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The Philly Dessert Guide – Cookies, Chocolate, Cannoli – Oh My!

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With all of my talk about how fantastic the Philly food (and dessert) scene is, I’d be remiss not to tell you how you can have a little bit of Philly love delivered to your doorstep any day of the year.  No need to wait for an occassion like Valentine’s Day (my Solo Traveler Anniversary read my sad, funny story) to have a reason to enjoy Philly Desserts like chocolate, cookies and cupcakes.  The list below is only a small group of my favorites (there are so many more in Philly) most of which do have online ordering and shipping, a few don’t so you need to visit Philly to buy in person. My Philly Dessert Guide (always changing as I indulge in more yummy research!) – note prices may change.

Philly Dessert – The Philadelphia Cookies

If you have a cookie monster in your life (like me), they will be very happy munching on cookies from Hope’s Cookies.  I’ve been sending cookie love in over 20 flavors for more than 20 years now. In fact, their bake at home Triple Chocolate cookie dough is in my freezer now for when I can’t get to the store and want my house to smell like chocolate happiness. Cookie options start at $19.45 (box) or $23.45 (tin) for one dozen cookies – shipping costs are extra.

Wedding Cookie Table of Hope's Cookies a philly dessert cookie
The Wedding Cookie Table with a mix of Hope’s Cookies and homemade treats


If you have a cookie snob in your life, they will surely be impressed by the flavors and texture combination in one cookie, The Sour Cherry Sea Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie from Metropolitan Bakery.  A dozen cookies is $19.95 (before shipping).  Metropolitan Bakery also sells bread online, granola, popcorn and for the special dog in your life, homemade dog treats.

Metropolitan Bakery Reading Terminal philly dessert cookie
So many great baked goods at Metropolitan – I love the sour cherry sea salted chocolate chip cookie

Philly Dessert – Philadelphia Chocolate

Spoiled by Chocolate choice here in Philadelphia, we have a handful of locally made by hand small batch chocolates all of which go well with a glass of red. You can order online or find all vendor varieties at the Pennsylvania General Store in Reading Terminal Market in Center City.

The Husband & Wife Team at John & Kira’s – they source local ingredients (or grow their own) and hand make/paint their chocolates (a labor of love) to turn out Salted Caramel Bees, Chocolate Ganache Ladybugs and Grown Up Fruit Squares (just a few of my favorites). I met a woman in Chicago who went I said I was from Philly told me that she has been ordering John & Kira’s Chocolates shipped to her Wyoming home for years. With shipping specials and holiday collections, this is the chocolate to impress your friends, family and Valentine.

John & Kiras Chocolate Philadelphia - philly dessert chocolate
John & Kira’s Chocolates

Asher’s Chocolates – The Chocolate Covered Pretzels from Asher’s are addictive for me and it wasn’t until recently that I learned my mom lives five minutes from the Asher’s factory now she brings them to all family events and all my gym time goes out the window!

Asher's Chocolate Covered Pretzels a philly dessert treat
Asher’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels at the Pennsylvania General Store

The Love Bar, John & Kira’s Urban Garden Bars, Lore’s and Eclat Chocolate – locally made chocolate bars available at the Reading Terminal Pennsylvania General Store. They also have a few more options but those are bespoke and need to be bought in person at the PA General Store.

Philadelphia Chocolate Bars philly dessert treat to go
Locally made chocolate bars – Love Bars, Lore’s, John & Kira’s and Eclat

Philly Dessert – Ice Cream & Sorbets

Wait, you can ship ice cream and sorbet?  Yes, you can.  I read a post on a forum about a man who lived in Vancouver and shipped Bassett’s Ice Cream from Philadelphia to a friends’ house in Seattle (they ship U.S. only) and drove down to pick up his ice cream.  That’s devotion! Bassett’s Ice Cream is the oldest in the City of Philadelphia with a stand in Reading Terminal.  The pints can be ordered and shipped to your home – minimum of six pints for $59.99 plus shipping.

Capogiro is a family owned artisan gelato shop that uses local ingredients to produce small batch sorbets and gelatos. In August when raspberries are in season, the window is small but I’m at the shop daily savoring the (dairy free) sorbet.  Ordering the six pints minimum ($60 plus shipping) sounds like a lot but believe me it isn’t especially if you decide to share.  The sorbets available online are dairy free and vegan.

Capogiro Gelato Sorbet Philadelphia ship this philly dessert
Locally owned Philly gelato/sorbet at Capogiro


Philly Dessert – Cannoli, Cupcakes, Macarons and Budinos

The Salted Caramel Budino from Barbuzzo.  Sadly this gooey salted caramel dessert in a mason jar can’t be shipped but you can order it to go at the restaurant (order at the bar) or next door at Verde.

Barbuzzo Budino Philadelphia
The famous budino – a sea salted caramel, cookie, whipped creme delight at Barbuzzo

“Leave the Gun, take the Cannoli” a famous line from “The Godfather”.  This Italian pastry is popular year round but more in demand during the holidays.  Termini’s Bakery in South Philadelphia can ship you the cannoli shells and the bags of filling to fill your own cannoli.  Small packages (6 cannolis are $45) and large (12 cannolis for $70) plus shipping costs can be sent to only a handful of states.

Termini Bros Bakery
Termini is legendary for cannolis

Cupcakes from Whipped Bakeshop.  They will deliver locally in Philadelphia neighborhoods but do not ship nationwide.  You can deliver to your hotel room (a minimum amount + delivery fee) or you can visit the shop in Northern Liberties (a cab ride away).

Whipped Bake Shop Cake Cup a philly dessert treat
The wonderful red velvet Whipped Bake Shop Cake Cup

Macarons from Parc.  No shipping, these are a bit of a secret treat as they are not on the menu.  The server will know if you ask, they are sold in small packs of six macarons (chef’s choice of flavors – each lovely).

Parc Philly Macarons
Not on the Parc dessert menu but you can order the macarons to eat in or take out

Philly Gift – A Taste of Philadelphia Baskets

Want a mix of this, that and the other?  All of which are favorites?  Then the PA General Store in Reading Terminal is your go to.  Easy to order online with local delivery or shipping.  A tray of Asher’s Chocolate Covered Pretzels?  They have them. Hope’s Cookies?  They are the only store in Philadelphia to sell them as Hope’s is located on the Main Line in the suburbs.  Want butter cookies from the Melrose Diner in South Philly?  They can add those too.  Amish pretzels?  Yes, those too.  In person, the small stand sells Amish quilts and other handmade local Philadelphia items including LOVE souvenirs.

LOVE Souvenirs PA General Store
Lots of LOVE for Philly and the PA General Store in Reading Terminal

Warning:  The Philly dessert treats are so good, your friends and family may just expect them in the future. Not responsible for weight gain or dessert addictions

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  1. You forgot us! We are doing cookie tins (25.00 shipped or local) as well as amazing cupcakes! You have to see the pictures! We are updating tomorrow morning.

    1. Betty – My list of Philly desserts are all that I’ve tried and loved over the years sending to family, friends and clients. Philly has so many amazing options – look forward to visiting your bakeshop to try the cookies.

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