Global Beats Stage Philadelphia Travel & Adventure Show

Philadelphia Travel & Adventure Show – Travel Destination Inspiration

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I always feel bad for the travel vendor from Nepal as no one seems to visit him to talk about his country despite his good location in the first aisle across from one of the speaking venues at the Philadelphia Travel & Adventure show. It seems that his country might be a bit too much […]

Little Miss Sunshine in Paris

What’s In My Bag? 10 Packing Tips for Weather Whiplash

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Philadelphia weather has been all over the place this winter.  I wore flip-flops at Christmas as the temps were near 70F and then I shoveled over 28” of snow in a one day February snowstorm.  The past week, I woke up to snow on the ground which melted by mid-day and then dealt with the […]

Penguin couple

Arden Road Travel, Customized Trip Planning by PhilaTravelGirl

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Three years ago, I started writing about my travels and pressed “publish” on this blog.  I had no idea how my life would change from that action – the blog has helped me overcome sudden loss, connected me with new friends in London and around the world and has been my creative outlet during my […]

The Art of the Brick Tree Huggers

Travel Safety Tips to Consider on Your Next Trip Local or Abroad

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One excuse I’ve heard over the years for not traveling is “it isn’t safe to go to x, y or z”.  I was reminded this weekend that staying at home isn’t safe either – bad things can happen anywhere.  While sitting in one of four lanes of traffic waiting to turn onto the highway, I […]

La Defense Christmas market at night

Holiday Travel Kindness – Helping the Little Duck Get Home

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As the holidays approach, the airports will be teeming with people trying to get home to family for dinner, for celebrations, for presents or for escape (Maui sounds nice right now).  Many will not be accustomed to the rhythm of holiday travel and the airport experience especially if there are delays or disruptions so it’s […]

Bridge over the Seine in Paris

My First Uber Paris Ride Along the Seine

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The note in the Platine hotel elevator alerted guests that the taxi drivers would be on strike the next day in Paris.   The taxi strike would definitely be chaotic, in my opinion, and I wasn’t quite sure how it would solve the dispute at hand which was the arrival of Uber Pop in Paris.  […]

Cat Carriers Flying with Cats

10 Tips For Flying with Cats from the “Carry On Cat” Mission

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My nieces have four cats so when I visit, Smoky tries to sit by my head when I’m on the couch while George attempts to get me to pay attention to him by walking over my lap (the other two gave up a long time ago).  The cats know I’m a dog person and yet […]

Sydney Opera House

5 Travel Planning Tips – Deciding Where To Go?

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“Where do you want to go”?  is a question I have a hard time answering.  “I want to go everywhere” doesn’t quite satisfy the person who asked the question.  When I do decide on a destination, the follow up question is then “Why Go There?” which is often times even harder to explain.  Many times, […]

Partenope Relais Naples

15 Travel Tips for European Hotels

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Despite all of my years traveling, I often forget about the little things that I take for granted staying in U.S. hotels (or Western chain hotels). It’s in Europe when I stay at the smaller hotel properties that I remember all the quirks that make for memorable encounters along the way. I recently met a […]

London Transport Museum Quote

Solo Travel: Please Don’t Ask Me “Where Is My Husband”

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It’s getting very personal out in the world especially if you are a solo woman traveler.  For years, I shrugged off the crazy questions, the observations that are best left unsaid and the many comments that folks forgot to filter.  I would rationalize it that it was their culture to ask, comment and observe. But […]