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The 19k mile itinerary – London, Philly, Paris, London, Portland, Seattle in 6 weeks

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When I was asked for my room number in Seattle, I had no idea, I looked in my purse for the room key and pulled out key cards from Portland, London, Paris and Philly (an indication that I need to clean out my purse!).  I was at the end of my six weeks of travel  staying at eight hotels during this time.  It was understandable that I was confused, it had been a busy travel schedule.  My purse was full of three currencies, boarding passes and key cards.

Similar to my crazy two months of travel last October/November (see  “Two Months – three trips, 16 flights, 43,000 miles and I’m exhausted), I would fly over the pond twice in a month.  This big trip would not involve a round the world trip after London but rather just a West Coast trip, a bit more manageable.  This all sounds fun in theory and it was until I came home to the bills (an 11 yo is expensive to feed!), my work emails and had to re-enter my normal life, one without room service and housekeeping. Immediately all of the travel goodwill and relaxation quickly faded and I immediately wanted to get back on a plane and fly away but I need to work to support my travel life so back to the real world I go albeit reluctantly.

For the past few weeks, I’ve posted a lot about the trips and still have more pending.  So here is the itinerary that kept me and my TripIt Pro busy for June and July:


Business Trip

London Tower Bridge
London Tower Bridge with temporary South Bank Art installation

Weekend in Philly with Friends

Hotel Palomar Philadelphia
Step into the elevator at the Hotel Palomar

Paris & London

5 Days in Paris – the Tween Edition

  • Amtrak Philly to NY Penn Station
  • Dinner at Pennsylvania 6 with a NYC Friend
  • Our Amazing Race to JFK
  • JFK to London to Paris Orly – BA lounges in JFK and T5, Club World to LHR, Club Europe to Orly
  • Hotel Atmospheres – Paris boutique hotel
  • Hotel Fabric – Paris boutique hotel
Eiffel Tower Paris
Eiffel Tower Paris

5 Days in London – the Tween Edition

  • Eurostar Paris Gare du Nord to London St. Pancras
  • Sheraton Park Lane London
  • LHR to PHL – BA lounge T5, Club World to PHL
Thames view of London Eye
View of the London Eye from the Thames cruise


  • USAirways to Portland, Ore – paid upgrade to First Class
  • World Domination Summit attendee
  • The Nines Hotel, upgraded to the Club Lounge
Blue Star Donuts Portland
A boutique donut experience at Blue Star


Space Needle skyline
Space Needle skyline

So for now, just like after the last big trip, I’m grounded for a while.  That doesn’t mean I’m not looking for a new trip for the October/November time period, I am – I just don’t know where I want to go.  It would be easy to just jump on a cruise and sit in the sun to relax but I love being active, exploring a new country so I’m torn with what’s next.  I might just do local trips in an effort to save money for a big trip next year – maybe Galapogos? For now, I’m catching up on the many posts from trips in the last year – it’s been a busy year and there are still so many stories left to tell.

Thanks for following along and do share below if you’ve done any crazy trip itineraries like I have and how you deal with re-entry.


5 thoughts on “The 19k mile itinerary – London, Philly, Paris, London, Portland, Seattle in 6 weeks

  1. I also saw your interview on MMS. It’s always good to hear more about people who like to travel so many places by paying less amount of money.
    I’m basically from NYC and did work for couple of years in King of Prussia for eBay close to your Phila….
    currently I’m in DTW but do make regular trips to NYC and KOP would love to get together sometime with you for couple drinks talking over miles&points strategy…. 😉

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