The Azure Window Gozo before collapse

Photo Memories of the Azure Window of Gozo

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The Azure Window Gozo before collapse
The Azure Window in Gozo with the boy who wouldn’t move from the photo

Last week, I woke up to sad news that The Azure Window of Gozo was swallowed by the sea. Created by the sea thousands of years ago and destroyed by the sea in a powerful storm.  While experts had said it was fragile, I hadn’t realized its days were numbered.  I visited this tiny island of Malta a few years ago during my sabbatical, spending three weeks exploring the island and meeting locals.  The loss of the Azure Window is Goitian & Maltese history vanished in an instant, I’m not sure there is a natural attraction in the U.S. that would be lost in the same way.

When I visited the Azure Window, I stopped for a moment to take it all in – there have been a few places on my travels that have made me stop and be thankful for the stunning beauty of nature.  It’s when I know I’m not that jaded yet from all of the travel. The summer sun of June was shining strong and the waters inviting many to enjoy a swim while yet others perused the souvenir and ice cream stands on the periphery of the visitors area.

The Azure Window visitor area
The Azure Window visitor area with a souvenir stand, ice cream kiosk and restaurant
Crocodile and Fungus Rock Gozo Sign
Other lesser known sights of Gozo – Crocodile Rock and Fungus Rock
Gozo sea view
The view looking left on Gozo

Visiting the Azure Window

Once I walked around to soak in the otherworldly landscapes (familiar to Game of Thrones fans from the wedding in the first season), I then began taking photos (a lot of photos).  A few tourists ignored the signs not to climb the Azure Window but alas for that photo they did and I photographed their dangerous decision.

Limestone walking stones Gozo
Careful walking required on the rocks and surfaces at the Azure Window
Gozo salt pans sea view
Surface area is uneven and requires more than flip-flops at the Azure Window
The Azure Window People on top
Crazy tourists on the Azure Window – ignoring signs to climb on top! Dangerous and Stupid in my opinion

The Inland Sea Tour

We then boarded a small fishing boat to visit the Inland Sea and see the Azure Window from behind.  With viewpoints from both land and sea, The Azure Window projected different impressions.

Inland Sea Tour of the Azure Window Gozo
The local Inland sea tour boat at the Azure Window of Gozo
Sea View from the Azure Window Gozo
The calm seas behind the Azure Window of Gozo
The Azure Window view from the sea
The inland sea view of the Azure Window from behind

My Favorite Photo

One photo in particular stands out for the boy would stood in the frame the whole time.  He was swimming with friends in the water below but stood for about twenty minutes and wouldn’t leave the frame of my photo so I gave up and took it with him in it.  I wanted the shot clean to look like all of the magazine photos I had seen without interference but later when I viewed the photo, I was actually happy he stayed in the frame because it gave perspective to how massive the Azure Window really was and how the view through the window didn’t change but in this case someone was standing in front of the window.

Gozo Azure Window
I wanted the boy to move from the frame but now happy he provides scale for how massive the Azure Window is on Gozo

But now the window is no longer.  This wasn’t a door closing with another door open for opportunity (or maybe it was and is yet to be seen), this was a window slamming shut for good.  The view has changed but maybe that’s the point – nature, just like life, is fragile and peeking through the window is fleeting.



4 thoughts on “Photo Memories of the Azure Window of Gozo

    1. Kerwin – very true erosion does happen, its the first that I can remember happening during my lifetime of travels. I’ve seen the Apostles along the Great Ocean Road after a few had fallen so to me, I only know them as they are now. For visitors to Gozo, this location will be as it is now – still beautiful to visit but they won’t know what they have missed –

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