St. Paul's Cathedral London at Night

Bright Lights and Photos at Night in London, Paris, Dublin and Philadelphia

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I’ve Loved the Stars Too Fondly to Be Fearful of the Night” – Galileo

The Best Nights are Usually Unplanned, Random and Spontaneous

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

There are so many great quotes to find about the “Night” FriFotos theme, the above are just a few.  Each reminds me about what I love about night – the stars, the lights and possibilities. So many great memories and photos of night to share from a few of my favorite cities:

London at Night

St. Paul’s Cathedral is striking during the day but stunning at night.  Like much of London, being illuminated adds such a beauty and allure.

St. Paul's Cathedral London photos at Night
St. Paul’s Cathedral London at night

Dublin at Night

Revisiting Dublin twenty years later, I opted for a Dublin at Night photography tour with Dawn2Dusk.  It was a wonderful way to see the city and such a contrast to my day time bike tour. Walking along the Liffey showcases the lights and the reflections on the water.

The Ha'Penny bridge in Dublin photos at night
The Ha’Penny bridge in Dublin at night
"The Famine" installation photos at night along the River Liffey in Dublin
“The Famine” at night was even more powerful in my opinion


Paris at Night

Paris is a great idea day and night. At night, I wander looking for the special taxi from the movie “Midnight in Paris” to transport me back to the Paris of the 20’s.   Walking along the Champs Elysees from the Arc de Triomphe to Place de la Concorde provides great views and on a clear night you can see the Eiffel Tower.

Place de la Concorde and Roue de Paris photos at night
Place de la Concorde and Roue de Paris at night
Eiffel Tower Illuminated photos at night
Eiffel Tower illuminated

Philadelphia Photos at Night

My hometown provides great night time views as well.  My favorite is the Liberty Bell after the crowds have left and the pavilion is closed for the night.

Liberty Bell Philadelphia photos at night
The Liberty Bell at night when the crowds are gone is magic – one of my favorite photos at night views
The logan hotel rooftop bar view of cathedral sunset photos at night
Private seating area watching the sunset and waiting for night to fall in Philadelphia at the Logan Hotel

The Photos at “Night” theme brought back many great memories of pub nights, long walks, memorable talks, (too) many bottles of wine and great views.  What are your favorite photos at night views and memories?

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