Snow Canyon Park Utah Red Mountain

Was the Desert Calling Me Back to Utah and Arizona?

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Everyone keeps saying the “desert call you back when it’s time for a change” and I’m starting to believe them.  For the past two months, I’ve had photos of the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend pop up in my social media feeds almost daily – sure, I liked a few posts of friends […]

Winter visit to Reykjavik Iceland wool mittens

Iceland Mitten Memories – A Winter Visit to Reykjavik

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I reached into my coat pocket today looking for change and pulled out one of my Icelandic wool mittens, the only souvenir from my trip to Iceland. Putting on the mittens brought back a flood of amazing memories from my quick four day weekend trip to Reykjavik.  When planning my holiday, I had a host […]

Airport Tag Travel Quote Tote Bag

Under $50 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers – Practical, Fun & Whimsical

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Chances are you have a friend or family member that is a traveler like me and chances are they are a pain in the ass to buy for at holiday (and birthday) time because they just want to be on a trip anywhere but here and that’s not in your $50 holiday gift budget. My […]

Oddballs' Camp Safari Tent

I’m a Luxury Hotel Girl – Can I Survive a Safari Tent Camp?

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I love hotels and hate hotels at the same time.  When planning a trip as a solo traveler, there is no one to split the cost of the lodging so I need to be pretty particular when spending cash on lodging.  This is why I love my Starwood AMEX card as I can rack up points […]

Island Paradise Bug Bites

Avoid My Travel Nightmare in One Step with Ortho

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Avoid My Travel Nightmare in One Step with Ortho Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ortho Home Defense but all opinions (and sadly the bug bite nightmare) are uniquely mine. A few months ago, I woke up in a fancy island hotel covered in bug bites.  The hotel had a program in place (very few […]

Baltic Cruise sunset offbeat travel

First Time Cruise Tips plus a Realistic Cruise Budget Guide

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Having just returned from Alaska on a Holland American Cruise and my first Disney Cruise in April, I thought it would be good to revisit first time cruise tips and a realistic budget guide for your first cruise.  In the next few weeks, I’ll share more about the Disney Magic Cruise and my Alaska Cruise […]

The Art of the Brick Tree Huggers

Travel Safety Tips to Consider on Your Next Trip Local or Abroad

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One excuse I’ve heard over the years for not traveling is “it isn’t safe to go to x, y or z”.  I was reminded this weekend that staying at home isn’t safe either – bad things can happen anywhere.  While sitting in one of four lanes of traffic waiting to turn onto the highway, I […]

Love Statue Philly

A New Tradition – The Memorial Day Trip to Europe

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When my father passed suddenly a few years ago, his service was the day after Memorial Day.  What was a lovely holiday to start the summer, a holiday to remember those who served in the U.S. Armed forces, was now a holiday full of sadness, deep sadness that I wasn’t able to shake off with […]

Island Paradise Bug Bites

Waking Up Covered in Bug Bites Was Not My Idea of a Five Star Resort Vacation

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I had a normal Saturday at the hotel and never left the resort property. My morning started off with breakfast followed by time on the beach, lunch at the pool bar, time in my room relaxing reading a book on the comfy chair and then a spa massage before dinner at the restaurant. I happily […]

British Airways plane flying over London

Take My Bags Please! Heathrow Luggage Delivery Service with AirPortr

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It felt weird leaving London Heathrow without my luggage.  I was on the Heathrow Express surrounded by many people with bags all trying to fit (trains were on a modified schedule that day) while I sat in my seat with a handbag and small backpack.  Thankfully my luggage wasn’t lost or delayed, in fact, it […]