London one bedroom flat south kensington

Airbnb London – The Posh Basement Flat in South Kensington (London)

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London Airbnb flat south kensington
Cute basement flat in London

When I was looking for an Airbnb London flat there were just so many to choose from it too hours to narrow down my top finds. Airbnb definitely has some hidden gems and finding the posh basement flat in London was one of them.  My journey to the flat was one of the worst travel days of my life so when I finally arrived I can’t tell you how happy I was to find that the flat was just like the photos – modern, clean, comfortable, stylish chic, quiet and it smelled good.



The Area (South Kensington)

I wasn’t familiar with the Chelsea/South Kensington area of London but first impression on the street was money, lots and lots of money.  People were parking their Maserati’s, Aston Martins, Porsche and other fancy cars on the street (!!!!) as well as their private driveways. Yes, private driveways in London!  There is a Ferrari dealership nearby as well as a Shell gas station!  Who knew there was a gas station in London?  I’ve never seen one in my twenty plus years traveling to the city!  This was such a sight to see the expensive cars like a Ferrari in queue behind the black cab and the family Rover. I wasn’t in the normal tourist area, I was in a dream neighborhood that I could afford only if I hit the lottery.

Aston Martin London Street South Kensington
Parking the Aston Martin on the street and not worried about it?

Custom Ferrari London
A very custom Ferrari in London parked outside the dealership

There are two underground stations nearby – South Kensington and Gloucester Road.  I preferred South Kensington as it had so many shops around it (i.e. – Hummingbird Bakery (my favorite for red velvet cupcakes), a gelato shop, Ben’s Cookies, Muriel’s Kitchen, Byron Burger, etc.).  It was an easy walk from the flat, exit left to the end of the street, make a right and walk to the station.  If you make a right from the flat and walk ½ block you arrive at the cinema, two supermarkets (Sainsbury and M&S) as well as pubs and restaurants.


South Kensington Tube Station
South Kensington Tube Station
Hummingbird Bakery red velvet cupcake
My favorite cupcake in London – the red velvet from Hummingbird Bakery


Chloe, the host, was easy to communicate with after booking and provided all information.  Unfortunately for me, I would have one of the worst travel days and arrive late.  Chloe was out-of-town and I would miss the key pickup with the cleaning lady so through text messages, she arranged to leave the keys at a local shop.  I would find a fantastic friend in London to pick the keys up for me as I would arrive after the shop closed. This was the downside to an Airbnb rental – what if you are delayed and miss the key pickup?  I would have had to find a hotel for the night and go the next day to pick up keys. Thankfully, my friend saved me that additional nightmare.

Basement flat London keys
Key Pickup for an Airbnb flat is very important – what, if like me, you are delayed?


The flat was easy to find and my friend was already there to welcome me.  Walking into the building, I had to go down two sets of steps to the basement and needed to use the three keys on the door.  Upon entry you see the hardwood floors and candles.  Your senses are then welcomed with a lovely fragrance which complements the white decor.

London flat decor
The décor was modern and the fragrance divine


The Airbnb London Basement Flat

For London, this is a good size flat (apartment).  It is four rooms – bedroom with walk in closet, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a bonus of an outdoor patio (totally a surprise for London).  It’s a pretty flat that is calming. The bed is comfortably soft with side lamps that were fun as they are touch operated.

Airbnb London Basement flat bedroom
Bedroom was small but comfortable, I loved the windows
Airbnb London basement flat south kensington
Cute basement flat in London’s South Kensington neighborhood which is quite a posh area full of fancy cars, cafes and dreams

The instruction booklet asked not to touch the wine rack (really, who drinks other people’s wine?), use the walk in closet (again, it’s your stuff, I wouldn’t think to even go in) and don’t open anything that is taped as those are her private drawers.  Other than that, suggestions were given for the area as well as instructions for the kitchen, bathroom and heating.

Airbnb London Flat in Kensington TV Wine Rack London
Shame you need to tell people not to touch your stuff!


Airbnb London South Kensington Basement Flat Kitchen
Fully equipped kitchen with a washer

Using the kitchen was a nice bonus in London as I was able to pick up a meal at M&S to microwave to enjoy relaxing watching a few interesting British television shows.

Airbnb London Basement Flat Kitchen Microwave
I used the microwave most during my stay

The Bathroom

Stocked with multiple wash cloths and towels, the bathroom was quite nice.  There is a step up from the hallway to note as the ceiling is then shorter (if you are tall it might be a bit annoying). The bathroom was stocked with extra toilet paper as well so no need to buy that which was a nice touch. The water pressure was good.

Aibnb London Kensington Basement Flat London Bathroom
The bathroom with towels, baskets and good storage
Airbnb London South Kensington Basement flat London
The hallway to the bathroom, don’t forget the step

The Hottest Day of the Year in London

The Airbnb London basement flat surprisingly gets sunlight during the day but the flat is quite cool otherwise which on the hottest day of the year in London was wonderful.  No air conditioning is needed and at one point at night, I almost put the heat on but kept saying “it’s summer, goofball”.

basement flat sunlight
Afternoon sunlight in the basement flat in London

Final Thoughts – Airbnb London – South Kensington Flat

If I lived in London, I’d want to live here! It was quiet despite upstairs and next door neighbors – during my three days there I never saw the residents.   I didn’t get to use the patio or enjoy the area enough as I was busy visiting friends in the city.  I’d definitely stay here again as the area seemed safe and offered so many options.

Airbnb London patio basement flat
Shame this Airbnb London patio got no use during my stay

I stayed for three nights during Wimbledon, the rate was reasonable even we you added the cleaning fees and Airbnb administrative fees.  For three nights, this Airbnb London flat was $796 ($265/£170 per night). Totally worth it for the space, comfort and quiet!

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4 thoughts on “Airbnb London – The Posh Basement Flat in South Kensington (London)

  1. We stayed in South Kensington years ago and loved the area. We especially loved seeing all the fancy cars as we’re auto enthusiasts. And I’ve been to Hummingbird Bakery! Will have to check AirBnB as an option next time we visit London.

    1. Kensington is becoming my favorite area of late – I’ve now stayed in a Mews House with One Fine Stay and The Ampersand Hotel (reviews pending) – the area is great location to get around the city and so tranquil among the wealthy homes and cars – the fact that they parallel park the most expensive cars on the street still amazes me!

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