BA Arrivals Lounge Terminal 5 Shower

The British Airways Arrivals Lounge Shower at Heathrow T5

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BA Shower at Heathrow T5
My shower cabana neighbors in the arrivals lounge at T5

There’s a first time for everything and I was doing something I’ve never done before at Heathrow – shower in the British Airways Arrivals lounge in Terminal 5. Usually when I arrive at LHR, I leave as quickly as possible to get to the hotel to shower and sleep in my attempt to deal with (avoid) jet lag. That’s when I land at 6:30 a.m.  For my last trip to London Heathrow, I had a later arrival, near 10 a.m. so I opted to visit the British Airways Arrivals Lounge in Terminal 5 (T5). as I was in need of its services, specifically for a BA Shower at Heathrow, which is separate from the Elemis Spa. If I was on a long layover/connection, I might consider enjoying the Spa (and Shower facilities) at the Sofitel T5, a luxury hotel at the airport connected to Terminal 5 (you need to exit the secure area) but London was my destination and I needed to refresh from the overnight flight before going about my day of travel shows and vendor visits.

British Airways Arrivals Lounge T5

Like the rest of the BA lounges, the setup includes an Elemis Spa (first come, first served treatments), a self-serve café and various areas to dine, relax and work.  The arrivals lounge also has a private Concorde Room for First passengers to enjoy a hot breakfast with private booths and waiter service. The arrivals lounge also had a plethora of showers (I’ve read 94!) plus cabanas for those First passengers wanting a tub only option.

BA Arrivals lounge shower at heathrow
entrance to the shower hallway and aisles – there were a good number of showers available in the BA Arrivals lounge

British Airways Shower Suites

Arriving at the shower desk, I checked in and was assigned a numbered shower suite (don’t get too excited it’s small).  I was not shown to the suite, I guess she assumed I had been here before. I quickly surveyed the open  common areas which had lounge chairs, a table set with bottled water and staff wandering with towels.

British Airways Arrival Lounge T5 Shower at Heathrow
My assigned shower cabana at the British Airways Arrivals lounge T5
BA Shower at Heathrow Lounge
A makeshift bottled water station in the shower area

Inside the BA Shower Suite

When I opened the door to the shower suite and brought my massive suitcase with me (rookie error – I should have stored my luggage in the lounge and bring only my carry on with change of clothes) I still had some space left to move about but it was tight.

British Airways Arrival lounge shower at heathrow
First look as I opened my shower suite at the BA Arrivals lounge at T5
BA shower at heathrow
Required notice in the shower suite at the BA Arrivals lounge

The design is similar to the lounge bathrooms which is to say a blah but functional.  It’s not luxury design but then again this isn’t about spending all day, just refresh and move along, although they could try to make it a bit nicer. There is a hairdryer attached to the wall (those odd vacuum looking ones), a wall of mirrors above the small sink and toilet.  On the wall behind were towels, hooks and a bench.  Further in the cabana was a large shower with Elemis shower gel and shampoo/conditioner (can’t be picky that it’s all in one).  Missing were flip-flops for those of us who are a bit OCD about public showers.

Shower at Heathrow Elemis Toiletries
The shower cabana may be basic and functional but the Elemis products are definitely luxury
British Airways Arrivals lounge Shower at Heathrow
Good use of space in the shower cabana to include private bathroom

If you opened the door up you could hang a suit jacket, pants or blouse for ironing/pressing.  You put the items inside and then pressed a button to notify staff. So while you are showering and getting ready, your clothes can look neatly pressed and allow you to be ready to go to the office or meeting.

BA Valet Shower at Heathrow
BA Valet Service instructions in the shower at Heathrow arrivals cabana

The Shower at Heathrow Experience

The water pressure was good the entire time which was surprising given the number of showers in the area.  I luckily missed the rush and it was a Saturday so that also helped. With a good amount of hot water, I steamed up the entire cabana.  If there was a vent, I couldn’t find it so short of opening the door half-naked, I just dealt with the heat. You are supplied with two towels which was enough for me.

BA Shower at Heathrow
No instructions necessary to use the shower at Heathrow in the BA Arrivals lounge T5
BA Arrivals Lounge T5 Shower at Heathrow
A large walk in shower stall at the BA arrivals lounge Heathrow T5
BA Shower at Heathrow towels
Towels provided by BA in the shower suite

The vacuum hair dryers attached to the wall are always a bit tricky to use when you have long hair like I do – it takes longer because they are generally lower speed and heat. But I looked presentable which was fine.

BA Shower at Heathrow Hairdryer
I’m not a fan of this type of hairdryer but its all you get in the BA shower at Heathrow

Once I was done, I put the towel on the floor and exited into the cool expanse of the hallway leaving my shower suite (and now sauna) behind.  I found a chair to relax and sort my luggage prior to exiting into the lounge for a quick snack before I went to drop my suitcase with AirPortr, a london luggage delivery service that was also a convenience this trip.

Overall – My Shower at Heathrow

It was interesting to use the British Airways Arrival lounge shower at Heathrow.  The amenity is definitely great for those who usually fly in early and go right to the office bypassing their hotel and those flying in from the really long haul destinations like Sydney and Singapore.  Since I was on my way into the city for the two convention shows while AirPortr transported my luggage, the luxury of a shower was quite welcome since I would not get to the hotel until after 8 p.m. The BA Arrivals lounge shower at Heathrow T5 is only open to British Airways passengers flying First and Club World and those BA Gold elite card holders that have lounge access. Now that I know I can shower at Heathrow upon arrival, I may just use the shower suite again.

BA Shower at Heathrow T5
My shower suite and cabana neighbors in the arrivals lounge at T5

So would you shower at Heathrow if you had the chance?

5 thoughts on “The British Airways Arrivals Lounge Shower at Heathrow T5

  1. Thanks for another fact filled/fun filled column! Leave it to BA!
    I should have taken some notes and photos when i had a long layover in Dubai, was flying coach and slept in a room near a far off gate filled with other layovering travelers. The room was filled with chaise lounges -the beach-type, not the living room-type, but hey — any port in the storm.

    1. nice that Dubai provides (like Changi) space for layover folks to relax and catch some sleep rather than be stuck on the airport floor or at the gate in uncomfortable chairs. Dubai now offers daily use of their lounges for a fee – depends on your willingness to pay for some comfort as the prices are high for 4 hours

  2. Hmmm…Would I shower at Heathrow? Not sure, since I’ll be going straight to my B&B later this spring. I do remember way back in the late ’80s, a thing called “Superloo” at Victoria Station, where one could shower, etc.
    I’m interested in hearing more about your method of dealing with jet lag. I will be arriving in London around 8 a.m. on a Sunday.
    So your strategy is to go to sleep immediately? How long do you stay “down”? Open to any and all advice!

    1. Sandra – for the flights that arrive at 6:30 am, i go right to sleep at the hotel (booking the night before so I can just check in and go to sleep), I generally sleep until mid-day, then go out for late lunch and a walk to clear my head. Have dinner at 7ish and then I’m all good – difference is that I’ve been doing that routine for 10 years with work. For the later flights, I stay up all day until I’m about to drop. I keep on a heavy routine of food, snacks (I bring my own) and water. By 8 pm, I’m falling asleep and then set for my 6 am wake up. Hope this helps

  3. Sue, I can’t remember the gate, but in Dubai Airport, near a high numbered gate, there’s a resting room. Not spa-like AT ALL, but if you’re flying lowly coach, have a multi hour layover and want to safely and comfortably rest for a few hours this resting room does the trick. It’s a room filled with beach-like chaise lounges. Not a spa but better then JFK or PHL!

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