The Art of the Brick Tree Huggers

Travel Safety Tips to Consider on Your Next Trip Local or Abroad

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One excuse I’ve heard over the years for not traveling is “it isn’t safe to go to x, y or z”.  I was reminded this weekend that staying at home isn’t safe either – bad things can happen anywhere.  While sitting in one of four lanes of traffic waiting to turn onto the highway, I […]

5 Tips to Consider Before You Volunteer to Give Up Your Airplane Seat

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Last week I was out at sea when the United incident occurred. When I reached port the next day, it was all over the news and I was surprised by all the mis-steps taken by the airline and local airport security.  I’ve always known that the airlines oversold the seats hoping to maximize the space […]

BA Arrivals Lounge Terminal 5 Shower

The British Airways Arrivals Lounge Shower at Heathrow T5

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There’s a first time for everything and I was doing something I’ve never done before at Heathrow – shower in the British Airways Arrivals lounge in Terminal 5. Usually when I arrive at LHR, I leave as quickly as possible to get to the hotel to shower and sleep in my attempt to deal with […]

Galeries Lafayette Rooftop Dining Bar

Secret Paris: Free Views from Galleries Lafayette Rooftop, La Terrasse

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If you are going to Paris, I’m likely to give you the following direction “Go to the Chanel counter of Galleries Lafayette, stop and look up!” Your eyes will be richly rewarded.  As for your wallet, well that’s another story depending on your willpower for luxury clothes, accessories and macarons (there is a Pierre Hermes […]

London Eye Horse Guards

25 London Travel Tips to Help You Plan, Shop, Eat and Find Hidden Gems

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Whenever I’m asked for London Travel Tips, I tend to talk really fast, excited that folks are going to the city that I’ve been enamored with for more than twenty years. They look at me and say “can you send those to me?” as they back away from the crazy lady.  I could probably list […]

Little Miss Sunshine in Paris

What’s In My Bag? 10 Packing Tips for Weather Whiplash

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Philadelphia weather has been all over the place this winter.  I wore flip-flops at Christmas as the temps were near 70F and then I shoveled over 28” of snow in a one day February snowstorm.  The past week, I woke up to snow on the ground which melted by mid-day and then dealt with the […]

Penguin couple

Arden Road Travel, Customized Trip Planning by PhilaTravelGirl

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Three years ago, I started writing about my travels and pressed “publish” on this blog.  I had no idea how my life would change from that action – the blog has helped me overcome sudden loss, connected me with new friends in London and around the world and has been my creative outlet during my […]

Sitting on the dock Venice Grand Canal

The Secret Happy Hour in Venice at Taverna Al Remer

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My first AirBnb host mapped out the route to what she said was “a fantastic happy hour along the Grand Canal”. She said that you only need to buy a drink and pay a slight fee for the food. I put it on my list and set out to find Taverna al Remer with her […]

Oddballs' Camp Safari Tent

Packing for Safari – Which Duffel Bag is Best? How Many Bags to Bring?

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When it comes to packing, over the years, I have gotten much better learning to travel with less.  So while I was told one bag on the bush plane, I didn’t really understand in practical terms how I would be packing for safari.  I think I knew but buried it deep down in the land of denial. […]