Osteria del Pazzi Florence

Florence: How Instagram Got Me a Table at Osteria dei Pazzi

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Every day I get to travel the world through Instagram.  For sport, I try to guess the destination before reading the hashtags and comments.  The quality of photos is just stunning and if you didn’t have wanderlust before opening Instagram you are sure to catch it quickly. On my travel sabbatical, Instagram would prove beneficial during my trip – I would meet Shannon in Paris and Elena would get me a table in Florence.

Fountain of Neptune Florence
Fountain of Neptune in Florence, one of many Instagram photos I posted during my visit

With one food tour in Florence and a Fiat 500 tour, I had time to wander the city center and see that there were so many restaurant options it was confusing as to which one was best.  It was on my Florence photos that Elena “Chaser of Dreams at Live Do Grow”, commented that I had to visit Osteria dei Pazzi (they don’t have a website). It was on the corner of Via dei Lavatoi 1/3 r near Santa Croce.

Basilica Santa Croce Florence
Basilica Santa Croce Florence at night after the crowds have done is lovely

I found the restaurant near the Basilica of Santa Croce, the starting point of the Walks of Italy food tour.  Entering the restaurant at 7 p.m., I was happy to see a few empty tables.  The owner approached and told me that the tables were reserved and he had no seats unfortunately.  I said “ok, thanks, Elena had told me that I had to try the restaurant during my visit”.  All of a sudden this big smile formed on his face and he said “Elena, wait a minute this lady is almost done”.  Laughing, I said “ok” and when the older American woman walked by she said “it’s really good, enjoy”.

Osteria dei Pazzi Florence
Osteria dei Pazzi in Florence – good food with reasonable prices but make a reservation

The restaurant was filled with large Italian families, small groups and couples in the small restaurant. It was simply decorated and you could feel the warmth because the food was the star as it should be.  With high ceilings, the restaurant felt bigger than it was.  With a couple on the other side of me separated by a pillar, I felt fine dining solo. People were sharing food, wine, laughter all around me.

Osteria dei Pazzi florence
Inside the dining room of Osteria dei Pazzi in Florence
Osteria del Pazzi Florence
My Italian meal starter – water, wine and bread at Osteria dei Pazzi in Florence

I tried to spy what everyone was eating but kept it simple with the special menu of three courses – pasta, entrée and dessert with a glass of wine (extra).  I would choose gnocchi bolognese, chicken entrée and a chocolate dessert (yes, I know that’s a lot of food but have you had any luck telling an Italian chef or owner you only want a dish of pasta? I haven’t!).  The owner brought me a complimentary bruschetta (after I had consumed much of the bread basket) and I showed him my Instagram interaction with Elena (I felt I had to prove that I knew her or everyone is going to say “Elena sent me”).

Osteria dei Pazzi bruschetta
Fresh bruschetta at Osteria dei Pazzi compliments of the owern

The service was a bit slow, the Italian style, so you can savor each course which, after nearly a month in Italy, I learned to adapt. I also needed the time to space out my meal because as much as it’s hard to say I only want a plate of pasta, it’s almost worse to not finish the dish as you will get “that look” and often asked why you didn’t finish the dish.  Saying “too many carbs” or “I’m going to explode” doesn’t quite translate in Italian.  I felt like I was insulting everyone involved and that’s pressure!  So I did my best to eat as much as I could knowing that I was going to Venice the next day and hopefully would be able to walk or row some of the calories off (who am I kidding? realistically, I’d need to swim back to the U.S. if I hoped to work off a fraction of the calories consumed on this sabbatical).

Gelato in Florence Italy
Gelato was a daily (or twice daily) habit during my visit in Italy as I ignored calories, carbs and guilt


The gnocchi was fantastic and a massive portion.  I was commenting back and forth with Elena on Instagram during my meal which helped me not finish all of the food without “the look or inquisition”.  The chicken was covered in a brown gravy and came with a side of greens (yes, the healthy stuff I tend to leave on the plate), while it doesn’t photo well, it was delicious.  My chocolate dessert was rich and I consumed it so quickly with my second glass of red wine that I neglected to take a photo.

Gnocchi Bolognese Osteria dei Pazzi
Osteria dei Pazzi gnocchi bolognese in Florence its so massive it’s a meal on its own

When I told a friend that Instagram got me a table they had no idea that connecting with good people on social media really does enhance your travels.  The more I travel, the more I am enriched by the travel folks I’ve met, followed or shared a drink with as they introduce me to their cities, through food, wine, experiences – all of which I would have overlooked staying near the tourist center.  If you follow me on Instagram, I’m always happy to share and comment too to pay it forward.

Osteria dei Pazzi Florence
Osteria dei Pazzi where I got a table from my instagram connection and comment

On your next visit to Florence, do try to visit Osteria dei Pazzi for a meal, although make a reservation first unless you know already know (and follow) Elena and can share her greetings via Instagram like I did to the owner.  Be prepared to eat and leave enough time to walk and enjoy the sunset to end your day in Florence.

Florence sunset Arno river
Sunset view in Florence over the Arno River

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  1. How cool is this?! I’m just getting into Instagram and finding it such a fabulous inspiration for travels but I’ve not had any adventures like you yet! Will check you out on Instagram and in the meantime happy travels!

    1. Liz, Instagram is pure wanderlust but as you are living in Venice, it’s even better! I look forward to reliving Venice through your photos. You should also look to contact Daniel at @OnePartVenecian as he is in Venice and working on a few great travel ideas

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