Eiffel Tower Paris

A Funny Conversation with My Toughest Travel Client – MOM!

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Last year I planned to surprise my mom for her birthday in February with a trip to Europe using my BA Travel Together Award Ticket (a benefit of the BA Chase VISA card where I get a 2 for 1 deal with my points + taxes) but then my world changed in February and had […]

Fathom Cruise Ship Adonia Terminal view

My Fathom Cruise Cancellation Experience – Tears, Tequila and Teamwork

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I’m not sure who wanted to cry more, the Fathom staff that had spent months (and years) in preparation or the passengers who were excited to experience the new cruise concept of social impact activities in the Dominican Republic (the DR).  It was an emotional 24 hours for everyone scheduled on the “soft” cruise that […]

Greek Island Catamaran

One Year Later – A New EPIC Adventure Begins

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What a difference a year makes!  I could never imagine what lie ahead of me when I closed my office door saying goodbye to a job of over twenty years.  The job elimination was not in my plans and yet here I was unemployed for the first time since I was sixteen.  Like most travel […]

Water view Gozo Marsalforn

Third Year of Blogging – Losing Control and Discovering More

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I started this blog at the end of 2012 after amazing trips to Easter Island and Africa.  Each year, I try to summarize my year in travel blogging (Year 1 Update, Year 2 Update) –the highs, the lows, a bit of sappy and the lessons learned along the way.  2015 has been quite eventful if […]

Water view Gozo Marsalforn

Gorgeous Photos of Gozo, the Relaxing Holiday in Malta

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“What do we do on Gozo” I asked my friend.  He replied “we relax”.  Relax?  As a solo traveler for so long, relax isn’t usually in my vocabulary as I try to see as much as I can in a short period of time. I’m not quite “check the box” traveler but the over the […]

Eurostar Notice of Delay

Paris to London – The Nightmare Eurostar Travel Day

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The day started off picture perfect – I slept in, had breakfast and checked out of Hotel Atmospheres in Paris.  My Eurostar train from Paris to London was scheduled for 1 p.m. so I had time to leisurely stroll around the city one last time before bidding adieu. The sun was shining and the skies […]

Venice Gondola Vogalonga

Venice: Watching the World Float By Outside My Window

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I’ve escaped my life at home and here I sit watching the world float by – literally watching people from around the world on what is presumably their first gondola ride in Venice. Watching their faces as they point at the buildings, others taking photos and some playing with their phones bored by it all. I remember […]

Naples train cars graffiti

Naples, Italy: Gritty, Chaotic and Beautiful (Just Like Life)

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I never planned to visit Naples, Italy but was convinced by a business colleague who had been stationed there during his time in the Navy. He loved it and to hear him talk of Naples well I wanted to love it too. He warned me that the people can be “gruff at first but if you […]

Gaudi house Barcelona

My EPIC Journey begins

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So my life is changing whether I want it to or not so I decided it was a great excuse to begin my EPIC journey and see where it leads.  When I wrote about the crazy $399 transatlantic cruise to Barcelona from Miami on the Norwegian EPIC cruise ship, I sent my friend “country mouse” an […]

Iconic Chicago "the bean"

Discover Chicago in the Documentary – Finding Vivian Maier

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Looking back I wished I had the maturity (and foresight) to know that I should have taken more photos of my childhood – the neighborhood, the stores, the neighbors and those I interacted with – documenting life in Northeast Philadelphia in the 1970 – 1990’s.  Sure there are the photos of my first day at […]