Benjamin Lovell Green Shoes in Philly

In Search of the Best Travel Shoes in Size 11 at Benjamin Lovell Shoes in Philly

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A grown woman should not cry in a shoe store but I was tearing up in Benjamin Lovell Shoes in Philly when not one, but eleven boxes of shoes emerged from the stock room in my size.  To understand this, you’d need to have size 11 feet like I do and forever hear “we don’t […]

Uniquely Las Vegas – The Neon Museum – Las Vegas History in Lights

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It was bright sunny day in Las Vegas and I was taking a tour through the history of the city in the faded glow of the infamous neon signs that recalled a story of Las Vegas so long ago.  With a collection of signs dating back to the 1930’s to modern day, I imagined a […]

Riverside Walk Zion National Park

Nature’s Beauty in Utah – Riverside Walk at Zion National Park

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Visiting Zion National Park is easy to do for travelers of all ages and activity levels. There are two paved accessible paths at Zion that are lovely walks and easy to do with fantastic sights.  I had planned on doing more intensive hiking at the park but was waylaid by two injuries sustained at my […]

Las Vegas Desserts Sea Salted Caramel Brownie

Best Las Vegas Desserts? In Search of Birthday Cake and Cookies

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As a (non-recovering) cookie and cupcake addict, I love to find new sweet treats and desserts when I travel.  On a recent visit to Las Vegas for my birthday weekend, armed with a list of favorite treats over the years, I was keen to search for new cookie, cupcake and dessert options along The Strip (including […]

Barbados Catamaran El Tigre Snorkeling

Whispers to the Universe – My Year in Travel Review

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It’s funny that I put out into the universe “win lottery or find love or retire early to an island escape” (I’m good with one or all of them) and yet nothing happens but I respond to a twitter chat question in early January as to where I might go in 2017 and I ended […]

United Club PHL seating

Review & Photos of The United Club PHL Lounge

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For my first flight on United Airlines from Philadelphia, I would be in Terminal D.  Having no status with United or Star Alliance, I was happy to pull out my free lounge pass (paper pass will change to digital in 2018), a benefit of my Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer Visa card.  Each year, I […]

Zion National Park Photo Sunset

Zion Lodge Review – Comfort, Luxury and A Million Stars to Wish On

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For many they have to wait more than a year to stay at Zion Lodge in Zion National Park so I consider myself quite lucky to have booked a room only two weeks ahead of my stay.  To be fair it was a November visit, not quite high season but the bonus was that I […]

London: Winter Wonderland Hyde Park and Christmas Lights in London

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If you drove past my house this holiday season, you’d never know that I love the Christmas (holiday) lights as the house is dark.  While I would love to go all “Christmas Vacation” with lights, the technical difficulties are my downfall, that, and no outside electrical outlets.  Seeing the twinkling lights transport me back to […]

Horseshoe Bend Morning View

Horseshoe Bend Visit to Discover Nature’s Beauty in Morning Light

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What would you do if haunted by a photo? For the past few months, I’ve seen photos of Horseshoe Bend in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona everywhere. I must have “liked” the photos somewhere and since then every social media algorithm has been following me and showing me the […]

Red Mountain Resort Morning Hike

Finding Balance – My Wellness Vacation Solo at Red Mountain Resort

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I think we’ve all been there – that place where you want to hit “reset” or need a do-over in life. You want to eat, sleep or work out better. With wellness vacations on trend now (I was a trendsetter years ago apparently), it seemed appropriate for me to take a “life time out” and […]