Paris Opera tour Ballroom

Mom’s First Trip to Paris & London – The 10 Day Itinerary

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My “travel hacking” hobby as some call it, has definitely provided me with unbelievable memories from trips around the world.  One of the best parts of this “hobby” is sharing the travels with my family.  Two years ago, my then eleven year old niece, traveled on her first trip to Paris & London (business class) […]

St. Paul's Cathedral London at Night

Bright Lights and Photos at Night in London, Paris, Dublin and Philadelphia

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“I’ve Loved the Stars Too Fondly to Be Fearful of the Night” – Galileo The Best Nights are Usually Unplanned, Random and Spontaneous Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness There are so many great quotes to find about the “Night” FriFotos theme, the above are just a few.  Each reminds me about what I love about […]

The Muse Hotel Review – A New York City Kimpton Suite Weekend

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There are some hotels that make you happy and others that make you sad.  The latter category is usually reserved for an overnight stay when I don’t stay in the room that long and want to save money.  I had the choice for my weekend in New York to pick a hotel that made me  happy […]

O'Connell Monument in Dublin

Travel Truths Are Closer Than They Appear

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We all know the saying “Objects are Closer than they Appear” well a recent conversation with a friend made me think about Travel Truths. My friend just returned from the West Coast, a trip that seemed fabulous by her Facebook photos.  I asked her about the trip and she said “it was horrible”….I looked at […]

The Logan Hotel design

The Logan Hotel Philadelphia Review: A Boutique Beauty by Curio Collection

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For over thirty years, the hotel on the Parkway was the legendary Four Seasons Philadelphia.  When word came last  year that the Four Seasons was closing to move into the new Comcast Center in 2018, the travel/points message boards were guessing who would reflag the hotel. Most agreed that Philadelphia is lacking in luxury properties […]

Okavango Delta Sunset

Solo Travel – Dating the World With My Passport

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“Where is Your Husband?” is a question I’ve been asked so many times over the years as I’ve traveled solo that I wrote a post about questions to stop asking solo travelers.  At first, I laughed it off and said “my parents would love to know that too so let me know when you find […]

Rodin Museum Philadelphia

Hidden Philadelphia: The Rodin Museum on the Parkway

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It’s embarrassing to tell you that as a lifelong Philadelphian, I’ve never visited the Rodin Museum on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway until this month. It’s only been here since 1929 and was renovated in 2012.  For years, I walked by admiring Rodin’s “The Thinker” outside.  A few times, I climbed the steps to peek inside […]

Second Bank of the US

Hidden Philadelphia: The Portrait Gallery at the Second Bank of the U.S.

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Playing tourist in my hometown of Philadelphia is so easy to do with a plethora of historic sites, artistic opportunities aplenty and so many restaurants vying for my attention.  I’ve started wandering with my IPhone lately taking photos with a new eye of the city.  To say, I’ve been surprised is an understatement – I’ve […]

London Eye Horse Guards

25 London Travel Tips to Help You Plan, Shop, Eat and Find Hidden Gems

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Whenever I’m asked for London Travel Tips, I tend to talk really fast, excited that folks are going to the city that I’ve been enamored with for more than twenty years. They look at me and say “can you send those to me?” as they back away from the crazy lady.  I could probably list […]

Hitchin Lavender farm England blue sky day

Picture Perfect – The Hitchin Lavender Fields of England

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A funny thing happens when your train leaves London, you get to see open green spaces and the countryside.  After years of navigating the historic streets of London and walking along the Thames multiple times, I’ve rarely had a chance to leave the city other than my first visit eons ago when I did the […]