Changing of the Guard

5 Days in London, the Leisurely Tween Itinerary

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Over the past ten years, I’ve visited London generally once a year for work or for a stopover on an award ticket during vacation.  I’ve become comfortable with the city and have my favorites so when my niece asked “can we go to London too?”, I said “yes”.  I said “yes” because we were already […]

Gerard Mulot pastries

My Niece – The Little Foodie and A Kid at Heart in Paris and London

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My sister had a few rules before I could take my eleven year old niece, Aubrey, to Paris & London.  The first rule was to feed her every few hours even if she says she isn’t hungry (this seemed easy?).  The second rule was no empty calories like I normally eat! (yeah thanks for the […]

Louvre in Paris

Paris – A Treasure Hunt at the Louvre, fun and games for all ages

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As a solo traveler, time allowed to wander in a museum is priceless.  I can stare at a painting, read the information cards, listen to the audio guide or just sit in a room and take it all in.  The Louvre is one such museum where despite multiple visits, I can’t say I’ve done it all (I’ve […]

Parisian Baguettes

Paris Baguettes and Croissants, a carb lovers tasty peek inside the boulangerie

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My dad use to drive a truck and one of his more famous and anticipated stops was the local Amoroso bakery in Philly (a legendary bakery for rolls).  He would deliver boxes and in return the guys on the loading dock would give him bags of just out of the oven rolls.  He would then […]

Arc de Triomphe

Paris: Visit the Arc de Triomphe it’s just 100 steps or so

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After my niece ran out of her shopping money in Paris, her enthusiasm for touring the city was beginning to wane.  It was a bright sunny June day in the city and I was loving walking around taking it all in.  While I can walk for hours and hours, my niece not so much.  With […]

Laduree Paris

Laduree Paris, Indulge your Inner Dessert Princess on the Champs Elysees

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My initial intent was to show my niece, Aubrey, the magic of  dessert in all it’s tempting forms at  Laduree on the Champs Elysses in Paris.  My timing wasn’t quite so good as she hit “famished” on her internal food feeding barometer (she was eating 5xs a day!) right in front of Laduree.  I decided […]

Eiffel Tower Paris

The Five day Paris Itinerary with a Tween

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Planning for five days in Paris with my eleven year old niece, Aubrey, was a bit challenging.  While I’ve been to Paris many times over the past twenty years, most recently last November, I needed to view it through new eyes and become a tourist.  Becoming a tourist, to me, meant that I would revisit […]

St. Paul's Cathedral London

Aunt Sue’s Travel Quiz – Week 2 – UK Music

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Preparing my niece for our trip to Paris and London, I had her complete her first week’s quiz on what she wanted to do and see.  Week 2 was my attempt to influence her musical tastes leaning toward the music of the U.K.  Full confession, I wanted to expel New Direction from her vocabulary and […]

Aunt Sue’s Trip Quiz Week One – Planning for Paris and London

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    I surprised my niece on Easter with the plane tickets, rather, the printout of the itinerary for our trip to Paris and London.  With her initial excitement came the realization that Aunt Sue was going to make her work a bit prior to the trip in the form of assignments each week.  I […]