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My Miraval Room – a relaxing spa oasis in Tucson

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When you first check in to Miraval Spa in Tucson, you are seated in a leather chair that is quite comfortable.  Your room is first explained to you and you are then shown the bedroom showcase – apparently, just like the Westin Heavenly Bed (I have the pillows) or Four Seasons bed, you can take the  Miraval bed or bedding home with you (an expensive souvenir). This bed business is quite the revenue line item for hotels.  I hadn’t even made it to my room yet to experience the bed but with the long journey from Philly, I was ready to fall into the demo bed and give it a spin.

The Rooms at Miraval Spa
My neighbors at Miraval

As my guide opened the door and led me into my room, he explained where all the buttons were (always a plus) and showed me my semi-private patio facing the main walkway.  After he left, the bags arrived and I was able to settle into the room and explore all the nooks and crannies (of course, after my OCD need to read the hotel guidebook).

Miraval Spa Guest Room Bed
It does look comfy and definitely the bed you want to fall into and never leave
Miraval Spa standard room and bathroom
The luxury standard room at Miraval Spa

Walking toward the bathroom, there is a large closet on the left next to the walk in shower.  On the right was a mini fridge with bottled water and the water closet.  In the center was the vanity with the very lovely smelling toiletries.  The towels were standard spa soft & fluffy.  The decor evoked a relaxing, mellow, desert feel for me.

Bathroom w/walk in shower
Bathroom w/walk in shower at Miraval

The desk/entertainment area ran the length of the room with a television on one side and this desk/sitting area.

Desk and seating area
Desk and seating area – standard Miraval room


Reading Area
Reading Area

After a quick refresh,  I found the seminar room for the last session of the day before walking around the grounds to explore more before dinner.  As you need to sign up for dinner, I chose to sit as the shared table in order to meet other guests.  This was a wonderful opportunity to talk with others and see how their visit had been, what they liked or didn’t in order to plan my activities.  The menu was varied with so many tasty choices – the calories were listed and the portions small but the flavors were big. They also serve alcohol (additional cost) which was good, because this is a vacation and you can’t deny yourself too much.

After my early dinner, i would wander the path back to my room and fall into the very comfortable bed which felt like falling into a pile of super soft pillows – easy to understand why so many buy the bed to take home. With no cell or wi-fi signal, I was totally disconnected from the world, sleep was easy, quick and sound.  I had an early wake up time set (of course, earlier than for work), eager to start my Miraval experience.

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