Board Room Seattle Alaska Airlines

The Alaska Airlines Lounge in Seattle Review

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Washington State view from above
The wildfire smoke in Washington State mixed with the clouds on my first Alaska Airlines flight

Flying home from Seattle over the years, my only option was the direct USAirways (now American Airlines) flight, however, this visit, my travel agent suggested Alaska Airlines.  Alaska Airlines started flying direct between Seattle and Philly, in June 2012, and brought some welcome competition to the segment.  Despite that, I hadn’t had an opportunity to fly them until their first class flight one way was slightly more than the coach USAirways ticket.  It was a no-brainer.  I usually buy a coach seat and then hope to pay for the upgrade which runs about $250 so learning that the Alaska flight was cheaper and would provide access to the Alaska Airlines lounge in Seattle was even nicer.  This is a great example of why travel agents are so beneficial.


Early Morning at the Alaska Airlines Board Room SEA

With the flight scheduled to depart at 8:35 am, I arrived at the airport by 6:30 am and was happy that the lounge opened at 5 a.m.  I easily found the Alaska Airlines lounge near gate D1 after security on my way to have breakfast.  When I returned to the lounge and entered, I noticed the long check-in desk, nice decor and saw the elevator and stairs ahead as this is a two level lounge.  The agents warmly greeted me and I told them it was my first visit. They scanned my boarding pass and explained my options for food/drink/work in the lounge.  Of note, they do not make announcements so you need to keep track of your time.

Board Room Seattle Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines lounge in Seattle called the Board Room
Alaska Airlines Board Room Seattle
Nicely decorated lounge in Seattle

Alaska Airlines Lounge in Seattle – The Food Options

I did a quick drive by of the first level noting all of my options – the food options alone, one could easily survive with the choices available (unlike other lounges I’ve visited).

Alaska Airlines boardroom seattle coffee
Its Seattle – of course, its Starbucks coffee!

Alaska Airlines Lounge in Seattle Cereal
Cereal Options at the Seattle Board Room of Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines lounge in Seattle
Cookies always trump Pretzels as evidenced in the lounge
Alaska Airlines lounge in Seattle
Bagels and Muffins in the lounge

The Seating Options at the Alaska Airlines Lounge in Seattle (BoardRoom SEA)

There were many seating options on both floors – I saw deep chairs with high sides for the ultimate privacy.  The leather chairs were located with the power stands nearby.  The window views of the planes on the runways and at the gates were high top chairs with ample space to eat or work.

Alaska Airlines Board Room Seattle
Power stands, comfy chairs and chairs with a view of the planes

Not content to stay on this level yet without exploring all of my choices, I walked up the two flights of steps to the next lounge area.  The space mirrored the lower level but the food choices differed as did the feel of the space this early in the morning.    The pancake machine which I had seen before in another lounge was tempting had I not just eaten a full breakfast in preparation for the long flight.  Downstairs was a bit quieter (it was 7am!), while upstairs people were chatting.

Alaska Airlines Pancake Machine
Sounds silly, but I find the pancake machine fun – sadly I did not get to use it

I settled on walking back to the first level.  As I descended the stairs, the agents just smiled at me as they had seen me checking out the place (they probably don’t get many new folks here as it seemed the people I saw knew the nookies/crannies of the drinks bar, refrigerator and attendants).  Finding a comfy leather seat, I plugged in my devices, hopped on the wifi and prepared for my first Alaska Airlines experience in (domestic) First Class.  The Board Room lounge in Seattle was a nice place to wait on the flight and hopefully I’ll visit again.

Alaska Airlines Plane at Seattle
The view from the Board Room at Seattle

2 thoughts on “The Alaska Airlines Lounge in Seattle Review

  1. This sounds like a good place to be. What really struck me about your review is the exceptionally early opening time and the multi-levels. This would really appeal to me.

    1. As Seattle is a big hub for Alaska the airport and lounge are busy for their elites so I’d imagine they have people lining up at 5am when they open and yet it didn’t feel too full at 7am (it might get busier later). It is probably (in total) the size of the T5 Arrivals Lounge for BA. Given that you would most likely be on an international LHR-SEA flight, you’d miss this lounge as it is in domestic terminal

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