Doubtful Sound

The New Zealand Quandary – Milford Sound vs Doubtful Sound

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We all want the best and when it comes to travel there are so many confusing “best of” options.  This week’s #FriFotos theme is “Best” and I keep thinking how many times I went in search of the best and found something better.  Yesterday’s post, I went in search of the best restaurant in Melbourne […]

Fountain at Vigeland Sculpture Park

Water Fountain Wonders Around the World #FriFotos

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There’s something about a water fountain that just fascinates me, from the first time I saw the Swann Fountain in Philadelphia to the jumping water fountain at Epcot as a child, I love them all.  How they do what they do is pure science, what we see is pure magic, how they make us feel […]

Pink flower London

The Flowers of St. James’s Park in London

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It’s funny what you don’t see when it’s right in front of you – for years, I stayed in Park Lane across from Buckingham Palace and never entered the park preferring to stay on Piccadilly and use the Underground.  This summer, I finally took that walk in the park – St. James’s Park in London […]

Cloud Photos Up in the Air and Around the World for Travel Inspiration

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Inspiration can  be found everywhere if you are open to the message.  Maybe you read a quote everyday (my favorite is the Holstee Manifesto that I keep at my desk) or even your horoscope and it inspired you to action.  Maybe you read a story, watched a video or looked at photos and they moved […]

Bedroom sitting area at Charlotte Street Hotel

Boutique Hotels Interior Design – The Great Indoors #FriFotos

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From the moment I exit the taxi cab, I enter a world of comfort, design and a style that I long to be a part of – in my mind –  the cool kids club. The boutique hotel spaces are magazine worthy and I want to be in the middle of it all – jump […]

Downtown Portland historic building

Looking Up in Downtown Portland – What Will You Find?

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Do you need a new way to “see” a city, to explore the nooks and crannies of it all and come away with a different experience than the next guy?  A simple solution is to “LOOK UP!”  Easy in theory but when I walk the streets everyone seems to be looking down, no longer at […]

New Zealand Sheep

What You Find on the Hills Around the World #FriFotos

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This week’s FriFotos theme is “Hills”.  Of course, the first thing that came to mind was the song “The hills are alive with the Sound of Music…” (yes, showing my age).  While I’ve done the Sound of Music tour when I visited Salzburg, it was before the digital camera (again showing my age) and have […]

Seattle Flower Farm Red Flower

Sunday at the NatGeo Photography Seminar on Light and Color

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I always knew my new camera was smarter than me, today at the National Geographic (NatGeo) Traveler Photography Seminar on Light and Color, I learned why.  Today’s session was held in Philadelphia and was complimentary as the previous seminar I attended on The Art of Nature was mired with technical difficulties.  NatGeo Photography received many […]

Shoreditch Street Art London

Let’s Play with #FriFotos – Travel Fun Around the World

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This week’s theme as the summer comes to a close is Play.  As an adult, I rarely get to play and have fun without a care in the world unless I am traveling.  When traveling, the rules seem to fall away (or at least give me an excuse to ignore them). Much of my fun […]

Sydney Opera House in clouds and rain

Raining on my Birthday Parade in Sydney

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The rain used to follow me on vacation, it became a running joke with friends and family that a gloomy cloud resided over my head and went with me on vacation.  At some point, the cloud went away for a few years but then on my third visit to Sydney over my birthday weekend, the […]