Westin Milan lobby bar

Westin Milan – A Beautiful Room to Relax in Italian Luxury

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Westin Milan Palace King Room
My newly renovated King Room at the Westin Milan

My stay at the Westin Milan was to be the luxury celebration to a month in Italy so I redeemed points for the weekend stay at the posh hotel.  After a month of mixed lodging from boutique hotels in Naples, a B&B in Sorrento and Venice to my amazing canal view Airbnb in Venice, I wanted to end in a Heavenly Bed at the Westin Milan.  I love the Westin brand of Starwood – the Heavenly Bed & Bath and the overall sense of wellness that the brand evokes and lives by.  The Westin Milan would manage to join my short list of “hotels I didn’t want to leave”.  I almost succeeded if not for a pre-booked Milan Last Supper and City Walking tour with Walks of Italy on Saturday.  Not only was I wearing my exhaustion on my face from the crazy busy days walking the Expo pavilions but my feet had finally given out after the walking tour.  My intent was to fall into the plush bed and order room service Saturday night (yeah, I’m fun like that) which extended to Sunday. Opting to luxuriate in the hotel spa with two treatments – facial and massage, I enjoyed a lazy Sunday in luxury.  Even in a different language, the hotel was an oasis in the city for me and a wonderful way to say “Ciao to Italy”.

Westin Milan Location

Set a bit back from the main thoroughfare, the hotel has a small green space across from the circular driveway.  At the corner of the street is a subway entrance and across the street is a bus stop.  I was able to walk a few blocks to the supermarket, pharmacy (where contact solution is sold and no one speaks English – bring your bottle to show and tell) and a further stroll down the main road in to the center of Milan – the Duomo.  There is a STK across the street if you want a modern steakhouse experience.

Westin Milan entrance driveway
The Westin Palace Milan entrance driveway

Westin Palace Milan Arrival

I arrived by taxi in the morning from my Airbnb Navigli studio rental in the entertainment district.  I was welcomed from the taxi and my bags magically disappeared as the bellman escorted me to the front desk.  The young woman checking me in acknowledge my Gold status and explained my choices at the hotel – I always take the points – always the points.  There was a special at the spa which I sort of listened to but not really until she said “gold members get a discount of x” and my tired feed and body were kicking my mind into active listening.  Once check in was sorted, I was given my room keys which surprised me this early.  I expected to pre-check in and come back later after 3pm for my room but it was ready now and so was I.

Westin Milan hotel lobby
Traditional hotel lobby with a touches of Westin in Milan

Westin Milan Lobby

The lobby is a throwback to older, historic, luxury hotels in my opinion – marble, dark woods and gold accents.  It definitely had the feel of luxury Italian hotel and not that of a normally modern Westin.  There was a bar area as well as dining room off to either side of the lobby.

Westin Milan lobby bar
The view of the lobby bar during the day – at night there was a nice crowd at the Westin Milan
Westin Milan lobby bar
The bar in the Westin Milan lobby

My King Room

When I entered the room, I saw the window with a view of the street below and the modern buildings in the distance of the city.  I immediately noticed the blue hues and warm feeling of the room – it was just pretty.  I don’t get to say that my room is pretty very often but it felt sumptuous with the bedding and décor.

Westin Milan guestroom hallway
Hallway decor a mix of colors, textures and style to create a warm cozy feeling at the Westin Milan
Westin Milan Palace King Room
My newly renovated King Room at the Westin Milan

There was room to move and the King Bed, a very welcome sight after three nights sleeping on an Airbnb futon (I really did experience it all on this Italy trip).  My first instinct was to fall into the bed so I did and just like other Heavenly Beds it was very hard to leave the enveloping comfort.

Westin Milan King Room Seating area
The King Room had space for a seating area

The hotel had already delivered my big box from Naples.  I had shipped extra clothes and shoes from Naples, my first stop in Italy three weeks prior, to my last stop in Italy to lessen my luggage weight along the way as I traveled to Sorrento, Florence and Venice.  I was packed for my three month sabbatical which started on the cruise and lugging my bags on/off trains, ferries and busses was not ideal hence the shipping box staring at me on the floor.

Westin Milan City View
Milan City View from the Westin

Westin Milan Room Service

I was exhausted with pain in my feet that I had never experienced before so room service was ideal – I was ready to be pampered and fill up on (bad for me) oh so good food and wine (i.e. the hotel burger, lots of bacon, fries, dessert and wine).

Westin Milan room service burger
Room service bacon burger was a fantastic sight!
Westin Milan Panna Cotta
Italian Panna Cotta – room service dessert at the Westin Milan
Westin Milan chicken sandwich room service
Bacon makes everything better at the Westin Milan
Westin Milan Room Service chocolate
Chocolate…Westin Milan..Room Service..Yum

Breakfast at the Westin Milan

The breakfast service in the restaurant was slow if, like me, you need to do ala carte breakfast and not the buffet. If you are opting for the buffet then have at it – your plate is on the table and you can get going as soon as you are seated. But for me, I always have the sad plate of food that cost as much as the buffet.  I had a problem during breakfast that was immediately addressed by management on site which impressed me.

Westin Milan Palace restaurant
Lobby restaurant wasn’t fancy but comfortable with private areas
Westin Milan breakfast dairy allergy
Ala carte scrambled made to order with no milk
Westin Milan ala carte breakfast
Not fancy or plentiful like the buffet but my ala carte order was just enough at the Westin Milan

Italian Breakfast Option – CaffeLatte

The hotel has a quick breakfast option available in the lobby bar area.  Since ala carte juice cost €9, the italian breakfast option at €12 seems a steal as it includes coffee/cappuccino, espresso, fresh juice and italian pastries.  In terms of healthy, just remember to walk (a lot) because you will be indulging in (too) many delicious carbs.

Westin Milan CaffeLatte breakfast
Italian breakfast for not much more than a glass of juice! CaffeLatte at the Westin Milan
Italian breakfast Westin Milan CaffeLatte
CaffeLatte Italian breakfast at the Westin Milan
CaffeLatte Westin Palace Milan breakfast
Quick breakfast option – CaffeLatte at the Westin Milan in the lobby bar

The Westin Milan Spa [comfort zone]

I literally never walked outside on a gloomy Sunday.  I went to the restaurant for breakfast, back to my room to read and then to the [comfort zone] spa for two treatments.  It was a lovely way to spend the day.  There are definite differences in how spa treatments are done in the U.S. and Italy, so it was interesting to experience the treatments.  A sore knotted back doesn’t need language translation.  You can read my Westin Milan Spa Review for detailed visit.

Westin Milan Spa
The [comfort zone] beauty spa at the Westin Milan
(photo: Westin Palace Milan)

Overall – Westin Milan Palace

The staff was definitely wonderful during my stay, including the concierge team who attempted to help me find contact solution (only sold at the Pharmacy or Eye Doctor and it was the weekend).  The room was fantastic and I could see myself returning just to stay in the hotel and not leave.  It was a restorative stay in luxury that I definitely needed to reboot and refresh before my adventure in Malta.

Westin Milan King Room
Westin Milan King Room – I really didn’t want to leave

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