Sunrise in Botswana

Sunrise and Sunset Photos from Africa and Easter Island

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Every Monday on Twitter, there is a #TravelPics chat at 3pm EST. With a different theme each week, it is a great opportunity to share travel photos.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, this chat is worth many millions. The artistry and talent exhibited is amazing – the photos are stunning. Just try not to have a  long list of places to visit after this chat. Everyone is welcome so look for the #travelpics topic early Monday and check out the questions in advance so that you have some time to find photos to share.  I am missing today’s #TravelPics  so will share my contributions from last week when the theme was “Sunrise/Sunset” as well as a few new sunset photos.

Since I am not quite the early riser (except on safari when they wake you up at 5 am),  I much prefer sunsets.  Just watching the light change and seeing how it affects the scene with varying colors and shadows evokes a different experiences for each person which is pretty cool.  All of my photos below are original without any filters or adjustments (code for I don’t know how to use PhotoShop or other photo editing tools).

In the past year, I was blown away by the sunset on Easter Island using my little point & shoot camera. The colors were unlike anything that I’d seen before.

Easter Island sunset
The amazing colors of the Easter Island sunset with the Maoi


In Africa, I was quickly enchanted and under its spell .  Despite having a new camera, it was often so spectacular that i didn’t take as many photos as i normally would, preferring to sit with my sundowner (drink) and just enjoy the different show each night.

Sunset sundowner stop in Sabi Sands safari
Stopping for our sundowner on safari n Sabi Sands – nice view to toast the end of the day
Sunset on the Zambezi River
Sunset on the Zambezi River

Having been trained to wake up early on safari for so long which I continued the rest of the trip so that on the Garden Route, this was my reward for being up early.

Sunrise South Africa
Watching the sunrise in South Africa along the Garden Route

In Capetown, Table Mountain is a MUST see.  Being up atop the mountain, above the clouds, is truly unbelievable. Watching the sunset at the end of the day with a handful of people is a wonderful memory.  The views are breathtaking and every bit as incredible as people say they are.

Sunset Table Mountain Capetown
Sunset atop Table Mountain in the clouds in Capetown

On the chat, it was mentioned we are all chasing the sun. As a traveler, that’s a lovely thought, that we are chasing the sun around the world. Do you chase the sun too?  Fascinated by it’s many versions around the globe, what do you like best – sunrise or sunset?


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  1. I love sunrise AND sunset photos! I try to at least see one of each everywhere I go, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of using my point and shoot to capture the awe it inspires. Sometimes I just bypass the pictures and try to cram it all into a tiny place in my memory. Such a simple thing that happens every single day, but it’s so incredible!

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