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Best Las Vegas Desserts? In Search of Birthday Cake and Cookies

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As a (non-recovering) cookie and cupcake addict, I love to find new sweet treats and desserts when I travel.  On a recent visit to Las Vegas for my birthday weekend, armed with a list of favorite treats over the years, I was keen to search for new cookie, cupcake and dessert options along The Strip (including the LINQ Promenade).  I figured it was my birthday and I was solo in Las Vegas so why not dessert research to celebrate. My entire walk along the Strip on Saturday was to fill my bag with all kinds of sugar and gluten happiness (aka Las Vegas Desserts).

Bouchon Bakery Las Vegas – Palazzo Hotel

I fell in love with the Bouchon Bakery in New York City’s Rockefeller Center year ago so when I discovered the Las Vegas location I went in search of bakery goodness.  Hidden behind the escalators at the Palazzo, it took a bit of time to find this kiosk (never underestimate the determination of one in search of a cookie) and since my (first) visit was after dinner, they were out of chocolate chip cookies so I bought the prepacked shortbread cookies to hold me over until my  morning visit.

Las Vegas Desserts Bouchon Bakery croissants breads
The Bouchon Bakery kiosk is hidden behind the escalator at Palazzo near the theatre
Best Las Vegas Macarons Bouchon Bakery
French macarons and pastries at Bouchon Bakery Las Vegas
Las Vegas Desserts Bouchon Bakery
Fresh Breads at Bouchon Bakery

Note: If you keep your receipt from the Bouchon Bakery, you get a discount at the French Café, Bouchon Bistro upstairs (definitely a bonus! reservations required)

The Honolulu Cookie Company

With two locations (in the Palazzo shops (upstairs) and the LINQ Promenade near the High Roller ferris wheel), the Honolulu Cookie Company is now a new favorite in the premium shortbread cookies arena.  Since I was new to the cookie company, I got to have fun and try all the flavors at their sample tasting area. Their tasting conversion to buyer has to be at or near 100% because the pineapple shaped shortbread melts in your mouth.  With individually wrapped cookies, you can create your own mix of cookies or buy one of many premade gifts.  The real question is “will you share?”

Las Vegas Dessert Honolulu Cookie Company
So many flavors, so many combinations at Honolulu Cookie Company
Las Vegas Desserts Honolulu Cookie Company Free Cookie Samples
Sample one or all at the Honolulu Cookie Company tasting bar
Las Vegas Desserts Honolulu Cookie Company Samples
Two flavors to sample at the Honolulu Cookie Company in Las Vegas


Sprinkles at the LINQ Promenade

When the cupcake craze was at its most frenzied, the Sprinkles cupcake machine in Los Angeles was all over the news.  An ATM for cupcakes is a fabulous idea for sugar obsessed folks like me who crave cupcakes at times when most bakeries are sold out or closed for the day.  So when I saw the Sprinkles shop in the LINQ Promenade by the High Roller ferris wheel, I just had to stop to collect cupcakes (it was my birthday weekend after all).

Las Vegas Desserts Sprinkles Cupcakes
Cupcakes and Ice Cream at Sprinkles by the LINQ High Roller Ferris Wheel

The choice of full sized cupcakes was overwhelming so because I wanted a few flavors so I picked three mini cupcakes to get a taste of what has made Sprinkles Cupcakes so popular in California.  As cupcakes, the flavors were good, the icing was ok.  Based on this tasting, I’m probably not a return visitor to Sprinkles as there are better options in Las Vegas in my opinion.

Las Vegas Desserts Sprinkles Cupcakes and Mini Cupcakes
Full size cupcakes and mini versions at Sprinkles in Las Vegas

The Sugar Factory Las Vegas

The most instagrammed place is The Sugar Factory in Las Vegas.  I stopped by the Fashion Show Shop across from The Wynn Hotel (there’s another one in the Miracle Mile Shops at the other end of The Strip) see what all the fuss was about and was met with a phone book thick menu similar to the Cheesecake Factory menu except for the massive goblet drinks, sharable desserts and rainbow colored buns with the sliders.

Las Vegas Desserts Sugar Factory Duck
Iconic yellow duck mascot at the Sugar Factory

I would have stayed but the goblet bowl was $50 which is insane for a 60 oz. drink made with a bowl full of ice.  The menu doesn’t list drink prices for the goblets and the bartender acted like $50 is a good price when I balked at the ridiculous price.  I didn’t need to experience this nor Instagram it – the duck is cute as is the old fashioned candy store shop but I’d rather spend $50 on a steak upstairs at The Capital Grille.

Las Vegas Desserts Sugar Factory Goblet Drinks
The Berry Kiss Goblet Drink – no prices on the menu at the Sugar Factory

The Sugar Factory is an American chain restaurant serving burgers, sandwiches and entrees in otherwise normal price ranges.  This restaurant is in tourist heavy locations and a celebrity favorite for the Instagram crowds.  There were many families and groups enjoying large portions during my visit. The best part of the restaurant is the candy shop with classic favorites (pixie sticks, candy buttons) and new favorites to scoop into your bag.

Las Vegas Desserts Sugar Factory Jelly Beans
A wall of jelly beans at Sugar Factory candy store Las Vegas
Las Vegas Desserts Sugar Factory Jaw Breakers
Candy Story History – Jawbreakers at Sugar Factory

Jean Philippe Patisserie – Aria Hotel & Bellagio Hotel

Jean Philippe Patisserie has been my go to dessert for years.  The plethora of sweet treats is just overwhelming to pick just one!  On this visit, I stayed simple (if there is such a thing for Jean Philippe) with a blueberry cupcake.  Purple seemed a festive birthday treat sans the candle(s).  For the worlds largest chocolate fountain, visit the Bellagio Hotel location.

Las Vegas Desserts Cupcakes Jean Philippe Patisserie
How to choose just one? Seriously – could you? Jean Philippe Patisserie at the Aria Las Vegas
Las Vegas Desserts Blueberry Cupcake Jean Philippe Patisserie
Blueberry cupcake from Jean Philippe Patisserie

Le Jardin – Wynn & Encore Hotels

The pancakes were a massive winner at Le Jardin (some may say they qualify as a sweet treat).

Best Las Vegas Pancakes at Wynn Hotel
Buttermilk Pancake Heaven – so amazing and fluffy at Le Jardin

My bithday weekend goal was to try the famous edible flower pot dessert as my birthday cake.  Unfortunately, this flower pot serves four people in its rich chocolate mousse, raspberry jam and chocolate cake goodness and try as I might, I couldn’t find a time to be hungry enough to even start on one slice and save the rest for later. At $17 this cake was a great deal if shared by four people. In person, it was bigger than I imagined. I really tried to fit this cake in as it was my birthday and I wanted a special treat.  Next visit to The Wynn, this is my first stop – cake and wine!

Edible Flower Pot Cake Wynn Las Vegas Desserts
The edible flower pot is chocolate cake, chocolate mousse and raspberry filling at Le Jardin at the Wynn Encore
Las Vegas Desserts Chocolate Flower Pot Cake Le Jardin Birthday Cake
The one cake that got away! The edible flowerpot chocolate dessert at Le Jardin in the Wynn Encore Hotels

Las Vegas Desserts – The Birthday Brownie

After my slight detox of all things gluten during my wellness vacation at Red Mountain Resort, I went crazy for sugar (and gluten) with the phrase “but it’s my birthday” when I arrived in Las Vegas at The Wynn.  In the end, on my actual birthday, I only had one dessert at my late lunch – the Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream Chocolate Fudge Brownie at The Wynn sports bar/restaurant.  After my weekend of Las Vegas Desserts, I came home happy, slightly fatter and definitely older.

Las Vegas Desserts Sea Salted Caramel Brownie
My birthday sea salted caramel ice cream chocolate fudge brownie at the Wynn Hotel sports bar


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