Olympic Sculpture Park

Photos of Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park – Art and Nature in the Emerald City

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Olympic Sculpture Park

On past visits to Seattle, I wasn’t able to visit the Olympic Sculpture Park, so with ample time to explore the city it was a quick ten minute walk from the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition and Space Needle.  The clouds of the morning were starting to dissipate and the bright sun was trying its best to come out as i walked downhill to the park entrance.

Opened in 2007, this area was converted from an industrial building/lands to an open air park and performance venue.  It is a part of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM).  Upon entry at the top, you walk on a stone path that leads to the park building in front of the performance space.  The open air, multi level tiered grass areas invites you to sit out with a picnic to relax. I can imagine sitting here on a cool night with a jazz or classical performance with a glass of wine and the company of good friends.

Audience space at Olympic Sculpture Park
The multi-tiered audience space of the performance venue at Olympic Sculpture Park

Walking through the performance venue, there are small sculptures surrounded by wonderfully landscaped grounds.

Olympic Sculpture Park
Looking out at the audience from the performance area


Olympic Sculpture Park
Art in the Park – a bit hidden but a wonderful surprise when you find it

With a Z shaped path, you make your way through the park overlooking Puget Sound and the waterfront watching the boats and ferries out in the distance.  I’m not sure if the day could have been any better for a visit – the warm sun and a slight breeze at mid-day.

Watching the boats on Puget Sound
Watching the boats go by at Olympic Sculpture Park
Sailing Puget Sound Seattle
Sailing on Puget Sound in Seattle (why don’t I know anyone with a boat???)

Seeing a rooftop in the distance and kids of all ages walking atop was curious.  This house and rooftop replica delighted kids of all ages, i doubt they realized it was “art”. You could climb inside or just sit on top and stare out at the water.

Olympic Sculpture Park kids on roof
Kids on the roof at the Olympic Sculpture Park
Olympic Sculpture Park
The back of the house at Olympic Sculpture Park

Half tempted to take a seat and just watch the water, I continued onward as my day of art was so fulfilling.  My creative mind was on overload (but in a good way).   Seeing art outside in this fabulous backdrop of the water with well thought out landscaped grounds was a great way to capture the Seattle spirit – outdoor adventurous nature for all to enjoy.

Olympic Sculpture Park
My first thought was “side plank” – the park offers yoga and zumba outdoor classes
Olympic Sculpture Park eraser
Along the roadside of the park – are you old enough to remember this school essential?

Looking at the various sculptures, you would be remiss not to take in the flowers as they are just as much art in the park as the sculptures.

Flowers at Olympic Sculpture Park
Flowers in the Park – the contrasting colors and textures draw you in
Flowers at Olympic Sculpture Park
Delicate flowers in the park -striking colors and artistic in design and placement

At the bottom of the z-path, you are met with more sculptures as you look out to the water as well as more people using the park for biking, running, yoga and contemplation.  Everything a park should be used for – to be enjoyed.

SO benches at Olympic Sculpture Park
& SO benches at Olympic Sculpture Park


Private space to workout in the park
Private space to workout in the park
Ampersand & Space Needle
At the Olympic Sculpture Park – & with Space Needle in background

On my way to the waterfront to exit the park, I had a few more sculpture to view

Path to Puget Sound
Olympic Sculpture Park path to the waterfront and Puget Sound


Olympic Sculpture Park
Sculpture in the Park with bikers on the path

At the waterfront entrance/exit to the park, the benches are quite unique you can look out to the water, at the water fountain or the train as it passes by.

Benches at Olympic Sculpture Park
Olympic Sculpture Park – the benches have eyes
Water fountain Olympic Sculpture Park
Interesting fountain – father and child (in the water) reaching out to each other at the park

The park is free to explore with a variety of activities on offer.  Do take time to explore or just find a seat to relax and look out to the water, it is a lovely way to experience the City of Seattle – the art, nature and water. For more information visit the Seattle Art Museum.


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