Airbnb Venice flat Fenice Apartment

I Didn’t Want To Leave this Airbnb Venice Flat with a Canal View

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Airbnb Venice flat Fenice Apartment
The Airbnb gem in Venice near the Fenice Opera House

From the AirBnB site, it looked amazing! This large Airbnb Venice flat along the canals with a view of the gondolas outside the window. It seemed too good to be true. I looked at the calendar of availability and was immediately crestfallen as it was rented out for the whole summer save two nights during my stay. The minimum stay was three nights but I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask so I sent the owner, Maurizio, a friendly note.

He quickly replied that I could rent the Fenice apartment for two nights and I was thrilled. It was good that Maurizio manages a few properties and could move me elsewhere for another night. I was staying in Venice for five nights but the city was sold out due to Vogalonga rowing event and the Biennale (which started early this year due to Expo Milan) so I had to move from the Guesthouse to the Fenice apartment and then to the San Marco apartment.  Not ideal but I made it work.


Maurizio sent me multiple emails to prepare for my visit (Directions, Event Schedule, Public Transit prices/options, Venice Rental Tips, the Food Shopping Service and Lost Luggage Warning). These were a nice touch for a new visitor to the city as well as new to AirBnb. As I was staying at another property in the city prior to arrival, we arranged for Francesca (his wife) to meet me in the square near the Accademia bridge and walk me to the flat.

Venice gondola assembly line in canals
The assembly line of tourists in gondolas in Venice

The Meet & Greet Arrival

Francesca is a lovely woman who is a great ambassador for your stay. As we walked she pointed out different points of interest as well as the leather store we would turn right (always good to take photos of these points of reference to find your way back) toward the Fenice theatre. There was a small bridge to navigate and a few more turns before arriving in the courtyard. The flat was the door on the right ahead (again take a photo of the door so you know where you are staying).  During my stay I would hear keys in the door trying to get in that freaked me out a bit, however,  when I opened the door, the ladies apologized as they forgot where they were staying.  It was a good laugh as the sharing economy grows.

Venetian Masks in Venice
Cute and cheap but made in China – if you want a mask splurge on a handmade one from Venice


The Fenice apartment is located near the Fenice Opera House, hence the name.  It is a centrally located apartment overlooking the canal and a ten minute walk to the Rialto bridge or to San Marco, it really doesn’t get better than that in my opinion.

Fenice Opera House Venice
Fenice Opera House in Venice

First Impression

Francesca opened the door and WOW! I was speechless as the flat was even more fantastic in person. When you enter on the left is a coat rack and bench, ahead on the right is the kitchen table and kitchen area.

Airbnb Venice flat Fenice Apartment view
First impression from the front door of the Airbnb Venice flat


Francesca would go through all the bells and whistles of the kitchen – opening doors, cabinets and the refrigerator (complimentary still water) before proceeding with the rest of the apartment.The kitchen is stocked with appliances, pots/pans and cooking accessories. There is also a washing machine with easy to use instructions (no dryer because this is Italy and because they are on the canal there is a drying rack in the bathroom to use). The kitchen table seats four comfortably and has the house manual on it. There are also printed reminders throughout the kitchen.

Airbnb Venice flat kitchen
The Italian kitchen in the Airbnb Venice flat – modern and fully stocked
Italian washing machine Airbnb flat Venice
The washing machine hidden in the kitchen of the Fenice apartment


The tiled bathroom is large and reminiscent of a boutique hotel. The walk in rain shower was a good size. Provided was a bath towel, hand towel (I do wish there was an extra towel or two – so American of me) and a shower gel. The hair dryer was in a box on the shower cabinet. At the end of the counter was a basket with two additional rolls of toilet paper).  I did find the lighting a bit dark to do makeup.

Fenice Apartment bathroom
The bathroom was up to date albeit a bit dark
Fenice Apartment Bathroom
The walk in shower had good water pressure

Bedroom/Living Room Area

After the bathroom, we walked the hall (past the candy jar) to the open floor plan of living room/desk/bedroom. There is a couch on the right which looks out into the canal (I would spend most of my time here relaxing to the gondolas going by and the occasional musician). The desk was a bit too small for me to work on so I used the large table flanked by two comfortable leather chairs. Sitting on the floor, the table was perfect height to type on my laptop.

Working in Venice flat
My workstation with a view of the canals in Venice
Airbnb Venice flat Fenice apartment
Work desk, couch and television in the Fenice apartment

The décor was a mix of IKEA (I have that table too!), the Italian version of Pier One and a few bespoke items mixing together quite well to create an elegant, luxury apartment. There is a lot of storage space – an armoire next to the bed, another smaller one in the hallway next to the bathroom (which has a safe).  Important feature is the air conditioning and heating unit about the armoire which quickly cools or heats the room.

Airbnb Venice flat Fenice apartment
The view of the main living/sleeping area at the Fenice apartment in Venice
Audrey Hepburn print Venice
Fun decor in Venice
Airbnb Venice flat decor
The decor was a mix of styles that all blended in well to create a relaxing space

Francesca opened the windows to the canal and I had my first glimpse of the gondolas going by (I would be entranced by this spectacle) as well as the warning about mosquitoes (I hate mosquitoes but luckily in May they weren’t an issue). With a few more explanations of how this, that and the other worked she asked if any questions.

View of Venice Canals
Looking out the windows with the mosquito warning
Airbnb Venice flat gondola view
Relaxing on the couch this was my view every few minutes – it made me laugh

One item to note that while the black out curtains are wonderful, you are living on a working canal so boats may make noise early (i.e. – construction workers at 6:30 a.m. one day) so if that bothers you bring ear plugs but really it shouldn’t as you are probably getting up and out to explore early each day anyway.

Venice Delivery boat in the canals
Venice Morning Delivery Boat outside the Fenice apartment


Where’s the Wifi?

Ah yes, the wifi, there is a device on the kitchen table with the password on the back. This is a portable wifi station you can take with you to the restaurant, square, etc. (these are really nice as I’ve seen a few people with these). The downside is that in the flat which is stone walls thick, the signal isn’t great. I was able to do most social media checks without issue but couldn’t get a FaceTime call through to my nieces to show them the canals outside.

Portable Wifi Venice
Portable wifi device to take with you in Venice

Finding the Supermarket in Venice

As it was a Sunday, Francesca asked if I wanted her to show me how to find the supermarket.  It was open until 1 pm. I took her up on the offer, grabbed my reusable bag and we were off zig zagging through the streets (I was taking photos as my breadcrumbs back to the flat). Quickly at the market, I said good-bye and went inside to shop for important supplies (i.e. – water, chocolate, fruit).  I found my way back to the flat easily and quickly got to know the area.

Supermercato Punto Venice
Supermercato Punto in Venice – they have wifi and air con plus a good selection of foods
Italian Meats and Cheeses Venice Market
The meat and cheese counter in Venice in Italy is way better than at home

Where to Eat Near Fenice Opera

Francesca provides a few cards of recommended restaurants in the area. I found a great bakery close by on the way to Rialto bridge as well as a wonderful wine bar/restaurant (Vino Vino Osteria) on the way to San Marco – each less than five minutes walk.

Italian creme pastry
I do not know the name of this decadent italian creme pastry but I know how to point and say Grazie
Vino Vino Osteria Venice
Vino Vino Osteria was so good I ate there twice in one day! It is a wine bar with Barolo and the food was fabulous too

Overall – Airbnb Venice Flat

The flat was so nice it was hard to leave and explore the city. I spent most of my time reading while watching (and listening) to the gondolas, taking a nap after my rowing lesson and then catching up on work. I really enjoyed and used the flat as much as I could as this was not just a place to sleep. I pretended it really was my nice apartment in the city.

Airbnb Venice flat
View of the main room in the Venice flat

For my first AirBnb stay, I was spoiled (if only all hosts could manage their properties this way). Maurizio was super responsive to queries, Francesca was a joy and the flat was really amazing. This is a family business and their dedication shows in the details (emails, candy jar, shopping service, in person meet & greet, guest book and stay manual). I’d definitely stay at one of their properties for future visits to Venice.

Venice canal view boats gondolas kayaks
View of the canals and the flat

The rate for my stay in May was $354 for two nights paid via Airbnb (the flat was $158 per night and the Airbnb fee was $38).  Note that Venice has a new mandatory city tax that is payable in cash at check-in of €2 per person per day for your stay. 

Use my personal code for a discount on your first Airbnb stay

UPDATE 10/16: This flat is no longer in Maurizio & Francesca’s Venice Portfolio, for other properties they manage, including larger flats for families, check out Maurizio’s Superhost profile

15 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want To Leave this Airbnb Venice Flat with a Canal View

  1. What a great way to enjoy Venice! I will definitely consider AirBNB for our next visit. Having got a similarly amazing first AirBNB rental in Vancouver, it certainly does draw you back. Nice to have more space to relax and feel at home. Thanks for sharing your experiences (and the link to this gem :-))

  2. What a fantastic and very thorough review! Nothing missing. Looks like a lovely place and one we’ll definitely keep in mind when next we visit Venice. We like to go after the summer madness so hopefully it will be available then.

  3. That looks like a fantastic place! Thanks for a peek at it.
    I was wondering: What was the weather like in May? Was it early or late May? My friend was in Venice in August and she said it was “hotter than Hades, and I’m not kidding.”

    1. The weather in May was quite nice actually – the sun still shines hot but I had three days of rain and wind too. So the hot sun was quite welcome – no complaining from me. As for July/August, yep I’d avoid it too – hot, overcrowded with summer tourists + cruise ship passengers + little patience by people in line + hot weather – that’s why the Italians escape the cities in August for the beach and lakes

    1. Lyse – I’ve added Maurizio’s Airbnb Superhost profile link in the post above now. He replied to me today that this particular property is no longer in his portfolio of Venice flats. He does have other lovely options on Airbnb – hopefully one of those will be good for your Venice visit.

  4. I want to stay in this same apartment that you have described in Venice. Please let me know how to book this exact place of Francesca and Maurizio. How to contact them for booking.

    1. Mahalaxmi – the flat is no longer offered via Airbnb by Maurizio. I haven’t contacted him to see if he still lets it privately and will share that information once he replies. It’s really a fabulous flat that I hope everyone can experience

        1. Anya – I’ve updated the post now as Maurizio finally replied (he & francesca take a break after the season with the kids). The Fenice apartment is no longer in his portfolio but he has added a few new properties which can sleep up to four so they are good for families. Best to check out his Superhost status on Airbnb to see what properties he has now. I’ve put his link in the post above now. I’m really sad that others can’t stay in the Fenice apartment, it was super

    2. I’ve updated the post above with the fact that this apartment is no longer in their portfolio. Maurizio has added a few new properties that look just as wonderful. I’ve added his Airbnb Superhost profile link above to see what properties he has now. Sorry that everyone can’t experience this wonderful Fenice property it was definitely one of a kind

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