Easter Island sign at airport

Flying LAN from Easter Island to Lima – Leaving the Maoi Statues Behind

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I was ready to continue my South American adventure by flying from Easter Island to Lima rather than back to Santiago where it began just a week ago. I had redeemed for two one way British Airways award tickets for the trip using their partner, LAN.  One flight was New York (JFK) – Santiago (SCL) – […]

Easter Island Sunset Hanga Roa

Meeting Jess and Justin on Easter Island

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Over the years traveling solo, I’ve met many people who have adopted me either due to my witty personality (haha!) or because they feel bad I am alone.  It’s great to meet new travelers to explore with no matter what the reason – I’ve stopped caring about the “why” At the airport, after meeting up with […]

The Cave with two windows on Easter Island

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If you ask any of my friends “would Sue climb and crawl into a dark hole in the ground to explore a cave”, most (if not all) would say no way, no how.  I would tend to agree in most cases – dirt, bugs, yuck.  Easter Island changed that for me.  I was joined by […]

Birdman competition Easter Island with Paul Pownall

Orongo, site of the Birdman competition -Easter Island

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  All societies have their competitions for power – Easter Island tribes were no different. The friendly competition involved climbing down the cliffs, swimming through the water to the island, and if still alive, waiting.  Waiting to procure (steal) the first egg from the bird’s nest and then bring the egg back to the top of the village which meant swimming back to […]

Moai at Sunset on Easter Island Hanga Roa

Easter Island Hotel Review: Tekarera Inn

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Finding the right hotel/inn/B&B to stay at for Easter Island was no easy task.  There was the ultra high luxury – Hotel Explora outside of town (really, really far away) and then everywhere else in town.  Now I tend to think of myself as deserving of the ultra high luxury hotel (and who isn’t, really?) until I compared the 4 […]

Easter Island Moai Ahu Te Peu

First Impressions – Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

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Before the internet, you would look in a glossy brochure, read some information in the newspaper and book a trip. Your travel agent usually hadn’t been to the destination but was a good salesperson and convinced you it would be amazing!  You could really be surprised by the destination back then. Now, there is rarely a destination […]

LAN flight Easter Island

Flying to Easter Island from Santiago

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  When was the last time you acted like a child on a plane?  Tantrums and crying don’t count!  Flying to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), I was reminded of the childish wonder of flying to a new land – the wonder of surprise, the unknown. I was flying to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) from Santiago, Chile to so […]

Santiago flowers

Exploring Santiago on Easter Monday – finding history, art and dessert

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With only one day to explore Santiago, Chile, I had toured Santiago by bike in the morning  and decided to walk around the area before heading back to the hotel.  San Cristobal Hill was on my “to do” list so I wandered through the park toward the funicular to ascend to the top of the […]

Bike Wine Tour Santiago Chile Carmenere Grapes

Santiago Bike Wine Tour in the Maipo Valley Vineyard

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This week’s twitter topic for #girlstravel was wine.  Answering all of the questions, I realized that lately my travels have included wine tastings and/or tours of vineyards.  For my Santiago, Chile visit, I would be touring the local wine region by bike (my bike wine tour Santiago).  Drinking and biking…could get interesting, thankfully La Bicicleta […]

Santiago bike tour Le Bicicleta

City bike tour of Santiago with La Bicicleta Verde

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Having successfully navigated the city and countryside of Amsterdam by bike despite a few “Sue vs. truck or curb moments”, I was confident that I could take a bike tour of Santiago.  About a week before my trip I started my research on TripAdvisor and found La Bicicleta Verde Bike Tours as an option.  Reading a […]