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Let’s Play with #FriFotos – Travel Fun Around the World

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This week’s theme as the summer comes to a close is Play.  As an adult, I rarely get to play and have fun without a care in the world unless I am traveling.  When traveling, the rules seem to fall away (or at least give me an excuse to ignore them). Much of my fun falls into the “wheeee” category even if I just silently say it in my head.  Traveling solo, the outlets for fun differ in my opinion as I need to seek out play a bit more than others.  Often times, I get so serious in my agenda, I have to remind myself that I have permission to play – to have fun – to see the world like a child with playful wonder. How awesome is that?!

Paris street art - bird chiping love
The bird chirping love? Street Art in Paris, create your own story

Playing in Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand, this alpine go kart luge on the side of the mountain overlooking the Remarkables was incredible fun!  I felt free to fly (ok, my version of speeding down a mountain) in my little plastic car.  Play doesn’t get better than this……

Skyline luge track Queenstown
The luge track in Queenstown

Unless you are playing with all the gadgets in business class on the A380!  Hidden in the last row of business class in the back sub-section of three rows, I had a secluded purple pod with windows on my Thai A380 flight from Bangkok to Paris.  The seat reclined to a full flat bed meeting the cubby for my feet.  Under the window, I had a storage area all to myself.  I had buttons, levers, a remote and touchscreen.  When all of that play was done, I pressed my inquisitive face to the window looking out like in the movies at the stars.  I wanted to play with the stars!  I wanted to count them and reach out to touch them as they burned bright in the sky while the land/sea below was black.  Seeing the big dipper and the little dipper and so many other shapes was fun for me – I really was a little kid in awe of this amazing double decker plane in the sky.

Thai A380 business class seat
Thai A380 business class seat – I love purple!
Thai A380 Business class
Thai A380 Business Class neighbor













From one massive plane of over 500 passengers to a helicopter with 4 people, this travel fun falls into the “look ma, no hands” while my mom is having a coronary praying for my feet to be back on the ground (to be fair, I don’t worry my mom ahead of time leaving this travel fun off the itinerary, I tell her when I get home).  My helicopter aerial tour of the Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road in Australia was scary travel fun as it was the smallest helicopter I’ve flown in – it reminded me of a toy helicopter.

The Twelve Apostles Helicopter for the 15 minute scenic flight
The Twelve Apostles Helicopter for the 15 minute scenic flight

So to make Mom happy, with more fun play that doesn’t involve signing a legal waiver –  here is my art playtime, fun with paint in Melbourne, Paris and London on street art tours – travel fun that makes you think, discuss and smile.

Little Red tagging spray painting the wall in Melbourne
Little Red tagging the wall in Melbourne
Street Art Melbourne
Street Art in progress in Melbourne
American Gummy Bear in Paris - a sugar convict
American artist in Paris – the gummy bear convict – sugar pusher!

Lastly, traveling with my 11 yo niece this summer to Paris and London, I got to play more than normal (having a child with you is automatic pass to be silly and have fun) during our Treasure Hunt at the Louvre and the Harry Potter Studio tour while her playtime involved playing with her food!

Weaseleys Wizard Weezes Harry Potter Studio tour
Weaselys Wizard Weezes shop on Diagon Alley at the Harry Potter Studio Tour
Harrod's Ice Cream Sundae
Playing with her Ice Cream Sundae at Harrod’s in London



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