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The Hoxton Holborn Hotel Review – A Weekend Stay in London

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Hoxton Holborn Hotel Cosy Bed
Plush and Comfortable this Hoxton Holborn Cosy bed was an oasis after the long haul flight

My last minute weekend in London for my British Airways status qualification trip gave me a great opportunity to try a new hotel, the Hoxton Holborn as I wanted an affordable hotel stay.  The Hoxton hotel has been on my radar for a few years now since it first opened in Shoreditch in 2006 and then in Holborn in 2014 (I’ve recommended it many times and can’t wait to try their Amsterdam property or the 2017 anticipated locations in NYC and Paris) as they are changing the concept of affordable London with their well designed rooms, free amenities and hip lobby space all for a price that won’t make you cry after converting from pounds sterling to dollars.  It’s an exciting time to be in London and see how the hotel industry continues to evolve and in the case of the Hoxton Holborn exceed expectations.

Hoxton Holborn Location

The location is fabulous in my opinion.  Centrally located two blocks from the Holborn underground (tube) station which is served by two popular lines – the Central (red) and Piccadilly (blue) lines.  I would take the Piccadilly line direct from Heathrow to Holborn (about an hour’s journey) then walk to the hotel.  From the hotel you can walk to the City (about 30 minutes to St. Paul’s or two tube stops on the Central line), walk to the British Museum (about 15 minutes) or shop, eat and be entertained in Covent Garden, Soho and Oxford Street (about 10 minute walk).  I walked everywhere as I love to do in London.

Hoxton Holborn
The Hoxton Holborn is an affordable hotel offering great amenities and hip design


I had previously read that the lobby is teeming night and day with guests and non-guests working at the communal tables, couches, bar and restaurant (free Wi-Fi!).  When I arrived near 1 p.m. on a Saturday, the lobby/bar/restaurant area was full of life of all ages not surprisingly attached to their phones and Macbooks.  You might mistake it for an Apple store walking on the street if it wasn’t for the warm woods and designer touches.  I thought I would feel out of place for my age but I happily saw people of all ages which was a nice mix.

Hoxton Holborn working lobby
Will work anywhere at the Hoxton Holborn – the lobby is full of connected people all day/night who love free wifi
Hoxton Holborn Workstations
Forget your Macbook?Use the workstations at the Hoxton Holborn Lobby


Hoxton Holborn lobby
The view of the lobby from the front desk at the Hoxton Holborn

The front desk is in the left hand corner once you enter the hotel.  While check-in is normally 3 p.m., I was thrilled to find my “Cosy” room ready upon arrival (a nice surprise after my overnight flight in coach plus where I didn’t sleep).  The front desk staff was pleasant in welcoming me to the hotel and explaining the hotel amenities as it was my first stay.

Hoxton Holborn Front Desk
Front desk at the Hoxton Holborn also had treats and sodas for sale as well as free bottled water

Hoxton Holborn Rooms

The hotel has 174 rooms in four room categories aptly named – Shoebox, Snug, Cosy and Roomy. They are small compared with American standard rooms of 300 sq. ft. as they range from 129-247 sq. ft. but you’re in London so you shouldn’t be in your room much.   I was able to tour the Shoebox room and you can still walk on both sides of the double bed.  It is good for a solo traveler or a couple without much luggage.  The room rates vary but I’ve seen the Shoebox start at £99.  The rooms are also listed on Hotel Tonight but you don’t know which category you’ll get as they are selling open inventory (new to Hotel Tonight? contact me for a $25 credit on your first booking).

Shoebox Room Hoxton Holborn
The Shoebox Room at the Hoxton Holborn is a great value under 100GBP
Shoebox Room Hoxton Holborn
The shoebox room view from the bed at the Hoxton Holborn

Lest you think this hotel is just for solos and couples, they offer connecting rooms for families. The Roomy rooms can accommodate two twin beds instead of a double bed.  So you need to pay for two rooms as with most of London hotels (unless you do a flat or corporate apartment) but these are a bit more affordable especially when you add in the breakfast bags, bottled water, and fresh milk.  Downside for families is the lack of a bathtub in my opinion.

My Hoxton Holborn Cosy Room

Exiting on the 3rd floor (the hotel has 5 floors), I was greeted by stadium seating, an antique record player (that I may have seen as a child) and rollway desk as hallway décor. As I turned toward my room, I walked past it looking for the room number on the door rather than the floor. Each room has pegs outside the door for your morning breakfast bag (see below).

Hoxton Holborn elevator lobby
3rd floor elevator lobby seating at Hoxton Holborn not needed as elevators were quick
Hoxton Holborn London hallway
Not the most stylish of hallways at the Hoxton Holborn
Hoxton Holborn Room Numbers
Look down to find your room number at the Hoxton Holborn

Expecting a small “cosy” room, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door.  The background music was playing the “chill” station to welcome me and a good reminder of what this visit was about – to chill over the bank holiday weekend with friends and chocolate.

Hoxton Holborn London Radio
My “chill” radio at the Hoxton Holborn in London
Cosy Room Hoxton Hotel London
First view of the Cosy Room at the Hoxton Holborn in London

With a round mirror across from the bed, the room appeared larger than it was.  There were many clever touches to utilize all the space that the room had to offer.  The desk served many purposes – with a swivel flat screen, coffee/tea making amenities, an easy to find hairdryer, Hoxton Survival Guide listing all the hotel’s services and amenities as well as a map of Holborn with in the know recommendations like the Cartoon Museum (who knew?).  With a radio, shelves and well-worn paperbacks, the desk was multi-purpose.

Hoxton Holborn Cosy Room
The Cosy Room at the Hoxton Holborn
Hoxton Holborn Hotel Survival Guidebook
The Hoxton Holborn Survival Guide will all you need to know plus a local map with recommendations
Hoxton Holborn Cosy Room desk
Small desk in the Cosy Room but full of helpful amenities at the Hoxton Holborn
Cosy Room Desk Hoxton Holborn
The Cosy Room Desk was full of amenities for your Hoxton Holborn stay

Next to the desk was a leather chair, copper table and lamp in front of the two windows with their gold curtain and heavy room darkening drapes. The black and white wallpaper added to the design of the warm room.

Hoxton Holborn Cosy Room Reading Corner
Hoxton Holborn Cosy Room Reading Corner
Hoxton Holborn London books
Go old school and read a book in your room at the Hoxton Holborn London

Turning around to look at the bed, it was so very inviting in its plush whiteness with the two checkered pillows and the turquoise “Softly Does It” pillow flanked by two bedside lights. I wanted to fall into this bed after my no sleep overnight flight but I was fighting jet lag to stay awake as long as I could (the chill music wasn’t helping my case).  The wood headboard was covered in leather only adding to the modern design and warm feeling. Under the bed, the drawer held additional pillows and covers as needed.

Hoxton Holborn Hotel London Cosy Bedroom
Extra pillows and bedding in the Cosy Room of the Hoxton Holborn Hotel in London

The Hoxton Holborn Bathroom

Small and functional is all you need to survive but at the Hoxton Holborn, I got a touch of “wow” with the bathroom.  At this price point, I wouldn’t expect a rain shower, but I got it.  I wouldn’t expect large, plush, fluffy bath towels but I had those too!  The Pen & Ink toiletries smelled good and I liked those as well. The only downside (for me) was the lack of sink space and hooks to hang my wet towels or clothes.  Minor inconveniences given the powerful hot shower oasis I had to wash away the overnight flight.

Hoxton Holborn Bathroom
The bathroom at the Hoxton Holborn – small, functional and surprising
Hoxton Holborn Bathroom
Not much sink space at the Hoxton Holborn Bathroom
London Hoxton Holborn Pen & Ink Toiletries
Pen & Ink toiletries at Hoxton Holborn London

The Hoxton – Free Breakfast Bag

The hotel has two on-site restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast but the hotel provides you with a FREE breakfast bag each day (you need to fill out the bag and hang it outside the room at night).  Included in the bag is a bottle of OJ, a banana and a yoghurt pot.  What a great start to the day.  The bags are delivered on the hour between 6 a.m. – 9 a.m.  As I’m dairy free, they substituted an apple for the yoghurt. If, like me, you slept your jet lag off and had a lie in, waking at 1 p.m. on Sunday (hey no judgements – the bed is super comfortable), having food waiting at the front door when you eventually wake up is fantastic.

Free breakfast Hoxton Holborn London
The hooks for the free breakfast bag at the Hoxton Holborn London
Free Breakfast Bag Hoxton Holborn London
The free breakfast bag at the Hoxton Holborn in London

Other Free Stuff

Yes, there is more than the free (no password required) Wi-Fi. The in room refrigerator is stocked with two bottles of water, called Flat Matt, and a container of fresh milk for your coffee/tea. If you need more water, just ask the front desk.  I didn’t have to pay for bottled water all weekend that was lovely.  Flat Matt is my new favorite water amenity (sorry Fred Water at Kimpton, you’ve been replaced with a new water man).  The hotel also provides one hour of free local and/or international calls (in case you don’t have international mobile coverage, you can call home without worry). There’s also a calendar of music and lifestyle events happening at the hotel throughout the month.

Hoxton Holborn free milk and water
Milk and Water are free, for other food stuff visit the front desk
Hoxton Holborn free bottled water
Free bottled water and milk in room at the Hoxton Holborn

The Hoxton Holborn Restaurants

There are three restaurant options on site.  Hubbard & Bell, which is owned by the Soho House Group and provides room service, is a popular bar/restaurant serving up a good menu of food and drink as well as offering live music in the lobby. The lobby is a popular place all day/night. The Chicken Shop is the basement gem with a simple menu of rotisserie chicken, chips and apple pie (wait to you read my yummy review).  The Hoxton Grind is the corner coffee shop serving up fresh cakes, breakfast pastries, sandwiches, salads and a coffee menu.

The Chicken Shop Holborn
The Chicken Shop is the basement of the Hoxton Holborn Hotel in London


Final Thoughts – The Hoxton Holborn Hotel

You’d never know that this is an affordable hotel based on the design when you enter the lobby.  My bank holiday stay (Saturday & Sunday) cost £328 (about $472) because I booked so late. From the outside, the hotel looks like a five story office building. The fact that I slept so well with no outside noise or light was reason enough to make this a new favorite London affordable boutique hotel for me.  All of the amenities and helpful friendly staff were yet another reason to love this hotel.  With clever details, well thought out amenities that travelers want and enjoy and a price that allows you a few more pints in London, the Hoxton Holborn is a hotel that you should check out on your next visit to the city.

The Hoxton Holborn London
I have arrived to my new favorite hotel in London, the Hoxton Holborn

3 thoughts on “The Hoxton Holborn Hotel Review – A Weekend Stay in London

  1. Great post Suzanne. I agree the location of the Hoxton is great. Particularly convenient for the Tube as you say but also to the West End theatres, Covent Garden & Southbank.

  2. I love it, I love it, I love it. The shoebox room looks about twice the size of the rooms at the Easy Hotel (which admittedly cost less but does not include housekeeping, WiFi, TV, breakfast, water, in room kettle, tea, coffee, or things like room service). I think you could totally be comfortable in such a small space, especially when you can save so much money by doing so.

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