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Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers – Practical, Fun & Whimsical Gift Ideas Under $50

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Airport Tag Travel Quote Tote Bag - Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
My favorite quote on a tote bag by Airport Tag

Chances are you have a friend or family member that is a traveler like me and chances are they are a pain in the ass to buy for at holiday (and birthday) time because they just want to be on a trip anywhere but here and that’s not in your $50 holiday gift budget. My family gave up a long time ago when it came to buying me presents.  “You’re too hard to buy for” was the common cry to which I replied “Not really” as I opened up yet another Nordstrom gift card (don’t get me wrong, I love Nordstrom and shoes).   In the past, I received many photo albums back when I had piles of printed travel photos to show (annoy) friends and family. But now my photos are prisoners online and rarely see the front of photo paper to even get near an album.  So unless you are uber-wealthy and can afford to jet away on an amazing travel experience to give the traveler in your life, here are a few of my suggestions for my 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers (p.s. to my family – I already have these so try again) that are Practical, Fun and a bit Whimsical and yet all are under $50!

Travel Gifts that Make the Airport Suck Less

Starbucks Gift Card – I don’t drink coffee but there’s usually a Starbucks in every U.S. airport so I use the gift cards for bottled water and snacks. Funny how easy it is to indulge in the lemon pound cake when you don’t need to pay for it when you have a gift card.

XpresSpa – For those who get to the airport early or favor connecting flights to save money, there’s a bit of downtime at the airport so treat the to a chair massage to reduce stress or manicure to make a bit of the airport experience pretty. If they don’t have time for a mani/pedi, they can buy nail polish to go (just don’t paint your nails on the flight)

Netflix – Give your traveler the gift of entertainment.  With a gift card (subscription) they can download or stream their favorite series, shows and movies for their next flight.

British Airways Lounges at Heathrow
British Airways Galleries Lounges at Heathrow Terminal 5 – can’t buy access here

Travel Essentials

TripIt Pro – I love TripIt Pro to organize all of my travel reservations and have been a user since the start.  The Pro version, which costs $49 a year, gives you up to the minute information on the flight (on time/delayed, gate numbers) and access to alternative flights in case you need to make last minute changes or are offered to volunteer to bump the flight (you can see what the next best flight would be and how long your wait could be). When I’m not traveling, I organize my OpenTable, Ticketmaster and other local events in the app.

Zero Grid Passport Wallet ($19.95) – My passport has extra pages and is usually stuffed with my loyalty cards and other airport specific items.  This RFID passport case has two pockets for loyalty cards (or credit cards), fit my passport easily and includes a pen which is always needed to fill out landing cards.  It zips up so nothing falls out.  I never had a passport case before, I always thought I’d buy the fancy leather one but they are so expensive.  This one is water resistant, easy to use and keep my stuff together.

Zero Grid Passport case Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
The Zero Grid passport case is practical to hold loyalty cards and includes a pen to fill out landing cards

Zero Grid gadget organizer ($24.95)– this compact organizer let’s you organize chargers, cords and all other miscellaneous electronic accessories in one place.  It’s embarrassing that I’ve been using Ziploc bags for so long

Zero Grid Gadget Case Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
The popular gadget case to hold electronic charges, cords and other accessories

Zero Grid Umbrella ($24.95)– An umbrella is not a sexy gift but is very practical.  I have umbrellas for my purse, backpack, suitcase, in my car and in my desk.  I have two travel umbrellas I travel with – the colorful Nicole Miller umbrella and the ZeroGrid umbrella with built in flashlight (genius!).  I’ve been using this umbrella for weeks now and I’m really impressed by it – i love that the case is attached and is easy to slip on/off and the flashlight is easy to use as well.

Zero Grid umbrella flashlight Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
My two favorite umbrellas – Nicole Miller colors and the Zero Grid umbrella with flashlight

Fun and Whimsical Travel Gifts

AirportTag – I love their travel quote magnets ($4.90) and tote bags – large and small.  I also ordered a custom printed tote bag for my recent flight to London as well as a pouch bag and luggage tags (I may have gone overboard on the cute travel factor!).  The t-shirts are fun and the airport code series is hard not to play “I’ve been there!” There are travel quotes, airport codes, fun t-shirts, posters and so much more!  Its hard buying just one gift so buy two or three or ten like I did!

Airport Tag Travel Quote Magnets Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
I really did buy a lot of magnets, it’s hard to give them away
Airport Code Pouch Bag by Airport Tag
The Pouch Bag is a nice size for toiletries, jewelry and other travel accessories – I bought the PHL one

Highland Titles in Scotland –  Yes, you can buy a title if you dream of being called “Lady” or “Lord”.  This one is just for fun as you can buy a piece of land in Scotland starting at $42 for one square foot.  You can add a tree to be planted when you buy 100 sq. ft. for $169.  This clever conservation project, deeds you a plot of land thus becoming a “landowner” with the right to be called “Lady” , “Laird” or “Lord” and who doesn’t secretly want a title?  As close to royalty or Downton Abbey as you can get.  Lady Suzanne has a nice ring to it – imagine having that printed on your credit card!

Buckingham Palace view from London Eye
Buckingham Palace view from The London Eye – my “Lady” title would feel like Royalty


Easy Travel Workouts on the Road

Massage Ball –  The hard spiky ball is awesome for me to massage sore feet (just like a tennis ball can) and tight muscles while traveling. For only $6.99, it’s a great deal.

Stretch Bands – I own the Gaiam stretch bands which are easy to use, easy to pack they can go everywhere with you to do stretches and other workouts on the go or in your hotel room. For less than $15, these fit in a purse and backpack for easy workouts on the road.

Private space to workout in the park
Private space to workout in the park

Hopefully you find something on my list to help you shop for the traveler in your life.  If you live in the UK, then check out the Foodie options in Taste of London post and look for more UK ideas on my upcoming #MadeinBritain post.  Happy Shopping!

Airport Tag Airport Code TShirt Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers
Love the airport code, now you can wear it from Airport Tag

**This post contains affiliate links for Amazon, Zero Grid and Airport Tag for which I may earn a small commission (enough for a cookie) should you click the link(s) above and make a purchase within x days.  Zero Grid provided complimentary items for me to test on my trip to London and I included only those I used.  As always, all opinions are mine and frankly, I wouldn’t recommend something that I wouldn’t want to own/use myself.  All of the above with the exception of my “Lady” title, I currently own, subscribe to, use on a regular basis***



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