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Luxury Ice Cream Social at the Magnum Paris Pop Up Shop

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Magnum Ice Cream Gozo pool
My daily Magnum ice cream by the pool break in Malta

One thing I learned about my Mom on our recent trip is that she eats a lot of ice cream – she’d probably eat it for breakfast if she could. She is not addicted to cookies, cake or pastries like I am – she’s all ice cream.  I first learned of Magnum Ice Cream bars when I was staying in Gozo as my friend is a bit obsessed with them.   He is like Mom and would eat ice cream all day if he could as well.  So when Mom & I were done with our Versailles quick visit, I introduced her to this European treat to enjoy while we waited on the bus to arrive to return us to Paris. She quickly fell in love with the Belgium chocolate ice cream luxury treat so it was no surprise that this became her go to ice cream during our Paris visit.

After our day of Champagne in Epernay, we jumped in a taxi to go to dinner at Breakfast in America (Mom wanted a burger).  I forgot to mention the arrodissement I wanted so the driver took us to the nearest location in the Marais.  As he navigated the small streets turning here and there, Mom spied the Magnum Paris shop and asked if we could stop, I told her after dinner.  She said “ok, but we better go there so remember where it is”.  Seriously this woman has an ice cream problem.  As I’m lactose intolerant, there’s only so much leeway that my Lactaid pills can do so I was going to treat myself to a bar on our last night in Paris – why should Mom have all the fun?  So after dinner, I google mapped the location which was about two blocks from the diner.

Magnum Paris Pop Up
A Paris boutique selling Make you own Magnum bar

Despite her recovering knee, Mom seemed to run down the street (never understimate a senior citizen and their affinity for ice cream) to the shop which looked like a very posh ice cream shop.

Magnum Paris Social Media
Social Media ready at the Magnum Paris Pop Up Shop

I had no clue that I could make my own Magnum Ice Cream bar, but this was a temporary pop-up store scheduled to close in a few days so we lucked out.  Now we had so much choice – too much choice!  Even Mom was a bit taken aback. The cost was €5 which is obviously a premium price but this is Paris and it’s a luxury treat.  The corner shop was decorated in popsicle stick art, cocoa beans and sparkling art Magnum bars in the window.  You might first mistake this for a boutique shop or art gallery from afar.

Make My Magnum Paris Ice Cream Bar

Magnum Paris Ice Cream Steps
All you need to know at the Magnum Paris Ice Cream Pop Up Shop

Choose your base 



Choose your hand dipped chocolate coating

White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Choose your toppings

Here’s where the fun begins! There were close to twenty topping choices!

The staff spoke English which was helpful as Mom was eager to get her ice cream.  She ordered Vanilla, Milk Chocolate and was talked into adding a topping of caramel bits. She’s a purist so I was surprised she was so easily swayed into adding a topping. They topped off her bar with white chocolate drizzle and a white chocolate circle.

Magnum Paris Ice Cream Toppings Make Your Own Magnum
Toppings galore at the Magnum Paris Ice Cream Shop
Magnum Paris Ice Cream Pop Up Shop
My Magnum Ice Cream bar in production line at the Paris shop

As for me, I went all out – Vanilla, Milk Chocolate with multiple toppings – biscuits (cookies) in vanilla and chocolate along with caramel bits. Once they added the drizzle and the chocolate Magnum circle – it was perfect! As the bars were just dipped and covered in goodies, they need a minute or two to harden so your bar is put onto a small box.

Magnum Paris Ice Cream Shop
Mom’s Magnum Paris Ice Cream creation

The shop had just one high top table and since we were unable to eat our mess and walk we decided to sit down to enjoy our chocolate treats. We shared the table with a couple and all marveled at each others creations – each had an ice cream masterpiece. But don’t worry after the required social media photos #MagnumParis we all quickly chomped into our ice cream art (lest you forget the video screen reminds you to post on Instagram and elsewhere).

Magnum Paris Ice Cream
My over the top with toppings make my magnum ice cream bar in Paris

Magnum Paris Verdict

I love the concept of make my own Magnum Ice Cream bar and the temporary Pop Up store in Paris – I did go overboard with the toppings as the chocolate was lost in all the goodies so next time, I’d go easy on the toppings despite the staff’s insistent I can add more.  I needed more ice cream and chocolate to goodies ratio.

Make your own Magnum Ice cream bar in Paris

This was Mom’s last Magnum Ice Cream bar in Paris and a perfectly indulgent way to end our visit to the city. The Magnum Pop Up Stores are a summer treat in various cities each year around the world so be prepared to find one this summer.

#MagnumParis Pop Up
Social Media ready at the Magnum Paris pop up shop

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