USAirways Lounge PHL Terminal B/C

Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines Lounge – Terminal B/C

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***Original visit prior to USAirways merger with American Airlines.  Lounge is now American Airlines PHL Lounge at Philadelphia International Airport Terminal B/C”

For my morning trip to Houston which was leaving from Terminal B, I thought “hey let me see what the USAirways Lounge looks like in Terminal B/C” since I had recently visited the Terminal A lounge. The B/C lounge was a bit tricky for me to find.  I knew it required an elevator and had to be immediately after security before you entered the long walk in the terminal.  I passed the bakery kiosk and stopped to look at the monitors to see what gate I needed to be at (the last gate as always).  Walking a bit further into the terminal, I realized I was away from the elevators so turned back to see a small sign on the elevators for the lounge.

USAirways Lounge PHL Terminal B/C
Meeting in the middle – the large lounge mirrors each side

While I had my free lounge pass on me (a benefit as a USAirways Barclaycard Visa holder), I didn’t need to use it as I recently qualified for British Airways Silver status which gives me Sapphire benefits with all OneWorld carriers. This means free lounge access which is awesome!   I can now access all the USAirways lounges in Philadelphia as well as the British Airways lounge in Terminal A (I bring the printout of benefits as BA staff were unsure if I could enter if not flying BA – I most definitely can!) and any American lounges we might have (I’ve not flown American to know where they are located).

USAirways Lounge PHL Terminal B/C
The USAirways Lounge at PHL Terminal B/C is a long open space

The elevators open up diretly to the reception area which was quite nice.  In the morning, there was a couple ahead of me who waved me by as they had “issues” and would be awhile.  I gave the agent my BA Silver Card to gain access to the lounge (always good to carry your airline elite card in my opinion). It was early on a Thursday and I was surprised to see the expansive lounge pretty much empty.  Just like the Terminal A lounge, there are high ceilings and lots of glass looking out to the runways.  It is very open feel with muted colors that I would expect in a corporate environment (blue, tans, creme, wood, glass).  The long lounge had a similar reception area on the other end and many areas mirrored each other to meet in the middle. There are many seats with different arrangements if you are traveling solo, with a guest or with a group. In terms of comfort, I would rank it cushy leather chairs, bar stools, chairs to watch television next to bar and workstation chairs.

USAirways Lounge PHL Terminal B/C
Lounge main thoroughfare to the bar, food and television
USAirways Lounge Terminal B/C
The bar at USAirways lounge in Terminal B/C

There are two workstation rooms for those who need to fire up their laptop and be connected (at this time of day, the rooms were empty as folks could work in the comfy chairs of the main lounge).  There is one conference room and two sets of bathrooms.  One nice sized bar with many seats and two food/drink areas.  Standard magazines, newspapers and televisions were in the lounge.

USAirways Lounge PHL
Seats along the window looking out at the gates and runway in PHL
USAirways Lounge PHL
Party of Four? Group conversation space in the PHL lounge
USAirways workstations PHL lounge
There are two workstation spaces in the lounge

Many seats were occupied by those working on laptops, it didn’t feel busy and everyone had a space (and power) to themselves.  The bar had help yourself juices and the breads, coffee/tea and yogurts were arranged nearby.  I was surprised that you could cobble together a nice breakfast if needed.

USAirways Lounge Terminal B/C
Coffee and tea options

Having experienced the overseas lounges which always seem packed and the British Airways boutique lounge in Philly,  the USAirways lounge in Terminal B/C was a nice change.  Maybe it was an off day for me that the lounge was empty this early, so I can’t promise you will have the same experience, however, it is a relaxing space for a little bit of time before you need to pack in and board your domestic flight.

USAirways PHL Lounge Terminal B/C
One seating area arrangement to chose from in the lounge


USAirways view from the wing
Up in the clouds – the view from the wing of USAirways

2 thoughts on “Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines Lounge – Terminal B/C

  1. Nice to see you getting the benefits of your frequent flyer status with lounge access. It is definitely a perk from frequent travel. It sounds like a good idea to have that evidence of your eligibility with you though. Agents working in lounges aren’t always familiar with rules. I once had a lounge receptionist refuse me entry to a business class lounge even though I had a business class ticket! His boss soon corrected the errors of his ways.

    I’ve not tried the BA lounge at Philly but I did spend an unbearably long time in a US Airways lounge there in June 2008. Reason being my US Airways flight to the UK was delayed by 29 hours due to technical problems.

    It wasn’t an act of God so I would have thought that US Airways would provide an appropriate level of compensation. Guess what? Absolutely not, they were horrendous. Even though I had a business class ticket they didn’t even put me up in a hotel for the night.

    My complaints seemed to fall on deaf ears as they say since it was a US to Europe flight I had no entitlements.

    Well, since then I’ve blacklisted them and hope to avoid any flights with them in the future. Their loss as I fly long haul business class most months.

    As for the lounge, I found it quite comfortable too, just like you.

    1. I can see what you have blacklisted them. When I was stranded in LHR due to blizzard on East Coast, I was surprised to see that I had to remind the BA agent that as Club World they should offer a hotel for me, finally she did but due to snow in London couldn’t guarantee I could get back to T5 in the morning so I book in at the Sofitel T5. Luckily i keep the EU rules app (YourRights) on my phone to understand what entitlements are – in the US, sadly, nothing qualifies it seems for a free snack! I recently flew US Envoy from Paris and was impressed as I am generally a BA person, but now with the AA merger who knows?

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