Second Bank of the US

Hidden Philadelphia: The Portrait Gallery at the Second Bank of the U.S.

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Playing tourist in my hometown of Philadelphia is so easy to do with a plethora of historic sites, artistic opportunities aplenty and so many restaurants vying for my attention.  I’ve started wandering with my IPhone lately taking photos with a new eye of the city.  To say, I’ve been surprised is an understatement – I’ve […]

The Magic Gardens Philly

Hidden Philadelphia: The Magic Gardens, One Artist’s Amazing Vision

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Back when I was wearing suits to work, my friend and I signed up for an art class after work.  We were going to try mosaics.  Sound fun right?  Fast forward as I’m at the first class, in said suit with jewelry and new manicure, and told that I need to go buy ten pounds […]

Olympic Sculpture Park

Photos of Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park – Art and Nature in the Emerald City

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On past visits to Seattle, I wasn’t able to visit the Olympic Sculpture Park, so with ample time to explore the city it was a quick ten minute walk from the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition and Space Needle.  The clouds of the morning were starting to dissipate and the bright sun was trying its […]

Chihuly Bowls

Chihuly Garden & Glass Review – A Colorful Seattle Surprise

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Colorful glass has always fascinated me – drawn in by the shapes, the bright colors and the way that the light changes the piece.  I have yet to take a glassblowing class maybe in fear of being clumsy around hot glass, pokers, etc. (I wonder what the insurance liability waiver looks like for that class?) […]

Herculaneum building materials

Visit Herculaneum – Surprising Details In the Shadow of Pompeii

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Herculaneum – More Intimate and Lesser Known than Pompeii Lost in the shadow of Pompeii popularity is Herculaneum.  Everyone has studied the history of Mt. Vesuvius and its aftermath the most famous being Pompeii but there are other areas that were affected and ruins found over the years.  There are actually five archeological sites to […]

Star Wars Street Art London by Vader

Alternative London Street Art Tour – Pay What You Want

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Last year when I visited London, I tortured my niece on the Shoreditch Street Art tour so this year, I decided to revisit the street art scene in London, this time with the other vendor, Alternative London, which offers a pay what you want pricing led by a current street artist.  I chose the Alternative […]

The Human Condition in Lego

Finding Passion in Legos – The Art of the Brick Exhibit

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If only sitting at our desk was our dream job, chances are it’s not but you don’t know what to do or are afraid of the massive risk to chase your passion.  One New York city corporate lawyer did just that, he left the boardroom and found his passion in the small colorful bricks of […]

Musee D'Orsay clock view

Paris: Musee D’Orsay – Layers of Art, History and Architecture

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As we cruised the Seine last year, my niece pointed to the clock at the Musee D’Orsay and I explained it was once a train station and now is an art museum. After our Louvre treasure hunt, my niece, eleven at the time, had enough of art (and crowds) so we would only see the museum […]

London Street Art Shoreditch

London Shoreditch Street Art Tour with a Tween

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Last summer in London, my niece will tell you I tortured her with art.  If I tell the story, while I’m sure I should say it was an educational experience (which it was), it was actually a bit of revenge for her shopping torture I endured in Paris. At eleven, she wasn’t quite so keen […]

La Sagrada Familia stained glass windows

The Barcelona Beauty – La Sagrada Familia

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On my first visit to Barcelona, a quick cruise stop, we didn’t want to wait in line for tickets to the famous Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s unfinished cathedral, more than 133 years in the works (since 1882) so I admired it from afar and took a few photos. I regretted not visiting the interior and learning more about […]