Spa Review: The Westin Capetown Spa in South Africa

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When traveling, I often take a “spa day” to relax and recharge but rarely use the hotel spa (usually too expensive) choosing instead to go to a local spa for a massage.  Having arrived in Capetown at The Westin in need of a facial, due to a reaction of sunscreen and bug creme, and without internet access to research options, I chose to give the hotel spa a try.  Luckily, they were able to fit me in the next day (a Saturday) and I was hoping that they were miracle workers (they would be).

Spa treatment rooms
Spa treatment rooms

The spa was located on the top floor of the hotel and is used by hotel guests as well as local Capetown residents (always a good sign).  Just walking into the spa lobby, I was quickly at ease in spa-land.

The waiting room was quite nice,  I could definitely see arriving early here to sit and read in a quiet space.  The decor of the spa and layout added to the relaxing experience.  The treatment room wasn’t anything fancy but it didn’t need to be – it only had to be stocked with everything needed to perform a miracle on my scorched skin.

Spa waiting area - have a seat and relax
Spa waiting area – have a seat and relax
Spa at Westin Capetown
Spa waiting area at Westin Capetown

Sad that my hour passed by so quickly, I figured i would go back to the waiting area to sit and read but was instead led to the reflection room, the Sea of Gratitude.  The room was filled with four heated beds of water facing the views around the hotel. This room was my own private hideaway as I was the only one using it (others had passed it by).  Unsure how long I could/should stay enveloped in the heat (well, actually afraid I might fall asleep), I left after 1/2 hour to go back to get ready to explore the city. I was definitely grateful for my visit.

Loved this relaxing room - the Sea of Gratitude
Loved this relaxing room – the Sea of Gratitude
Westin Capetown Sea of Gratitude
Sea of Gratitude room of heated water beds with or without a view


I would return to the spa on my last day at the Westin for a massage – a good way to end my Capetown visit before I packed up for the Garden Route tour.  As with any deep tissue massage, it isn’t quite relaxing, but well needed to work out sore muscles – the whole pain/gain equation, especially after three weeks away and many coach flights. After the treatment, I was again led to the Sea of Gratitude and reflected on what a wonderful trip this had been so far and wished they had these in the U.S. spas (if anyone knows of a U.S. spa with this type of room, please let me know).

The Westin Capetown Spa performed miracles on my face and body so that I left the city feeling recharged and relaxed – a long way from my travel meltdown that I had upon arrival to the hotel .  The prices for treatments were quite reasonable, actually much less than I pay on the East Coast (Philly/NYC/AC).  Even the products were priced less than in the U.S. just make sure you don’t fall in love with a product as it will become an expensive proposition to replace.

Pool Capetown Westin
The pool with a view at the Capetown Westin
Pool Capetown Westin
The pool with a view – anyone fancy a swim?

If you are visiting Capetown, I would suggest a visit to the Westin Capetown Spa to relax, enjoy a treatment and experience the Sea of Gratitude. Not that you need a room to allow you time to reflect and be grateful – you will be grateful at many times during your Capetown visit – atop Table Mountain at sunset, seeing the penguins in the colonies, Robben Island visit and so many other experiences.




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