Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri view Marina Piccola

Capri: Hotel Weber Ambassador Review – It’s All About the Views

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Faraglioni Rocks Hotel Weber Ambasador Capri
This is the money shot at the Hotel Weber Ambassador

The Hotel Weber Ambassador in Capri – it has a weird name, an amazing location, the décor is dated and the first impression not great but the views quickly put me in a trance and the service was good.


The location is a quiet side of Capri, a few minutes from the town center, in Marina Piccola. The hotel runs a shuttle to and from the town center for guests. This was a plus to booking the hotel. In the area, as it was May, I knew that nothing would be open around the hotel so I would be dependent on the shuttle. The views are the main selling point for the hotel.


I booked a Superior Double with Faraglioni Rocks view on the hotel’s website directly. I was surprised that I didn’t get a pre-arrival email explaining how to contact the hotel shuttle once I arrived by ferry from Naples.

I asked the front desk of the Excelsior hotel in Naples call for me to inquire the procedure as I said “I don’t speak Italian”. When the hotel answered in English, I was handed the phone to talk (with a bit of a “you could have done this yourself” glare). I was to call the hotel once the ferry arrived in Capri to meet the shuttle (note that if you don’t have international phone option you are going to need to sort this ahead of time or by email). When I arrived in Capri, I was told to go to the red building on the left of the port near the pharmacy to wait. Within minutes hotel staff arrived, in the form of a young guy in a suit with a Hotel Weber Ambassador nametag, greeted me and took my bags.

View of Capri from ferry harbor
First view of Capri arriving by ferry from Naples

The Drive to the Hotel

The roads are small and how the drivers don’t take off their side mirrors or get in accidents continues to amaze me. The fifteen minute drive up the hills gave me a good view of the island. As we got nearer to the hotel, I had views of the sea.

Check In

Making my way up the ramp to enter the hotel, I was greeted by two men at the front desk. My passport was scanned (common practice in Europe) and I was told of a 10% discount (with a few caveats) if I paid in cash (interesting) at check out. Then one man escorted me to my first room (Room 99) and then to Room 336. Internet service cost 5 Euro for the stay and was strong throughout the hotel and in my room.

Hotel Weber Ambassador
The entry ramp up to the hotel on the Cliffside of Marina Piccola

Room 336 at Hotel Weber Ambassador

The décor is odd, dated but you will look past that. I’m still not sure why there is a picture above the bed of Santorini, Greece when you are in Capri, Italy with it’s many amazing views. The bed was firm,  but I still managed to sleep well during my stay.

Hotel Weber Ambassador
Hotel Weber Ambassador room 336
Hotel Weber Ambassador Capri view Marina Piccola
Capri Marina Piccola View from my balcony

The bed is flanked by two side tables each with an outlet. The wardrobe was a good size and the desk easy to work on. There is an in room coffee maker, safe and minibar (and a guy who knocks to check the minibar each day).

Hotel Weber Ambassador Coffee Maker
In Room Coffee Maker at Hotel Weber Ambassador
Closet Hotel Weber Ambassador
Nice size IKEA like closet with many hangers and additional pillows, blankets

I loved the shutters to close each night and leave the doors open for a bit of fresh air and privacy. Each morning, raising the shutters gave me that initial ping of happiness as I was greeted by the rocks, the sea and the sun (one day of rain).

Hotel Weber Ambassador View
Looking out from my room 336 at Hotel Weber Ambassador – awesome!

The Bathroom

The bathroom is small but packed with all that you need. I wasn’t a fan of the toiletries so didn’t use them.

Bathroom shower Hotel Weber Ambassador
Bathroom shower
Hotel Weber Ambassador toiletries
I wasn’t a fan of the toiletries
Hotel Weber Ambassador bathroom
Small but functional bathroom

Breakfast Is Included

The breakfast is 11 Euro and added to your bill automatically each day (I didn’t realize this as I skipped breakfast one day). The buffet is quite plentiful with choices of breads, meats/cheeses, hot foods, fruits, salad, cakes/desserts and even pizza!  It was definitely a good value, quick service and of course the terrace views. Note that the cakes/desserts are same as on lunch/dinner menu so you can taste them in the morning and know whether to order/pay later.

Breakfast Breads Buffet Capri
Happiness is a bread selection and donuts at Hotel Weber Ambassador
Breakfast buffet Hotel Weber Ambassador
Good selection of fruit at breakfast buffet
Breakfast Hotel Weber Ambassador
The hot selection at the breakfast buffet
European breakfast meats cheese
Standard European breakfast of meats and cheeses
Breakfast Buffet Cakes
Cake for breakfast – yes please!


Dinner With A View

I was seduced by the view each night so for once I actually ate in the hotel restaurant every night on the terrace for dinner which is something I don’t usually do. The foods were fine and they offer a three course deal menu each day. I was annoyed by cover charge assessed given I was a hotel guest but that’s Italy for you! One night I met a German woman on her birthday weekend, she was really nice and we ate dinner together during her stay, only to realize she was my new next door neighbor!

Hotel Weber Ambassador dinner view
Every night this was my happy place view in relaxing Capri

Water Options

There are a few pools on the property but the weather wasn’t conducive to swimming so guests were laying out enjoying the sun instead. A few keen folks braved the short walk down to the rocky beach. The hotel provides mats (similar to yoga mats) as well as towels for the beach. You walk outside the hotel, down the street and down the steps. It’s a small beach but there are a few private options if you want to rent an umbrella, chairs, etc.

Hotel Weber Ambassador pool
One of a few pools at Hotel Weber Ambassador
Hotel Weber Ambassador poolside view
Poolside lounge chairs with a view

Hotel Weber Ambassador Shuttle

The shuttle ran every ten minutes or so to/from the Capri center all day long (up to 2 a.m. I believe). This is nice service as you really can’t walk there (well you could but there are no sidewalks, windy roads and cars/taxis) so you save the taxi costs. The shuttle also will take you to the harbor at check-out but not there during the day normally. I was at the harbor after a boat tour and the shuttle was there on a pick up and let me jump in as there was space (this saved me ½ hour as well as a funicular ticket up to Capri center).

Hotel Weber Ambassador lounge
Lounge area at the hotel

The Staff

Gennaro was my favorite hotel staff to interact with. He is the restaurant manager that greeted me at breakfast and chatted with me at dinner. He lives on the island and works the season before he travels (he loves New Orleans and jazz as he has family there and visits often, sadly he hasn’t been to Philly yet). I laughed when I saw him at the harbor on his Vespa as it was out of place for me.

Hotel Weber Ambassador restaurant
Hotel Weber Ambassador restaurant tables with a view

The staff mostly live on property for the season and it feels like they work 24/7 as you will see them all day in various roles. The front desk guy who sorted my room was driving the shuttle one day, the waitress in the lounge/pool area was working breakfast one morning. Staff were filling in where needed.

Staying Longer

I had a bit of a problem with the next hotel I was to move to (it turned out to be a rooming house with three rooms overlooking the bus terminal) so I asked to stay at Hotel Weber Ambassador for two additional days. I was accommodated and able to stay in my fabulous view room.

Capri Marina Piccola view
Views of Marina Piccola from my room

Overall Impression of Hotel Weber Ambassador

We got off on the wrong foot with the room fiasco but I had a nice stay at the Hotel Weber Ambassador. It was quirky and I took advantage of the cash discount at check out (I had to go to the ATM a few times due to daily limits). I’d stay here again because it was quiet (it was May) and those views…..

Hotel Weber Ambassador restaurant view
This view of the Faraglioni Rocks was why I ate at the hotel restaurant every night from this table

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