Hotel Atmospheres Paris, a boutique oasis in the 5th

Atmospheres Hotel

The front entrance to  Hotel Atmospheres

For me, Paris is about art, history, design and food.  I wanted to find a hotel that encompassed all of this – a boutique hotel that I could love – a new way to see and stay in Paris.  With the Paris Air show in town during our stay, all rates were higher than normal (June is already high season so they were higher than that!).  I wasn’t able to return to the Paris Westin on points, nor could I afford the rate during our visit.  I scoured the internet looking at blogs, reviews, TripAdvisor and every other booking site I could find.  I asked friends who live there, friends who visit on a regular basis and also sent a tweet to find help.  With so many hotels in the city, I narrowed it down to five small boutique hotels scattered in various neighborhoods in my price range before narrowing it down to two hotels.  I chose both (opting to hotel hop) and started our stay at Hotel Atmospheres, a very cool boutique hotel marrying contemporary design, photography and a small number of bedrooms for an intimate hotel stay.



In the 5th arr, a few blocks from the Sorbonne in the Latin Quarter with the Pantheon around the corner and Notre Dame a short walk away, this was a perfectly situated hotel to explore.  Even better was that there were many restaurants and cafes in the area with English menus that made my niece feel better as she wanted to be in control to choose her foods. We also had a small market across the street to buy fresh fruit, bottled water, juice, wine, etc.  You can walk to the Luxenbourg Gardens in about 15 minutes up the Boulevard St. Michel or alternatively go in the other direction toward Notre Dame.  If you didn’t want to walk then the metro line 10 was nearby (stop: Maubert Mutualite). At the metro stop, the fresh market stalls/shops were set up each day – the cheese store, meats, fish, breads, etc. – you didn’t need to travel far to eat amazingly fresh foods.

First Impressions

The 56 room hotel is unassuming outside,  just an awning with it’s name, Atmospheres Hotel Paris.  The large sliding entry door is the first sign that this is a contemporary hotel that focuses on design.  Once inside, this is confirmed as the interior design is just very cool.  It looks just like the website so there are no surprises.  With the photos of Thierry Des Ouches (warning: his website photos and music are stunning and you will be instantly lulled into wanting to find a French cafe or a ticket to Paris) throughout the lobby and in the rooms which are Paris themed – nature, monuments, by night, urban and macaron.  I instantly felt at home here (if only I could replicate the design at home!), it was a happy feeling.

Atmospheres Hotel lobby

Lobby area

Atmospheres Hotel Paris

The lobby and front desk at Hotel Atmospheres




The front desk is just a small area on the left.  Check-In was easy and we were given the radio key to the room on the 5th floor.






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Laduree Paris, Indulge your Inner Dessert Princess on the Champs Elysees

My initial intent was to show my niece, Aubrey, the magic of  dessert in all it’s tempting forms at  Laduree on the Champs Elysses in Paris.  My timing wasn’t quite so good as she hit “famished” on her internal food feeding barometer (she was eating 5xs a day!) right in front of Laduree.  I decided to ignore the exchange rate and just go with it – enjoy the whole experience of Laduree in Paris, something I’ve never done before.  For me, this was an equivalent of a Disney Princess experience, meaning that I was actually a bit excited I had an excuse to dine here.  Dessert, wine and a backdrop that seemed right out of a movie (or a wing of Versailles), doesn’t get better than that.

Laduree Paris desserts

How do you choose just one? These are only a small sample of what’s on the menu

It was too early for dinner and too late for lunch and while I can happily eat a dessert (or two) as a meal, Aubrey needed food.  Luckily, during the lull, they do have two options available – a club sandwich or salad.  Aubrey would opt for the club sandwich and dessert.  I would need a glass of wine to accompany my dessert as I would eat later at dinner time (as would she again!)

Laduree stairs

Feeling regal on the stairs at Laduree

Feeling special from the time we entered, we were shown a table upstairs in the small dining room.  Upstairs there are many small dining room areas, each highly decorated, intimate and giving an aura of exclusivity in my opinion (nevermind that it’s all tourists and tour groups). The place is just pretty just like the desserts (ok, men, I’m sure I’ve lost you in the princess pretty factor but think of all the bonus points you’ll get with your wives, girlfriends and daughters if you go here – just don’t think of the cost because that will be your downfall).

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Paris: Thank You for protesting during our Eiffel Tower visit

As we waited for the guide to arrive, we heard the noise of a shouting crowd, saw the smoke being thrown down the street and flags waving. And just like in the movies, the next frame had the police sirens and minivans arrive a block away from the commotion but right in front of our little tour group of ten waiting to tour the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower Paris

A lovely view of the Eiffel Tower from the park

Transit protest in Paris

Transit protest in Paris

Paris police

The Paris police force out against the protesters

In a blink, the van doors opened and out poured the Paris police dressed in their riot gear running in teams down the street toward the protest march.  Looking at the cafe we were standing in front of, no one stopped eating or drinking as this apparently was normal.  Me, on the other hand, traveling with my eleven year old niece didn’t know what to make of it. I found a local who explained that the transit workers were angry over a new labor contract changing benefits, pensions and retirement age and they were protesting it. He said that they were peaceful and that this was a bit of a show, not to worry. They were marching against the government, not tourists.

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FriFotos: My favorite bountiful things – flowers, chocolate, cupcakes, wine

When I think of this week’s FriFotos theme of “bountiful”, fruits and vegetables come to mind.  Given that my fruit and vegetable consumption is barely scrapping the bottom minimum of the food pyramid daily requirements hence no photos, I figure I’d find other interpretations of “bountiful” for me – just a few of my favorite things – flowers, chocolate, cupcakes and wine!  I’ve also added two things that I wish were more bountiful.

Flowers in Pike Place Market, Seattle

When I stay near the market, I love to buy flowers to keep in my room – they just make me smile and who doesn’t like to smile?

Flowers, flowers everywhere - so many colorful choices

Flowers, flowers everywhere – so many colorful choices

Add a splash of colorful flowers

Add a splash of colorful flowers

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Paris Macarons and Chocolate, a pastry kitchen tour at Gerard Mulot

Paris macarons

Macarons in Paris – a plethora of decadent temptation

If you haven’t guessed by now in reading my blog or following my instagram, I have an insatiable sweet tooth.  Visiting Paris with my eleven year old niece, Aubrey, allowed me to indulge a bit more than normal (or at least I felt that I had a good excuse for more than one dessert/indulgence each day).  Thinking that we needed to do interactive things in Paris to keep things interesting, I found a behind the scenes Paris macarons and chocolate tour of a pastry kitchen.  While there are many food tours in the city as well as cooking classes/demonstrations at a dizzying array of pricing,  I decided on the Viator tour which was less than $35 per person for the one hour visit (prices vary due to exchange rates).   There were a few outlets for this tour and the prices were all about the same (British Airways priced in GBP, Viator priced in USD, direct with the vendor, Meeting the French priced in Euros). Meeting the French offers a plethora of interesting options for group and private tours.

I had read this New York Time article about macarons which surprised me to learn that the two most famous Parisian macarons makers, Laduree and Pierre Hermes are no longer made in Paris but in a factory outside the city. They are then frozen before they make their way to the cafes/stores (they still taste fabulous in my opinion). Even more surprising is the McDonalds sell their own macarons in their McCafe!  The macaron has gone a bit mainstream and I was interested to see if some of the macaron magic still existed in Paris.  With this tour, we visited Gerard Mulot, a pastry shop in the 13th arr that still makes the macarons by hand daily (6,000 per day in 18 flavors) as well as a variety of pastries/cakes to supply it’s many shops in the city.  You can’t get fresher than that!

Gerard Mulot pastries

Tempting competition to the macaron – I wanted it all!

As we would be traveling, I asked the hotel to confirm our tour and obtain the directions as the location was not provided when booking.  They were given the address for the tour in the 13th arr, which was two metros and about 12 stops from our hotel in the 5th arr. I allowed an hour travel time for connections, getting lost, etc.  Once off the metro, it was easy to find the group outside the bakery.

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