The Wynn Hotel Room Review

Las Vegas: The Wynn Hotel Review – Pancakes, Wine & Luxury

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The Wynn Hotel Lobby floral decor
The Wynn Hotel Lobby floral decor

There are only a few hotel resorts that I’ve stayed at where I didn’t need to (or want to) leave.  The Wynn Hotel Las Vegas is a new addition to my list.  I stayed for three nights and didn’t get a chance to enjoy all of the hotel amenities but the ones that I did reminded me that you can go to Las Vegas and never leave the property to have an incredible experience. With so much choice in Las Vegas, finding the right fit for you does take a bit of trial and error as well as understanding what’s important to your vacation. For me, I wanted smaller boutique feel of luxury, lots of food options and a comfortable room with a view.

Arrival at The Wynn Hotel

I arrived the main entrance but was directed to return my Hertz rental to the garage and had to drive there (hard to find on level 1 of self parking, take a ticket, park in numbered spot and no assistance with bags).  Once I dropped off my keys to the Hertz desk inside the hotel, I walked across the casino floor to the other side of the building (front entrance) where there are two large reception rooms – one is check-in, the other for check-out.  I was quickly directed and welcomed to check in.  The check-in experience was a bit clunky as the staff member wasn’t able to answer my queries about yoga classes or the dreaded “resort fees” so I waited while she called and researched. I would have preferred her to research and call me in my room but I waited instead for her to come back with “yoga is an additional $30 for the class at Encore and is not included in the resort fee”.  With answers I didn’t like, I left to find my room which involved walking the length of the casino floor with my bags to the elevator banks in the back.  There is a guard checking hotel keys for access to the elevators. Note: the concierge is located in this area to assist guests.

Standard Room at The Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas

As I walked down the hallway which was decorated in a grey color scheme, I was excited to see my room and hoping it was just like the online photos of The Wynn Las Vegas as promised.  It’s hard to classify a room of over 500 sq. ft. as “standard” as most “standard” hotel rooms in the U.S. are 300 sq. ft.  When I opened the door to the room, it felt so much larger than I imagined or expected from the website photos.  I had a seating area with sofa and ottoman next to the desk as well as a table with two chairs in front of the ceiling to floor windows overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

The big screen television was set against the wall and could be pulled out to view from the seating area or swiveled toward the bed.  Below the television were drawers and an (expensive) minibar controlled by sensors (never touch these things because you could quickly purchase an item just by picking it up!).

The bed which faced the floor to ceiling windows was an oasis of comfort after my long day of driving from Zion National Lodge & Park.  Falling into bed made me think of not moving further than dialing room service for the next three days, however, Las Vegas was outside as well as a few favorite Las Vegas desserts (cookies, cake and chocolates) to indulge in so I had to leave at some point.

The Wynn Hotel Room Review
Room view at The Wynn Hotel, luxury on the strip
The Wynn Hotel Review room view
The view of Las Vegas Strip from my room at The Wynn Hotel

Next to the bed was room control on both a screen and on buttons in the wall.  I could open and close the curtains from bed, set the lighting, room temperature and also put the “do not disturb” light outside.  Again, why leave bed?

The Wynn Hotel room technology
Room technology at The Wynn Hotel – at the door, bedside, in the bathroom

The bathroom had both a shower and luxurious tub along with two sinks, a vanity and separate toilet room.  The vanity had a built in television if you really need to keep up with the Kardashians or Stock Market while shaving or putting makeup on. The hair dryer was easily found and the scale easily ignored because I was on a sugar mission for my birthday visit. Plush robes were in the hallway closet.

The Wynn Hotel Bathroom Dual Sinks
Dual sinks and vanity in the Wynn Hotel Bathroom
The Wynn Hotel Bathroom Review
The Wynn Hotel Standard Room Shower and Bathtub with luxury toiletries
The Wynn Hotel bathroom television
Who needs to watch television in the bathroom? Seriously?

Housekeeping was friendly and I asked for slippers and mentioned I liked the smell of the soap.  She returned with both men and women’s slippers to ask my size (men’s) and a bag full of soap.  I requested that the room not be fully cleaned each day only needing new towels and the bed made.  My request was honored. I tipped housekeeping daily as the staff often changes.

The Wynn Hotel review Standard Room view
Room view after turndown service at The Wynn Hotel
The Wynn Hotel Minibar Las Vegas
The Wynn Hotel Minibar – electronic controlled so be careful what you pick up

The only annoyance in room was the light from the room phone on the desk.  I couldn’t figure out how to shut the blue light off and neither could the housekeeper so I covered it with a book each night to black out the light in the room.

Restaurants at The Wynn Hotel

Let’s start with one word – Pancakes!  That was my theme and bulk of my breakfast calories at two restaurants – Le Jardin (located in the hallway to Encore hotel) and Terrace Pointe Cafe across from the Wynn Buffet (long crazy lines).  The pancakes may be the best I’ve ever had – the fluffy thick pancakes were perfection and I ate every bite happily knowing (hoping) I’d walk off most of the calories that day.

The Wynn Hotel Best Pancakes in Las Vegas
The best pancakes in Las Vegas at Le Jardin at The Wynn Hotel

For lunch and dinner, I kept it simple, considering I had been at Red Mountain Report for a wellness vacation eating healthy, at the Charlie’s Sport Bar & Grill, with grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and avocado as I watched the plethora of sports on the televisions around the restaurant.  On my birthday, I indulged in a sea salted caramel brownie which was worth the time in the gym.

The Wynn Hotel Review Chicken Sandwich
Simple and tasty chicken sandwich at Charlie’s Sports Bar & Grill at The Wynn Hotel
The Wynn Hotel Charlie's Bar & Grill chocolate brownie
Yummy sea salted chocolate brownie at Charlie’s Bar & Grill at The Wynn Hotel

A favorite spot was the intimate wine bar of La Cave.  I visited twice – one night for chocolate dessert and a glass of red.  I returned for the short rib, truffle fries and a glass of Barolo.  The service at the bar was good, however, when I sat solo at a table, my server was nowhere to be found until my expensive glass of Barolo was empty, then he was quick to ask if I wanted to reorder “um, not with you!” Solo diners should stick to the bar seating based on my experience.

The Wynn Hotel La Cave Wine Bar Dessert
La Cave wine bar chocolate dessert at The Wynn Hotel

One disappointment was the café cookies and desserts at the Drugstore Cafe which weren’t as fabulous as the restaurant choices – sure they had lots of cake but I wanted a simple brownie or chocolate chip cookie and neither was to be found.  I would need to venture The Las Vegas Strip for the best cookies and cake in Las Vegas to satisfy my sweet tooth.

A positive feature at all restaurants in The Wynn & Encore Hotels is the availability of both vegan and vegetarian menus at each outlet (just ask).

Concierge at The Wynn

Prior to arrival, I emailed the concierge for suggestions in the city for sweets as well as entertainment events and unique Las Vegas experiences for my solo birthday visit.  The replies were quick and informative with offers to pre-book a dolphin encounter, yoga in the High Roller Ferris wheel, Exotic Car test drives, concerts on or off property, etc.  My situation changed prior to arrival so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the unique options suggested due to cost.  I was going to pre-order a custom birthday cake for myself but had to pass on it.  I had hoped that the concierge would note on my reservation to send a welcome cupcake as that would have been special treat and extra service but sadly, nothing was sent or done for my birthday.  So I attempted to find time to enjoy the indulgent Edible Flower Pot Chocolate Mousse Cake which she suggested but sadly, I wasn’t able to find time or room in my stomach for that indulgence.

Amazing Chocolate Cake Edible Flower Pot at The Wynn Hotel
The edible chocolate flower pot dessert at The Wynn Hotel Le Jardin restaurant


Taxi vs Uber at The Wynn Hotel

In Las Vegas, the hotels have addressed Uber in a unique way by giving Uber its own area to pick up and drop off.  This often means walking to a different entrance/exit to book pick-up and drop off. At The Wynn, Uber gets the side entrance.  I learned this when I exited the front door main entrance and followed the taxi signs to an actual taxi.  I was too lazy to trek to the Uber entrance as I needed to be at The Neon Museum on time.  My Uber experience in Vegas was mixed (one easy and one new driver who at 70 years old was new to Uber driving for two weeks and couldn’t find me for pickup and didn’t know my hotel destination, the Aria) as was the cab experience (use a credit card pay $3 extra, try to use cash and the driver didn’t have change).  So just note each has their own areas at the hotel and each is hit/miss.  I prefer to walk where I can in Las Vegas.

The Wynn Hotel Entrance
The Wynn Hotel Entrance Arrival Driveway – home to taxis only

The Casino at The Wynn Hotel

I’m not much of a gambler anymore and having just lost my job prior to leaving for my Las Vegas trip, I wasn’t keen to spend too much money.  I signed up for the Wynn card (no sign up bonus or free cash play) and found a penny machine (dumb name because the minimum bet was 50 or 75 cents per spin).  I had some fun with the video gaming machines and even ended up in bonus rounds eventually losing my spending money but keeping entertained.

The Wynn Hotel Lobby
Lobby decor at The Wynn Hotel is so pretty and seasonal leading to the casino floor

Entertainment at The Wynn Hotel

La Reve is the award winning show at the Wynn Hotel but I wasn’t in the mood for water, fire and acrobatics so I opted to see Harry Connick Jr. instead during my stay.  I’m not a fan per se but knew that his New Orleans jazz and American songbook would be interesting option and fun.  I booked the cheap seat on the second level ($95) and was surprised when I arrived that I was offered an upgrade as there were Orchestra seats that were empty.  So I moved from my 2nd level aisle to a middle seat in the ninth row in the Orchestra with Harry Connick’s family in front of me and his team next to me and behind me. I guess Harry was allotted x number of seats and had given some back.  His supermodel wife, her children and parents were directly in front of me for Harry’s opening night.  It was the perfect seat to enjoy the show.

The Wynn Hotel Encore Theatre
The Wynn Hotel Encore Theatre – Harry Connick Jr Concert
Harry Connick Jr The Wynn Hotel concerts
Fun concert at The Wynn Hotel with Harry Connick Jr and his band

Overall – The Wynn Hotel Review

I really loved The Wynn Hotel as it was small enough to allow me to easily walk around and get outside quickly.  So while there is more than enough to keep you inside the hotel, going outside is quite easy to enjoy other restaurants and entertainment options along the Las Vegas Strip.  I didn’t get to visit the Wynn Spa, pools or gym although I did do a walk by and each looked great.  The outdoor golf course, the only green space you see when flying above the city, is said to be quite wonderful to play.  Just like its rooms, the Wynn Hotel is not standard by any measure, it is definitely above and beyond my expectations for a luxury experience in Las Vegas.  Those pancakes and wine bar alone are worth booking a room!  But overall, it was the feeling of modern luxury and just a touch more that made The Wynn Hotel a winner for me.


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