when I did the […]

The Magic Gardens Philly

Hidden Philadelphia: The Magic Gardens, One Artist’s Amazing Vision

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Back when I was wearing suits to work, my friend and I signed up for an art class after work.  We were going to try mosaics.  Sound fun right?  Fast forward as I’m at the first class, in said suit with jewelry and new manicure, and told that I need to go buy ten pounds […]

Pink flower London

The Flowers of St. James’s Park in London

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It’s funny what you don’t see when it’s right in front of you – for years, I stayed in Park Lane across from Buckingham Palace and never entered the park preferring to stay on Piccadilly and use the Underground.  This summer, I finally took that walk in the park – St. James’s Park in London […]

Purple Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens Amsterdam

It’s Spring on FriFotos

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This week’s FriFotos on Twitter theme is Spring.  With the harsh winter on the East Coast, I’ve been dreaming of the Spring season with every inch of snow shoveled (a bit over 60 inches or 5 feet!).  Unfortunately, Mother Nature has had other ideas for the East Coast and Spring has been a season so […]

Philadelphia Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show – It’s a UK Theme and It’s Brilliant!

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Growing up in a classic Philly rowhouse, we were lucky to have a small patch of lawn in front of the house that we shared with a neighbor and never used as it was my dad’s territory – the lawn had to be perfect.  The backyard was the dog’s territory.  So no trees, no flowers, no gardens growing […]