Cloud Photos Up in the Air and Around the World for Travel Inspiration

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Inspiration can  be found everywhere if you are open to the message.  Maybe you read a quote everyday (my favorite is the Holstee Manifesto that I keep at my desk) or even your horoscope and it inspired you to action.  Maybe you read a story, watched a video or looked at photos and they moved you to do something different from your norm.  How we find the inspiration to pursue our happiness, to be our better selves is all so personal – what inspires you may do nothing for me and vice versa.  This week’s #FriFotos theme is Inspiration and for me, while I can see a photo, read a story or dream about a destination, what really inspires me to travel is the feeling I get when I’m on a plane staring out the window at 30,000 feet – the potential of the world down below, the possibility that I will be a different person when we land.  Captured in my many cloud photos from up in the air or on top of a mountain (Table Mountain) in South Africa.

Sunset in Philadelphia from a plane view - sunset cloud photos
Sunset in Philly – splendor in the sky
Table Mountain about the clouds - cloud photos South Africa
Atop Table Mountain in Capetown, South Africa, looking down at the clouds just surreal

Flying high above the clouds over cities and towns below, I am struck with the realization that I am just a small part of the big world.  Cloud photos definitely fascinate me as I travel. The world is brimming with people and their stories, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to meet a few along the way.  All the newness, the possibility, the potential, the challenges, the comfort that travel affords me is addicting – an addiction I don’t want to cure – I want to continue to travel to places that allow me to explore, to see the world in a new light, to understand the cultures, meet the people and see how I fit (or don’t fit) into the world.

Up in the clouds with Aer Lingus cloud photos Ireland
Up in the clouds with Aer Lingus to Dublin
Washington State wildfire from above cloud photos
Washington State view on the flight from Seattle

I’ve met amazing inspiring people along my journeys – Helen, Justin & Jess, Noah and so many people with incredible lives that inspire me to do better, to be better, to live better.  To think it all started up in the air with my head in the clouds……snapping cloud photos.

Table Mountain sunset a layer of cloud photos
Table Mountain sunset – everyone is looking for “that” photo
Singapore Airlines view - cloud photos
The view on the flight to Singapore through the clouds
Asiana to ICN Seoul landing
On approach to Seoul, the windfarm from my window seat

What inspires you to travel or in life? Do you have a favorite quote like I do?  Share some inspiration in the comments below…..

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