Blue Dog George Rodrigue New Orleans

Art in New Orleans French Quarter

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Staying near Bourbon Street, I didn’t know what to expect when I started to walk around.  I was pleasantly surprised by the art in New Orleans French Quarter specifically on Royal Street, one of the cities oldest streets. Royal street is home to many art galleries, antique shops and boutiques.   Due to the conference, I wasn’t able to walk around until after 6pm when most of the galleries were closed.  I did my best to window shop the galleries (hence the glare on some photos) and peek inside to see what I was missing during the day.  The art gallery displays featured New Orleans theme staples such as Jazz and Mardi Gras and a few surprises.  I wish I could have visited when they were open as I was far more interested in the art than I was of the bars of Bourbon Street.

Art in New Orleans Jazz and Mardi Gras
Art in New Orleans – Jazz and Mardi Gras
New Orleans art
Music art in the courtyard in New Orleans

The ladies of the French Quarter – the women in the windows were so interesting, the theme of sexuality was evident and being close to Bourbon Street, I wasn’t surprised.  I did, however, want to know more and it was a shame that neither the artist or information on the piece were available in the window.

Window dressing
I don’t think this butterfly look is for sale inside unless you are Lady Gaga


Red Dress Morning After
Keeping with the party theme of Bourbon Street
Woman on bed painting
This image was haunting – I wanted to know more about it and the artist


The Blue Dog is famous art by George Rodrigue created in the 80’s .  The blue dog was based on a ghost/wolf dog from a Cajun story. My initial thought was werewolf dog so not too far off – he’s not quite the cute dog, is he?


Blue Dog George Rodrigue New Orleans
Blue Dog at George Rodrigue Gallery
Blue Dog George Rodrigue Studio
Famous Blue Dog at George Rodrigue Studio

The Shoe Bike on Chartes Street – Walking back from Canal Street at the end of the conference day, I was tired so I had to look twice across the street to confirm that it was in fact a big, glittered shoe bike outside the gallery.  Priscilla Queen of the Desert would have loved this bike!  Outside the gallery, there was information with the bike by the artist as well as a donation box for taking photos.  Of course, I donated and then felt better taking photos.  I wonder though if it is a functional bike?  Would you ride this?

Shoe Bike New Orleans
Shoe Bike by Tom Ashburn in New Orleans


Shoe Bike
Shoe Bike Info and Donation box

The shoe boutique next to the W Hotel on Chartes Street had these insane albeit pretty shoes from London. Since I trip over my own feet in flats, there is no way I could walk in these.  So would you try these?  Would you buy them and wear them?

Shoe Art from London
I was tempted to try these on – this is definitely shoe art – form over function

Fun Dog and Cat art – I couldn’t resist as they made me smile.

Dog and Cat art in New Orleans
Fun dog and cat art in New Orleans

If visiting New Orlean’s French Quarter do allow yourself some time to explore the art galleries in the area.  There are also many street artists selling their wares near Cafe Du Monde and other tourist spots in the Quarter.

New Orleans local art
Local art for sale in New Orleans



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