Westin Milan Chocolate Dessert

The Westin Milan Spa with a Side of Chocolate on a Lazy Sunday

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The King Room Westin Milan
The King Room at the Westin Milan was hard to leave

I didn’t leave the hotel, I probably should have since the city of Milan was outside the doors but I was pretty much useless.  This was one of those days that would qualify as my “day off” from travel.  As much as I schedule my days, it’s just as important not to come home so depleted that I need a vacation from my vacation.  A day off can mean sleeping in late and wandering the city without a plan to see where you end up.  A day off can mean a spa day, which I tend to favor on travel.  My day off camping out at the Westin Milan Spa in its [comfort zone] beauty space (aka “the spa”) was divine.  It’s one of those hotels that really does deliver the hotel experience rather than just provide a bed to rest your head.

At check-in on Saturday morning, my SPG gold status was recognized and I was given an upgraded King room (I booked two nights on points) as well as told of a “special discount of 30% on spa services” during my two night stay.  I didn’t think much of it at the time as I was happy to land in my Heavenly bed after the past few weeks at Airbnb properties in Sorrento, Venice (Dorsoduro, Fenice Canal View and San Marco) and Milan’s Navigli Entertainment District.

View of Milan from Westin Palace Milan
Gloomy Sunday in Milan – perfect excuse to stay in the hotel all day with restaurants, spa and room service

After three days of walking at Expo Milan and a walking tour of Milan, my feet basically went on strike.  It hurt to stand, hurt more to walk, my body wasn’t happy at all.  So with a nice lie in on Sunday, I visited the spa on the lower level to inquire about a massage and facial (hey it was a deal at 30% off!).  There was availability later in the day so I made the appointment and went back to my room to relax.

Westin Milan Spa juice
Fresh juice at the Westin Milan Spa

The Westin Milan Spa – Comfort Zone

Arriving at the spa for my appointment, I was told my facial would be first followed by the massage.  With all of the sun of the past month and a half in Barcelona and Italy, I figured a facial was a nice treat.  I was surprised that the treatment does not include extractions but is more of a cleansing and massage.  A bit different than at home but nonetheless, my skin was happy.

Westin Milan Spa
The [comfort zone] beauty spa at the Westin Milan
                                         (photo: Westin Palace Milan)
It’s always fun to meet a new massage therapist to explain my knots.  Normally I have crazy knots in my neck and shoulders but when I travel and am lifting luggage and sleeping in weird beds, on trains, etc. my knots are worse.  It’s interesting to see how each therapist approaches this.  In this case, the poor guy didn’t have my standard warning of what to expect as my Italian wasn’t great so he started on my neck and shoulders digging deep and I could tell it was more of a challenge than he anticipated.  He was a good sport though and did his best tackling most of my issues.  My feet were happier than they had been and overall I was able to relax and enjoy the treatment.

Westin Milan Spa Treatment Room
Westin Milan Spa Treatment Room
                                           (photo: Westin Palace Milan)

The staff (all two of them that day) were very nice.  I ended up buying a moisturizer as I was going to be in the sun in Gozo the next few weeks.  When I saw the small workout room and the stretch bands, I inquired about purchasing one since I left mine at home (hey, everything was 30% off why not?) but they gave it to me for free.

Westin Milan Gym
The Westin Milan workout room

Chocolate to end my Spa Day

Back in my room, I looked outside at the drab day and decided that camping out in the Westin Milan luxury hotel was an excellent decision. You don’t always need to be go, go, go when you travel, sometimes you just need to chill out in the hotel to refresh, recharge and relax. A bit of chocolate to top the day off is even better!

Westin Milan Chocolate Dessert
Westin Milan Chocolate Dessert  – a room service sweet treat to end my lazy Sunday at the Westin Milan Spa




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