The Westin Dublin Review: The Cozy Writer’s Room Suite

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While not normally staying at more than one hotel on a city vacation, my visit to Dublin had me at three hotels and five rooms (yes, I know the math doesn’t work so see this post for the three rooms in one stay).  I started out at the very stylish boutique hotel, The Morrison, moved to the conference hotel (under renovation) the DT Dublin before settling in for a two night stay at the Westin Dublin.  While I am a big fan of the Westin, often times, the same old gets old, however, the Westin Dublin had a few surprises in store for me, namely The Writer’s Room.

Westin Dublin Writer's Room
The theme to my Writer’s Room

Westin Dublin Location

The Westin Dublin is across from Trinity College.  Two blocks away in one direction is the River Liffey and in the other direction, St. Stephen’s Green park. It is a great location to walk everywhere.

Trinity College
View of Trinity College from the Westin Dublin


Greeted by the doorman, I entered the foyer through the swinging doors.  With a high ceiling and marble stairs (and a ramp too), I could tell this historic building was a happy place for me – the fresh flowers defintitely helped.  Walking up the stairs, the concierge stand was to the right and the restaurant entrance on my left.  Walking straight, I entered the lobby with it’s gorgeous wood flooring and turned left to the front desk to check-in.

Westin Dublin foyer
Westin Dublin foyer at the entrance

As it was early morning before my See Dublin By Bike tour, I figured my room would not be ready.  Greeted by the Gold Member host, I got the bad news that the standard room booked (I used cash for this stay as no points were available), was not ready but for an additional cost of x, I could go to a suite immediately (I absolutely hate the upsell at check-in).  As  SPG Gold, I should automatically get a room upgrade if available (standard to deluxe). The desk clerk and I got a bit annoyed with each other (it was early and I wasn’t thrilled with the upsell and told him).  I left for my tour and stored my luggage.

When I arrived back at the hotel after standard check-in time, I was given the keys to my room, The Writers’ Room (it had a name which I later learned was a category of rooms and I received a double upgrade).  I didn’t think much of it at the time so just wandered to find the room.  Exiting the elevator, the hallway rug and decor felt a bit old so I didn’t have high hopes for the room until I made a turn, went up a few stairs and opened the door…….

Westin Dublin lobby
The decor in the hotel felt a bit old and stuffy but historic and grew on me

Westin Dublin – The Writer’s Room Suite

Upon entry, I spied my bags already delivered and then noticed the sloped ceiling (I would later hit my head a few times) above the desk.  Next to the desk was a basket of books and a chair in the odd shaped small-ish room.  Already I was intrigued.  I turned right to the standard Westin Heavenly bed and there were steps to what I thought was a window but was a door (locked) to the rooftop balcony.  This was very cool as I had an amazing view of Trinity college next door and a city view.  I opened the door as far as it would go to put my camera out and take photos.  I noticed a cigarette butt or two and wondered how I get out there.

Westin Dublin Writer's Room
Westin Dublin Writer’s Room Heavenly Bed
Westin Dublin Writer's Room
Westin Dublin Writer’s Room doors to the rooftop balcony
Westin Dublin Writer's Room
Watch your head! Sloped roof above desk, book basket and chair

The Westin Dublin Bathroom

With double doors to the bathroom, I already knew this was not a standard room (my first clue should have been the fact that the room had a name followed by the rooftop balcony).  With the marble floor, I was surprised to see a bathtub on the right, walk in shower on the left and the vanity sink in between.  This was definitely a surprise and possibly one of my top five bathrooms in terms of space, design and comfort.

Westin Dublin bathroom
The double doors to the bathroom in the Writer’s Room
Westin Dublin bath
Westin Dublin bath
Westin Dublin bathroom
Westin Dublin bathroom

With the standard Westin Heavenly amenities that I am familiar with there was a new item I had never seen in all my years at Westins – a loofah!  I know this sounds silly, but after so many green leaf soaps, seeing a new item was a surprise.

The Restaurant at the Westin Dublin

I only used the restaurant once before my taxi to the airport.  In my search for pancakes over the weekend, I found the best ones here.  The restaurant felt like a private club with small alcoves of space.  Despite ordering from the ala carte menu, I did wander to the breakfast buffet to pour my juice and put a chocolate croissant on my plate.   The chocolate croissant was decadent as I broke it apart expecting the normal hard flat chocolate layer instead surprised when melted chocolate oozed out.  Thinking I would find a reason to go back to the buffet for another, my pancakes arrived and I quickly forgot all about the croissant.  I was presented pancakes dusted in powdered sugar with sides of cream, berry compost and syrup.   I was a happy camper with my breakfast and didn’t care the cost (this is clearly a case of sugar overload).

Westin Dublin restaurant
The restaurant at the Westin Dublin
chocolate croissant
Flaky, chocolate croissant at the Westin Dublin
Westin Dublin pancakes
Heavenly pancakes at the Westin Dublin

The Concierge at the Westin Dublin

Of course, I introduced myself to both concierges I interacted with and asked the normal “Farm to Table Restaurant?  Good place to dine solo and what are good tours that are off the beaten path”  They did ok with the restaurants but not so on the tours as they are used to many first time visitors to the city.  I think if I had stayed longer than two nights, I could have worn them down to suggest their local pub.  Either way, they were always busy helping guests, pleasant to greet you coming in or going out and able to whip out a map and star the locations before you could notice the sleight of hand.  I did give them a brochure for the fantastic photo tours of the South Coast and Dublin at Night as they did not have anything like that (I hope they are recommending Dawn 2 Dusk photo tours as they are quite a different view of Dublin)

The Writer’s Room Suite Rooftop Balcony

On Saturday, the day of arrival, I tried to figure out how to unlock the doors to the rooftop to no avail.  It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon upon return from my photo tour that I saw the original check-in clerk to say “thank you for the room upgrade” and to ask about the doors unlocking.  He said “If you sign this waiver, we can unlock the doors”.  At first I was disappointed that the person who gave me the keys left out this important information, I resolved that I would enjoy the remaining few hours up on the roof so I quickly signed the form, promised not to fling myself off the roof and security opened the doors.  Once outside, I spent time taking photos of the city.

Westin Dublin rooftop balcony
Westin Dublin rooftop balcony
Westin Dublin sunrise
What a sunrise in Dublin! Great view from my rooftop balcony


Overview – The Westin Dublin

The Westin Dublin is a beautiful 5 star luxury property that blends old and new in a great location offering so much that you don’t want to leave (nightime live music, a gym, restaurants, bar,  tea in the atrium and more) but it is the city of Dublin that calls you to explore the streets, the pubs and walk along the Liffey River.  I was thrilled to stay here for the two nights and have a different kind of Westin experience – one that I hope I can repeat in the future.

Westin Dublin Writer's Room
The Writer’s Room at the Westin Dublin


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