Arriving at Miraval Spa – first impressions

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Relaxing at Miraval
Relaxing at Miraval

Leaving the cold behind in April, I boarded the first of two Southwest flights on my way to Tucson, Arizona.  Changing planes in Chicago was easy enough in the terminal, I had enough time for a quick walk to get a snack before having to line up by number (quite a sane way to board, in my opinion).  Paying to be in boarding zone A, with a number in the second group of thirty, i was easily able to snag an aisle seat.  With a full flight, it was easy to people watch in my row and around me – fascinating how many people brought nothing with them – no book, no electronic device, they just stared ahead or tried to sleep.  This freaked me out, so of course, i had to share my magazines, which they were happy to have.

Landing in Tucson, I was met by a Miraval rep, my driver to the property.  He gave me a welcome bag with an activities booklet, water bottle and a pen.  The drive would be about an hour.  Driving along the highway for some time, we then turned off to drive the more familiar Arizona landscapes – the desert colors, the cactus and other flowers.  Just seeing this made me relax, my whole body shook off the East Coast cold and dreary, my shoulders were falling back away from my ears and the tension melting.  I love this feeling and it only built upon the anticipation for what lies ahead in the next few days and I look to reboot my mind, body and spirit.

As we entered the gated property, we drove around the circle to the reception area where I was immediately met by staff.

Welcome to Miraval - first impressions
Welcome to Miraval – first impressions

My bags were taken away and I was escorted by a staff member inside for a tour of the main building.  I was shown the common area where there are two computers and a fireplace as well as very comfortable couches.  Then led to the sign up boards for activities and dinner which were across from the smoothie bar.  There is one restaurant and a bar in the main building along with a gift shop (there’s always a gift shop folks!).   I was told that the only cell reception was in the courtyard or in front of the gift shop  (i didn’t need to be told where cell service was you could see the people walking around with phones in the air, it was quite comical).

With the tour complete, I was led to one of two check in desk areas where you are seated to go through the paperwork and explained how my stay would work.  With the week’s schedule in hand,  I was then taken to my room which was a bit of a walk but gave my guide the opportunity to explain the grounds – we visited the gym and spa along the way.  It was already relaxing, the sounds of water, the landscaping, the view of the mountains.  As someone who needs a schedule (yes, even to relax), I had many options the next few days to do as much or as little as I wanted……..

The main path at Miraval
The main path at Miraval

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