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Take My Bags Please! Heathrow Luggage Delivery Service with AirPortr

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AirPortr London Heathrow Luggage Delivery from Heathrow
The small AirPortr stand is next to the Heathrow Express desk at the end of the T5 Arrivals hall (make a right)

It felt weird leaving London Heathrow without my luggage.  I was on the Heathrow Express surrounded by many people with bags all trying to fit (trains were on a modified schedule that day) while I sat in my seat with a handbag and small backpack.  Thankfully my luggage wasn’t lost or delayed, in fact, it was texting me with updates as I was traveling into London.  My luggage was on its own journey to Aloft at Excel Conference Center, across town, with AirPortr, a Heathrow luggage delivery service, well actually a London luggage delivery service (they also service Gatwick and London City airports). If there is one totally worth it travel expenditure, AirPortr was proving itself to be that luxury splurge as I enjoyed my luggage free ride.

AirPortr – Heathrow Luggage Delivery Service

During my Millionaire Mews House stay with OneFineStay, I read about the AirPortr luggage delivery in London service and was intrigued.  I decided on my next visit to London a few months later to try AirPortr at T5.  This was prior to the partnership AirPortr and British Airways formed for a more seamless experience (they collect your bags and check them in with BA so you go straight to security!). The reason I was excited to try the london heathrow luggage delivery service? My conference hotel was quite far from the airport and my plan was to visit the Conde Nast Luxury Travel fair and The Spirit of Christmas show at Kensington Olympia Center.  So basically I would need to travel more than an hour to drop bags at the hotel, then turn around and get back on the trains to Kensington for the shows.  It was wasted time all to get my bags to the hotel.  Enter AirPortr.  AirPortr is a new service that will deliver your luggage for you for a reasonable fee.  They also will pick up luggage on the way back to the airport but for this trip I was using the service one way only.

AirPortr at T5

I didn’t reserve a space for my luggage in advance opting to decide last minute upon arrival at T5 to check in my bags (they are also in the other Heathrow terminals).  For now, AirPortr has a small blue kiosk (easy to miss) next to the Heathrow Express ticket counter and ticket machines.  I walked past twice before seeing the staff member. Upon approach, she smiled and welcomed me quickly explaining the AirPortr service. The fees start at £20 for the first bag into Central London, £10 for additional bags (during my visit when the service was brand new it started at £15 as seen in the photos). Discounts are available for guests of OneFineStay and British Airways Executive Club members.

AirPortr T5 Heathrow Luggage Delivery London
AirPortr was a bit hard to find as I walked past this stand twice at T5 – the prices have increased since my visit, now starting at 20 GBP

AirPortr Track My Bags

While I was filling in my details on the small touchscreen (note, create your account in advance to save time on the small screens), the AirPortr staff member was tying up all zippers on the bag with the secure tamper aware technology.  She then took a photo of the bag and attached a blue plastic tag on the bag.  After printing the bar code, she inserted the bar code into the blue tag and moved my luggage to the trolley with the other bags waiting for pickup.  I was told I would receive both email and text messages at each stage of the bags journey (You can choose one or both notification methods, since I have an international plan, the data messaging was free but check your provider just in case).

AirPortr London Heathrow Luggage Delivery
AirPortr staff logging my bag into the system

The plan was the bags would get pickup up hourly from Heathrow and then be delivered to the hotel within 5 hours.  I received notification when the bags were picked up and put on the truck, bags in transit and then when the bags arrived at the hotel and were given to hotel staff for storage.

Luggage Free London

AirPortr Review Heathrow Luggage Delivery Security Ties
My bag is all tied up by AirPortr at Heathrow T5

Odd – I felt odd to be making a trip I’ve done so many times over the years without my luggage.  I wasn’t jockeying for rack space or trying to keep my bag upright during the Heathrow Express ride to Paddington.  I thought back to my Underground journey of one hour to the Great Northern Hotel and how fantastic this service would have been to avoid the crowded train and luggage issue (and the many stairs to climb with luggage).  I was free of the stress, worry and hassle of the luggage.  I wanted to tell everyone on the train – “Hey there’s this amazing service called AirPortr”

Wandering about the city without my luggage was a dream.  I enjoyed lunch at a small café and then had a wonderful time meeting new travel vendors and discovering all the Made in Britain items.   When the shows were over, I boarded one train, switched to the other and arrived at the hotel after 8 pm. My bags were stored by the hotel as they arrived many hours ago.

The ties are made to break off but of course, I messed that up so luckily I was able to get all the ties removed without losing a fingernail (a definite hazard for the ladies if, like me, you have freshly manicured long nails).  I’d recommend removing the ties in the lobby in case you need help rather than late night when you just want your contact solution and Pjs.

Heathrow Luggage Delivery – Back to the Airport

I didn’t use AirPortr back to the airport as I had a reserved a private car transport from the hotel for my early flight.  With the new partnership with British Airways, I could have had AirPortr pick up my bags and check them in directly, avoiding all lines at Heathrow (what a dream!) and going directly to security.  I will try that on the next trip to London as BA Executive Club members get a discount.  They need at least 7 hours on the return from pick up to flying so be prepared to hand over your luggage early and keep only items for your carry on bags.

Think about all the stresses of travel especially if traveling with a group, family or for business that AirPortr can alleviate for a small fee. They accept sports equipment, wheelchairs, strollers and other items.  They provide storage as well.


Overall – London Luggage Delivery Service with AirPortr

I can’t say enough about how awesome AirPortr service was from start to finish as my Heathrow luggage delivery porter.  It lessened my travel stress and allowed me time to have fun in the city of London without worry. Even with a direct airport to hotel journey, I’d still use AirPortr because now I can easily take the Heathrow Express (advanced discount price) and/or the London underground for much less than a cab or private car and not haul my bag up/down stairs and look like that tourist!  Priceless folks!  AirPortr operates at London Heathrow, Gatwick and City airports.  They have a partnership with British Airways – all good things! You need to try it once to be hooked, I know I am.

Santiago luggage art display
A sense of luggage humor in Santiago airport





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  1. What a convenience! If I was a budget traveler I’d be all over this. Are there more around the world? They could be on to something here. Too be honest sitting around for a few hours waiting for baggage and carrying them around, might be worth it to splurge especially if you’re on limited time or trying to get out asap. Thanks for this post!

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